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We make realistic 3D product animations.

We strive for excellence in all the projects we do. That's why we offer realistic 3D animation and video postproduction services at the highest level.

With 3D product animation you make it easier for your customer to see your product in detail before purchasing it. They allow the user to better visualize the product from any support, solving their doubts and allowing them to appreciate the details and its quality as well as its functions or the finishes used.

Especially recommended in the case of furniture, machinery, industrial elements, decoration, lighting and an endless number of applications in different sectors of activity.

3D Product Animation allows you to explain your furniture, lighting or industrial product in a clear, direct and emotional way to connect with your audience. We will generate an even greater impact than with our product renderings.

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Specialists in 3D Product Animation

At LoboStudio we are specialists in the application of quality 3D product animation in all our clients' projects.

The experience of our technicians combined with the best 3D animation and 360 video creation software allows us to create realistic animations that not only show the product. They also allow you to connect with your customers quickly, effectively and emotionally.

We are specialized in 3D Animation of industrial products, furniture and lighting. The satisfaction of our more than 530 clients in more than 10 countries is our best guarantee and the certificate of our professionalism.

Combined with fast, efficient and customized work.

Makea big impact on your audience and excite them with our 3D Product Animation service!

What are the advantages of 3D animation?

Success stories in marketing and communication

This type of 3D animation captures the audience's attention in a much more effective and impactful way than other viewing formats.

It can be critical to your marketing strategy and overall sales and customer conversion process.

Perfect combination with new technologies

With the development of the Internet and digital messaging applications or social networks, it is necessary to attract attention and captivate from the first moment.

3D product animation makes it much easier to stand out from your competition.

Cost savings for attractive advertising of your product

Product animation allows a customer to have a clearer understanding of the purchase without the need to visit and explore the product in person.

This results in significant savings at the time of sale by reducing the time spent by workers and sales managers in the relationship with the customer. Solving their doubts and concerns in the moments prior to their purchase.

Generates interaction and impact

Since it is a 3D model of the product that the user can interact with and move or view in detail on demand, an almost real interaction is generated.

This helps the customer to solve all their doubts, to imagine and even feel the product in their hands, and to generate a much greater emotional and sensory connection.

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What is 3D product animation?

A 3D product animation is a 3D rendering of a product or object that is designed and developed to be displayed on any digital device. In this way the public can visualize the object in question and be able to move or displace it at will, rotating it or applying a zoom view in the areas that most interest to explore.

With this you can almost see the product as if it were real life. With the great advantage that it can be done remotely on any device such as a computer, tablet or smartphone, for example.

It is much more complete and real than seeing the product in a simple paper catalog or through a static image in 2 dimensions.

Its applications are very numerous, especially it is a tool for the marketing department, communication office or sales service of all types of companies and businesses in any sector or industry.

How to bring your projects to life with stunning 3D visual effects.

Animations have revolutionized the creation of visual content, offering impressive effects in various fields. In this article, we will explore the most popular tools and programs for creating 3D animations, as well as the modeling and rendering techniques used. We will also discover how 3D animations are integrated into web projects and their application in the video game industry and audiovisual productions. Get ready to dive into a world full of creative possibilities with 3D animations.

Creation of online animations

In today's digital world, the creation of animations has become very important and popular. There are various tools and programs that allow artists and designers to bring their ideas to life in the realm of three-dimensional animation. In this section, we will explore both professional and free options for creating 3D animations online.

Tools and programs to create animations

For the creation of animations, there are a variety of specialized tools and programs that offer all the necessary functions for modeling, animating and rendering objects and characters in a three-dimensional environment. Among the most popular programs are:

  • Blender: This free and open source 3D creation program is highly recommended for professionals. It offers a wide range of functions, such as modeling, animation, rendering, simulation and compositing.
  • Clara.io: this web-based application allows 3D modeling, animation and rendering from the browser, providing the possibility to collaborate with other team members in real time.
  • Daz3D: designed for 3D animation enthusiasts, this program offers a wide variety of tools and options for 3D figure creation, animation and rendering.

Characteristics of animation programs

Each 3D animation program has specific features that make them unique. For example, Blender stands out for its ability to create all post-production, including video editing and visual effects, from within the same program. Clara.io, on the other hand, stands out for being a web-based application that allows you to work from anywhere with an Internet connection. Daz3D is characterized by its versatility and extensive library of 3D human figures.

Free options for creating online animations

If you are just starting out in the world of 3D animation or simply looking for a free option, there are platforms and software that allow you to get into 3D design at no cost. Some of the free options include:

  • Blender: as mentioned above, Blender is a free and open source program that offers excellent tools for the creation of 3D animations.
  • Clara.io: in addition to its paid version, Clara.io also has a free option that allows you to experiment with modeling, animation and rendering in the cloud.

Advantages and disadvantages of creating free online animations

While free options for creating 3D animations online offer an opportunity for learning and exploration at no financial cost, it is also important to keep in mind some considerations. Among the advantages are accessibility and the ability to experiment with 3D design without incurring expense. However, it is important to be aware that these free options may have limitations in terms of functionality and performance compared to the paid versions of the programs.

Modeling and rendering 

Modeling and rendering are two fundamental aspects of the 3D animation creation process. Modeling refers to the creation of objects, characters and environments in the virtual world, while rendering is responsible for generating the final images from these models.

3D modeling techniques

To carry out modeling in 3D animations, specialized programs are used that offer specific tools and functions. These programs make it possible to create from simple geometric shapes to complex and detailed characters.

  • Use of specialized 3D modeling software: There are several software options for 3D animation modeling. Some of the most popular programs are Blender, Maya and 3ds Max. These tools provide a wide range of tools and functions for sculpting, texturing and shaping 3D models.
  • Technical considerations when modeling characters and objects: During the modeling process, it is important to take into account certain technical considerations to ensure an optimal result. This includes aspects such as model topology, which refers to the mesh structure and polygon distribution, as well as optimizing the number of polygons to maintain a balance between quality and performance.

Rendering process in 3D animations

Once the modeling of objects and characters has been completed, we proceed to the rendering process, which consists of generating the final images of the animation. During this process, lighting effects, textures, materials and shadows are applied to achieve a realistic and visually appealing look.

  • Rendering tools and software : To carry out the rendering of 3D animations, programs such as Blender, KeyShot and V-Ray, among others, are used. These tools offer advanced lighting and rendering options to create realistic visual effects.
  • Optimization of rendering and visual effects : During the rendering process, it is important to optimize the rendering parameters to obtain the right balance between rendering quality and rendering time. In addition, visual effects and post-production techniques can be applied to improve the final result of the animation.

Modeling and rendering in 3D animation are fundamental processes that require technical and creative skills. With the right tools and software, it is possible to create impressive models and scenes that bring to life animation projects in various areas, such as video games, films and audiovisual productions.

Animations in the development of web projects

3D animations play a fundamental role in the development of web projects, offering an impactful and captivating visual experience. In this section we will explore the incorporation of 3D animations in this digital environment, as well as their applications and benefits.

Incorporation of 3D animations in web projects

The incorporation of 3D animations in web projects has become a growing trend due to its ability to enrich the user experience and visually highlight the content. For this purpose, various tools and software are used to generate high quality three-dimensional animations.

At this stage, it is important to consider the optimization of 3D animations to ensure fast loading and smooth navigation. In addition to that, compatibility with different devices and browsers must be taken into account, so that the animations are displayed correctly on all of them.

Importance of 3D animations in web design

3D animations provide an aesthetic and functional value to web design, helping to capture the attention of users and transmit information in a visually attractive way. They allow to give life to the elements of the web page, creating interaction and dynamism.

Through 3D animations, it is possible to show products from different angles, create scrolling effects and smooth transitions, and give a sense of depth and realism to the elements. This contributes to improve usability and user experience, generating a greater visual impact.

Tools and software for the creation of 3D animations in web projects

In the development of web projects that incorporate 3D animations, there are several tools and software available. Some of the most popular are:

  • Three.js: a JavaScript library that facilitates the creation and rendering of animations on the web.
  • A-Frame: an HTML-based virtual reality framework for developing interactive 3D experiences.
  • Unity: a video game development platform that can also be used to create interactive animations on the web.

These tools offer different functionalities and features that allow developers to create customized animations adapted to the needs of each web project.

Applications and benefits of 3D animations in web projects

3D animations find diverse applications in web projects, providing significant benefits for both content creators and end users.

Improving user experience with 3D animations in web projects

3D animations enhance the user experience by providing a more intuitive and interactive navigation. They enable effective visual communication and help convey information clearly and concisely.

In addition, 3D animations can be used to tell stories, present products in an engaging way, guide users through website content, and provide an immersive and immersive experience.

How to effectively integrate animations into web projects

To effectively integrate 3D animations into web projects, it is essential to take into account aspects such as coherence with the brand's visual identity, consistency in navigation, and balance between aesthetics and performance.

It is important to use 3D animations strategically, avoiding excesses that may distract or slow down page loading. In addition, compatibility with different devices must be guaranteed and it must be ensured that the animations are accessible to all users.

Use cases and examples of 3D animations

3D animations have revolutionized both the video game industry and audiovisual productions. In the following, we will explore two main use cases of 3D animations: in video games and in audiovisual productions.

3D animations in video games

Video games have been one of the main areas of application for 3D animation. Thanks to this technology, developers can create amazing virtual worlds and characters full of life. 3D animations make it possible to bring character movements to life, create realistic environments and generate fluid interactions with players.

A prime example of 3D animation in video games is the 'Assassin's Creed' franchise. These games use 3D animations to impressively recreate historical cities such as Rome or Paris, and to give fluidity and realism to the main character's movements as he climbs, jumps or fights enemies.

Another prominent example is 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' series. In this game, 3D animations are used to create a vast open world full of details, from vegetation to enemies and puzzles. In addition, the movements of Link, the protagonist, are animated with great precision, creating an immersive experience for players.

3D animations in audiovisual productions

Audiovisual productions, such as films and animated series, also benefit from 3D animation. These technologies make it possible to create fully digital scenes and characters, avoiding the need to build sets and use real actors. This expands the creative and visual possibilities, bringing fantastic stories and exciting worlds to the screen.

An emblematic example of 3D animation in audiovisual productions is Pixar's 'Toy Story'. This animated classic used 3D animations to bring the main characters' toys to life and create breathtaking scenery full of color and detail. This film set a new industry standard and demonstrated the potential of 3D animation in film.

Another example of success is the animated series 'Avatar: The Legend of Aang'. With 3D animations, stunning visual effects were achieved and impressive action sequences were created. The 3D animations allowed greater flexibility in depicting the natural elements and magical abilities of the characters, giving the series a unique visual style.

  • Featured video games using 3D animation:
    • Assassin's Creed
    • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Outstanding examples of 3D animation in audiovisual productions:
    • Toy Story
    • Avatar: The Legend of Aang