What is architectural visualization and the 7 types of architectural visualization available on the market?

architectural visualization


What is architectural visualization?

It is the process in which through a virtual image we can visualize in a hyper-realistic and professional way. Architectural visualizations are important tools in the design and development phase of architectural projects.

We help architects, designers, developers and clients visualize what the finished project will look like, facilitating decision making and effective communication of the project vision. They are also useful for presenting projects to potential investors, regulatory authorities and the general public.


What is its purpose?

We use architectural visualization to impact and surprise the client as we recreate the project spaces so realistically that they feel like they are inside. And we make sure that all parties involved are satisfied with the outcome of the project.  


How do we work at LoboStudio?

Our hyperrealistic projects are leaders in the 3D visualization sector in Spain. Achieving images so real that they look like photographs taken in projects in situ. 

Below we develop the classification we have made in our study of:


The 7 types of architectural visualization according to the particular characteristics of each one. 


1.- Hotel interior renderings


Hotel interior renderings


architectural visualization

As architectural visualization professionals, an important function is to make hotel projects make future guests fall in love with them, perfectly reflecting what their future room will look like. 

We achieve this through our hotel renderings, which help the potential client to visualize his future room.

For this to happen and for the result to be hyper-realistic and have the hallmark of our studio, we take into account all the graphic documentation and interior design of the project to perfectly capture the look & feel of the hotel and thus do an excellent job. 


2.- Exterior Hotel Renders


hotel renderings

To achieve a hyper-realistic result, we work in a demanding way in the request of plans and references that tell us in detail how the final result has to be. In this way we get a hyper-realistic visualization of the project that will cause a very positive impression to both owners and future guests. 

The 3D renderings allow us to recreate both the interior and exterior of the hotel project, as well as to visualize the building in a hyper-realistic environment recreated in both day and night views.

Equally or even more important is to show the most relevant places inside the hotel for its profitability, such as: lobby, hall, reception, restaurants and leisure, recreation or rest areas, spa, and superior rooms or suites...


3.- Exterior Retail Renders


architectural visualization

Through architectural visualization, we provide architects with views of the building from different angles and detailed close-ups. 

A realistic recreation of the lighting is a key point in the visualization of the project, since it allows to show all possible scenarios. 

When we present a retail project, our main mission is to show how it will integrate with the landscape. Thanks to 3D visualization we can adapt the project in a hyper-realistic environment either through a real image or by recreating the environment by adding trees, vegetation, vehicles, people...


4.- Interior Retail Renders


architectural visualization
interior retail rendering

The retail sector is increasingly opting for architectural visualization of commercial interiors, in order to show the attractiveness of your project, and the functionality of the space we are working with. 

The interior retail renderings allow us to recreate different commercial projects for both individuals and consolidated commercial chains. Thus providing a hyper-realistic image of the interior of its premises that will serve the owner for the visualization prior to the start of works as well as for its digital support focused on attracting the final customer. 


5.- Interior architectural renderings


architectural visualization

To make a visualization project of interior architecture and have an excellent result, it is very important to have as much information as possible such as the dimensions of the space, color palette, lighting, views to the outside, textures and style of furniture or important architectural elements. All this information that the architect will provide us, will make that together with our work of developing the images we get an accurate and excellent result of what you want to capture the project. 

The interior architectural visualization allows us to represent our design ideas in the different spaces of the house, mainly bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms and living room. 

From Lobo Studio, we work with high quality interior renderings that allow us to obtain a final result with a unique photorealism, not only for the quality of the images but also for the realism of the lighting, textures of materials and sensitivity in the interior design and design of the spaces of the house. 


6.- Exterior residential renderings with photo integration 


architectural visualization
drone integration rendering

Through a professional photograph of the environment, in situ or taken from the air by a drone, we obtain a real image of the location where the residential development, house or group of houses will be located. 

This allows to give a 100% real scenario to a project made by architectural visualization. Once the exterior 3D renderings of the project are finished, they are integrated into the real image of the environment previously photographed. 

This type of architectural visualization with photographic integration allows the future client to have a hyper-realistic vision of the environment in which their future home will be located. 


7.- Exterior Renderings Residential full Rendering


architectural visualization

Full render exterior renderings are a hyper-realistic landscape recreation recreated 100% through CGI. In which the artist models both the house and its surroundings looking for a photorealistic finish that allows the future buyer to visualize their home from a land or plot with a feeling of seeing a real photo of the finished project. 

To achieve an excellent result, it is very important to have as much information as possible about the environment of the residential project, such as cartography and geography, climatology, daylight hours, location and orientation, dimensions of the space, desired vegetation in the environment, color palette, views of the exterior landscape, or important architectural elements if any. All this information will make us obtain a hyper-realistic and excellent result of what is intended to capture in the project. 

If you want us to make architectural visualizations for your project do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a free quote.

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