African style decoration, a wild, mysterious and very attractive style.

African style decoration


The African style decoration is a groundbreaking style because it is a totally opposite type of decoration to what most people are used to. 

Africa is synonymous with strength and energy and proudly displays, as few cultures do, its racial heritage, colors and traditional ethnic and tribal prints.

It is for this reason that more and more people are joining this trend to feel the incredible wonders of this exotic continent at home.

A dynamic and creative style in which any lover of decoration can let their imagination run wild to create elegant and daring spaces.

african style decoration
Interior Design & Rendering by Lobo Studio Team

The main characteristics of this style are:

- The use of colors that represent the African continent to transmit the warmth of its lands with an earthy chromatic range composed of all kinds of browns, maroons, oranges and reds that evoke the sunburned earth, in all kinds of decorative elements.

- The inspiration in nature and wild animals, with the application of elements such as reeds, stones, straw, feathers, logs or pebbles. Or elements inspired by animal skins, mainly zebra.

- Dark wood furniture in a style between rustic and exotic made with hardwoods such as ebony or rattan, cane or bamboo furniture mainly outdoors. In addition to these materials, African style furniture includes low tables, stools and baskets.

- The most characteristic decorative accessories of the African style are those with tribal details, bright colors or printed with geometric elements. In addition to everyday objects such as vases, necklaces, feathers, handicrafts, shields, horns or photographs. 

Other important elements will be stone sculptures, hand-painted fabrics and carved wooden ornaments.

The African style decoration is characterized by its elegance, naturalness, vivacity and by the amount of objects and elements that allow to give a totally different image to the space where it is applied. It is a bold decoration with timeless designs.

Ideas to give an African ethnic look to your living room

Opt for sofas with tribal and colorful prints or modern sofas in beige tones with printed or animal print cushions.

The African style rugs will highlight your living room and will become an important decorative element combined with wooden furniture as natural as possible.

The walls are your great ally to apply the African style to your living room, since you can play with the option of placing pictures of animal images or landscapes of the African continent, large natural tapestries or African masks (cane or wicker ornaments in brown and black tones that are still present in African tribes). 

The animal print must be present, especially zebra print, which you can use to decorate both large spaces such as floors and walls or small details such as cushions or decorative elements to give that wild touch to the room. 

african style decoration
Interior Design & Rendering by Lobo Studio Team

For all these reasons, the African style decoration is a trend that attracts more and more people and is destined to stay for a long time due to its temporality and the nature of the elements that compose it. 

If you dare to give a new air to the decoration of your home and want to give it a more lively and wild touch, this is undoubtedly your best option for a colorful and particular result. 

In Lobo Studio we have made specialized renderings in African style decoration for you, so you can get inspired and get ideas. 

If you are a professional in the sector and want to visualize your projects with images like these, our expert team in virtual home staging is constantly looking for trends to advise you on the interior design of your projects. 

Write us in our contact section and tell us about your project, we will be happy to help you with our high quality hyper-realistic renders.

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