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Today new post more about tricks to decorate bedroom, as well as inspire you in decorating and designing your home.

In the last chapters we have approached you to the novelties of this 2020 and, today we focus on the rooms with more style and personality of the home: the bedrooms. 

How to decorate the bedroom is key, as it should be your resting space, where you can disconnect and relax, that personal oasis in which many of us spend most of our time at home. Therefore, we must pay close attention to how we organize the furniture, lighting or decoration. Let's see what this 2020 has in store for us in this space. 

As we had already announced in previous videos, the color chosen by Pantone this year is Classic Blue, an intense blue that takes a lot of prominence in bedrooms. While it is true that the total white look is a guaranteed success for its cleanliness and brightness, it also helps us to combine it with darker shades of trend as the aforementioned blue or intense grays and greens. If, on the other hand, you are more into warm tones, this year you can go for ochers and oranges that bring vitality to the environment. And if you want to make sure you make the move, neutral tones will last this 2020 to make the most of natural lighting. 

Which gains strength in the main bedrooms, as it energizes the space and brings harmony and purity during the day. On the other hand, when the sun goes down, we look for a dim and warm light that through a variety of design lamps we can regulate the intensity according to our needs.

If there is one thing we should not forget, it is the presence of natural materials and organic and ecological inspiration, both in our lives and in the bedroom.

Linen, cotton, leather or velvet fabrics. With great aesthetic potential, textiles abound in our bedrooms. Despite being accustomed to comforters, covers, curtains or carpets, this 2020 gains prominence the abuse of cushions on the bed. Although their use is mainly decorative, they help to create a cozier and more comfortable space.

The same goes for the auxiliary armchairs or headboards, another trend that is booming. We can opt for XXL padded upholstery that give a more sophisticated air or, if we want to continue with the natural style that we mentioned earlier, we can resort to wooden headboards, whether pallets, shelves or even wooden panels lining the wall.

But if you prefer not to incorporate headboard in the bedroom, do not worry. You can choose to enhance the wall with murals or large photographs, designer mirrors or wallpapers with prints and textures. Of course, do not forget to give a touch of personality to your bedroom to create a space of impact.

If you have thought about emphasizing your furniture, beware. We are increasingly opting for larger beds, but bedrooms have not increased their space. As you may have already seen, the bedside tables have been changing in recent times, so we must establish another type of furniture, with which to balance the environment. You can combine two different pieces to give it that chic contrast, do without a bedside table or even use another piece of furniture as a side table: a stool, a chair, a small chest of drawers or, perhaps, a practical shelf.

Today's bedrooms are not just a place to sleep. More and more often they are becoming a space that offers almost everything we need. For this reason, lofts or single-room dwellings are gaining popularity. Many also organize their workplace in the bedroom, either with a small desk next to the closet or a comfortable office area.

In addition, hotel rooms, where the bathroom and bedroom share space, are becoming more and more popular in our homes. Wooden structures and beams or brick and marble walls to differentiate the rooms. And we could not overlook the dreamy walk-in closets, which are becoming more and more common among fashion lovers who have large bedrooms. 

And if what you want is to give a new air to the bedroom without making a big investment, you can renew the decoration of the room according to your personality.  

This 2020, four decorative styles predominate in bedrooms. First, the Nordic style that stands out for clean lines, neutral and pastel colors and natural and simple furniture. 

If, on the other hand, you are one of those who are attracted to spaces free of furniture and few accessories, go for minimalism. Straight lines and clear and soft colors.

On the other hand, this year industrial design has also been installed in the bedrooms. Brick or cement walls, metal furniture and dark woods with a rustic air. 

Finally, although it may look like an antique design, the vintage style uses antique furniture and decoration, natural materials and fabrics that generate an elegant image and give distinction to the bedroom.

And now it's your turn, wolfer. Just follow the latest trends to make the most of every corner of your bedroom. 

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