TOP 10 trade fairs in spain in the real estate, construction and furniture sector

fairs in spain real estate sector


Best fairs in Spain and the best events in the real estate, construction and furniture sector.

Throughout our trajectory we have found that it is as important to acquire experience and knowledge as it is to surround yourself with the best. And that also includes evolving and knowing that the world of construction, architecture or design is constantly changing and there are always new products and services that we can not miss.

Therefore, if you are part of one of these areas, you should know that if you want to stay on the cutting edge and not remain stagnant, our main recommendation is to attend the best events and fairs held every year in Spain. There are countless exhibitions and events attended by thousands of national and international professionals in the sector to showcase market trends and innovations.

In addition to visiting all the stands of the different brands and companies, this type of event offers meetings and conferences where you can learn about current issues and, above all, take the opportunity to make possible collaborations or customers.

If you don't want to miss any of the best events and fairs in the construction, architecture and design sector, we'll tell you all their secrets. Run to your agenda and make a note of the next dates!


Location: Feria Valencia, Valencia

Next date: May 24 - 28, 2021

Cevisama is the most important international ceramics fair.

Ceramic tiles, bathroom equipment, natural stone, glazes, as well as tiles, bricks and other materials related to the construction sector are presented at the show.

For more than 38 years, Cevisama has been held annually at Feria Valencia, where thousands of professionals from both the national and international scene attend. Exhibitors and suppliers come together to discover trends in interior and exterior building materials.


Location: Ifema, Madrid

Date: May 20 - 23, 2021

SIMA is the largest real estate event in Spain in which the most important companies in the sector present their offer of homes and services to both professionals and individuals.

For 3 or 4 days, some 300 exhibitors gather annually in the Ifema pavilion in Madrid to present their real estate portfolio: housing, whether new construction, under construction, for purchase or rent, or non-residential, whether offices, hotels, retail or industrial spaces and plots of land.

In addition, Sima also offers services related to the acquisition of real estate, from financing or removals to interior design or technological products. 


Location: Fira, Barcelona

Date: November, 2021

Barcelona Meeting Point is presented as a real estate event with new proposals that focus on the latest market trends, innovation and, of course, internationality.

It is one of the main events of the national real estate scene where important businessmen from all areas of the sector meet.

BMP has become the essential appointment to carry out real estate business and to attract clients and make contacts. For more than 20 editions, BMP offers every autumn different offers for renting or buying homes, financing or investment, as well as consulting or reforms. 


Location: Ifema, Madrid

Date: May 4 - 7, 2021

ePower&Building is one of the largest events held in southern Europe, specifically in Madrid, related to the building, construction and industrialization sector.

Under the roof of Ifema, four shows are integrated: Matelec, Urbótica, Veteco and Construtec, to present the different solutions for the different phases of a building. They bring together more than 80,000 professionals from over 100 countries.

This event is designed so that companies in the sector can live a great experience and generate loyalty among brands, products and services related to this field.


Location: Fira, Barcelona

Date: 29 Nov - 2 Dec 2021

Barcelona Building Construmat is the benchmark event for innovation in the construction sector, held every year at the Fira de Barcelona.

Various visitors and exhibitors from the national and international scene come to the show to carry out different activities, such as meetings, lectures or technological meetings related to Real Estate.

The different stands drive growth, sustainability and digitalization of the entire building cycle. Various construction techniques and new technologies are offered to create more efficient, intelligent, affordable and healthy buildings and cities.

To this end, BB Construmat unites all phases of construction in this event, both the commercial and industrial part, and thus, achieve a global transformation of the sector where all parties are involved.


Location: Madrid

Date: 2021

Casa Decor is an event that has been held since 1992 in the city of Madrid. It is a reference in the interior design sector in our country.

Each year a different iconic location is chosen to hold an exhibition of the new trends, lifestyles and interior designs presented by the artists. For six weeks the doors are opened to the building, where the public can enjoy the various spaces decorated by great professionals or young designers.

Casa Decor has become in recent years a relevant media platform that gives visibility to both professionals and brands related to the sector, and in which numerous marketing and communication companies participate to promote and publicize products and services. In addition, Casa Decor is already a cultural event for all types of visitors.

During the exhibition, 50,000 visitors are expected, including potential customers as well as professionals from the construction, real estate, hospitality, fashion, advertising and tourism sectors.


Location: Ifema, Madrid

Date: 2021

Rehabitar Madrid is an event created by the Madrid City Council and Ifema that was created with the aim of making home renovations and refurbishments available to homeowners and end customers.

It is a space designed for citizens, families and end users, communities of neighbors and property administrations that have in mind to carry out a rehabilitation or reform of housing can learn about the news, advantages and benefits of the sector.

In this way, it is possible to raise awareness in the society at large, leaving aside business, a vision towards sustainable, safe and healthy housing.

In Rehabitar Madrid we offer our visitors advice and budget services according to the needs required by each client, taking into account values such as savings, health or comfort. 


Location: Feria, Valencia

Date: September 2021

Feria Hábitat is an event that brings together the best brands and companies of furniture and lighting in Valencia. An international benchmark for the Spanish habitat. Every year, during the month of September, this fair is held in which exhibitors present their new products.

Important international and national firms as well as other brands that are just starting out present their most innovative products for the home.

Thus, for manufacturers, Feria Hábitat is not only a showcase to present their furniture or lighting, but also to consolidate and increase their visibility in the international market.

Attendees can enjoy the different offers, exchange ideas among entrepreneurs and establish contacts for possible future business. 


Location: Ifema, Madrid

Date: February 23 - 26, 2021

Tecnova Piscina is a young event dedicated to innovation and technologies for aquatic facilities.

It is held at the Ifema fairgrounds in Madrid, where for four days, professionals of the sector are exposed to the different commercial offers that exist in the national and international market.

Manufacturers, in addition to publicizing their products, can also initiate new purchasing processes, build relationships with customers and suppliers or close deals.

Although only two editions have been held, it has received numerous visits. For attendees Tecnova Piscinas is the ideal event to analyze the most innovative and technological offers with everything related to swimming pools, spas, saunas, gyms or sports facilities.

This call has established itself as one of the most powerful and relevant in the market.


Location: Fira, Barcelona

Date: 29 Nov - 2 Dec 2021

In this case, the aquatic market travels to Barcelona, where the Piscina & Wellness event is held. A fair in which manufacturers, retailers, installers, distributors and sports and health centers exhibit all kinds of products related to the world of swimming pools.

The space is divided into 4 zones, all of them focused on business, innovation and knowledge.

Conferences and lectures are held to discuss and learn about a wide variety of topics, two pavilions are dedicated to the business area to exhibit pool products, both residential and public, and fitness equipment, another area to experience aquatic therapies and techniques in situ and, finally, an area of innovation and technology where the latest developments in the sector are presented.

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