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We have also decided to make a tour of the best architectural studios in Bilbao, as we could not overlook one of the areas with more character and personality of Spain.

A place where architecture and, especially, art are very present in every corner. Although they surprise with their innovative and high quality designs, in this land we can find a variety of styles, from the purest minimalism to a rustic style of mountain houses, those that wrap you with natural and warm woods.

If you want to know more secrets about the architectural designs of the north, we invite you to know the best architectural firms in Bilbao:


Location: Calle San Nicolás de Olabeaga, 62 Bajo A - 48013 Bilbao


IG: @atxurrazelaieta

Atxurrazelaieta Arquitectos is one of the best architecture studios in bilbao led by architects, Asier Atxurra de Blas and Unai Zelaieta Garate, who with more than 20 years of experience in the field of construction and architecture decided in 2016 to give life to their own studio.

The team is made up of in-house professionals and qualified collaborators from the architecture sector, engineers, quantity surveyors and technicians, among others. They offer specialized services in residential projects, cultural, educational, sports, health and public spaces.

Always with the aim of providing solutions to the needs of its customers. For Atxurrazelaieta Arquitectos it is important to take into account the conditioning with the environment and build a resistant building or house that lasts over time.

Likewise, they are committed to the environment thanks to their sustainable and energy-efficient work. Large-scale buildings that deliver functional results.


Location: Calle Basurto Castrejana, 29 - 48002 Bilbao 


IG: @was_studio

WAS Studio is located in the center of the city of Bilbao. It is an architectural and interior design studio that adapts to each type of user according to their needs, from the individual or the experienced company that needs a project to the student who undertakes a professional growth.

For this reason, the studio is divided into three departments for each area. They are specialized in projects related to new housing, integral reforms or rehabilitation of buildings. In addition, they also offer interior design services for commercial premises or restaurants that want to design or renovate the decoration. In WAS Studio they carry out projects listening to the client to give them unique solutions with personality.

Its designs are characterized by high quality and comfortable spaces. Results that are designed to enjoy and surprise. Behind the name WAS Studio is a young, efficient and creative team of professionals led by architects Mario and Ana. Their ability to take on new projects with enthusiasm and creativity has led them to cross borders and design international projects.


Location: Calle Buenos Aires, 13 1º dcha - 48001 Bilbao 


IG: @garmendiacorderoarquitectos

Álvaro Cordero and Carlos Garmendia lead this architectural firm in Bilbao. In Garmendia Cordero Architects you can hire any project in the field of architecture and construction: single-family homes, residential complexes, offices, schools or sports centers.

Throughout their trajectory they have carried out numerous works in which their main objective is to offer unique and personalized solutions to the client. Each situation, context and user is a new challenge. During years of experience, they have adapted to the changes and evolution of architecture, both in construction techniques and aesthetic design.

They combine traditional ideas with more innovative and modern ones. Functional results that will make you fall in love with their aesthetics, mixing the simple lines of minimalism with natural touches of industrial style, without a doubt a great studio that we have selected for our ranking of the best architecture studios in Bilbao.


Location: Plaza del Museo, 1 2º izda. - 48009 Bilbao  


IG: @forasterarquitectos

Foraster Arquitectos is an architectural firm directed by José Ramón Foraster Bastida.

The studio's team is made up of professional architects and surveyors with extensive experience in housing, offices, premises and urban planning. They are not only specialized in new construction, but have also developed different reforms and rehabilitation of buildings with which they have been awarded on several occasions and published in distinguished architectural magazines.

Their projects are carried out integrally, designing and managing the construction from start to finish. Foraster Arquitectos adapts to the client's needs, offering professional, modern and high level results. In the process of work reflects the experience and confidence with which the projects are developed.


Location: Calle Ibáñez de Bilbao, 4 2ºA - 48013 Bilbao   


IG: @jmad_estudio

José Miguel, Mario and Diego lead this project in Bilbao. JMaD Estudio is an architectural firm that covers a wide range of projects in the world of construction: new construction, renovation or rehabilitation of housing or any other space. They are in charge of developing all the necessary processes for the work, from the design, processing and management of the work to the execution.

At the same time, they elaborate interior design projects, in which the client is provided with technical material, such as images, prototypes or visits to material warehouses, so that he has knowledge and control of the evolution of the project.

The entire team works in sync to provide solutions that guarantee realistic deadlines and budgets. In this way, by coordinating all processes, they avoid delays and last-minute surprises that can destabilize projects.


Location: Plaza Nueva, 5 3º izda. Dpto.1 - 48005 Bilbao   


IG: @equiestudio

In 2016 Equi Studio was born from the hand of four architects with a long career in the architectural sector in other firms and offices. This architecture and design studio in Bilbao focuses its essence on the team and the balance of their work method, For this Bilbao studio the priority are their workers, for whom they take great care, as they are the engine to be able to a quality result.

Thanks to the effort and joint work, several building projects have been carried out, in which the balance of all the variables that influence the elaboration of the work is a priority.

From the environment, the budget to the organization or culture are factors that are taken into account. For Equi Studio, architecture should be a right of the whole society. That is why they collaborate with different humanitarian organizations. 


Location: Calle Mazarredo, 39 3C - 48009 Bilbao   


IG: @batarchitecture

BAT Architecture is an architectural studio. Interior design and construction of Bilbao. Under the leadership of Perú Cañada, it has a large team of talented professionals motivated to bring a vision of the most innovative and contemporary architecture.

Thanks to its effort and perseverance, BAT Architecture operates in several countries and is in the process of expanding through its network of international partners and collaborators. They offer various services in which the only objective is to offer the best solutions to the expectations of their clients. They develop integral projects in which the team designs in detail and executes all stages with technical and regulatory knowledge in each work.

It adopts all the necessary measures to improve energy efficiency in renovations and new buildings. In addition, BAT Architecture includes an interior design service in which the materials, textures, lighting and colors are worked on taking into account the style and aesthetic preferences of the user.


Location: Calle Barroeta Aldamar, 4 dpto. 35 - 48001 Bilbao


IG: @e45arkitektura

In the center of Bilbao we find E45arkitektura, an architecture studio created by Ander Iglesias, Paul Alberdi and Borja Villarejo. Together with a team of professionals from different disciplines, these three architects develop projects related to architecture and interior design: new construction and rehabilitation, urban planning, certificates, interior design and corporate image.

Their work is based on the client's needs and the technical and aesthetic knowledge of modern and innovative architecture. Their results reflect the perfectionism with which the team elaborates each phase of the projects.

In E45arkitektura they accompany you from the beginning solving all the doubts to give you the best solution for your home, in which any typology is included regardless of social and / or economic level. Their designs bring new and functional ideas to your lifestyle.

Discover the projects of these Bilbao architecture studios by visiting their social networks and websites, where they will surprise you with innovative and very characteristic designs from the north of the peninsula. 

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