TOP10 Best graphic design companies in Barcelona

best graphic design companies in barcelona


Ranking Best graphic design companies in Barcelona

Why is graphic design so important? The answer is simple: because it is the discipline within the arts that can transmit our identity and our character as a company. Graphic design is the perfect vehicle to deliver a linguistic message without the need for words, only with images and visual messages.

That is why it is so important that our brand is accompanied by a good planning and graphic design strategy, either for the positioning itself, for a specific project or to highlight the company's website.

From Lobo Studio we want to help you and we propose the best graphic design companies in Barcelona. Some of them are specialized in creating websites and apps, others in branding and packanging and several of them in audiovisual messages, either with animations, videos or even photography.

Keep reading, discover the best graphic design companies in Barcelona, soon you will know which is the agency that best suits your needs. Dare to improve your brand through the best creative strategy from the hand of top graphic design companies.


Address: Plaça de Gal-la Placídia, 1 - 3, Barcelona

Phone: 936 06 10 61


At Bold they are capable of transforming your brand based on innovative and creative ideas. They modify your conventional identity to be as striking and attractive as possible, according to your target. They have been professionals in the sector for 13 years, with projects for San Miguel, Ferment, Gatu and the Teatro del Canal in Madrid.

They are specialists in branding and online marketing, with tools for brand positioning and visual identity, among many other services. What sets Bold apart from the rest is the specific advice they have for architectural firms.


Address: Carrer d'Aribau, 230-240, Barcelona

Phone: 932 00 57 13


They act as if they were a branding branding consultancy branding consultancy, although their services go much further. The Mood Project studies the project from the beginning, analyzing the target and competitors, to the end, shaping and developing a solid idea, either through advertising or digital marketing.

It also stands out for its audiovisual projects, since it has its own animation and UI/UX design department, as well as the methodology used in brand positioning strategies and the entire creative process.


Address: Carrer del Rosselló, 395 Barcelona

Phone: 638 37 54 98


With a huge international projection (they also have offices in Miami) Metacom seeks excellence over your competitors. They offer a fully comprehensive service in all their projects from start to finish. They especially highlight their inbound campaigns, with solutions in web design, social media, 360º digital marketing...

It should be noted that this Barcelona-based company also offers consulting services, digital transformation and Web and SEM/SEO analysis. They also have their own team of audiovisual professionals.


Address: Carrer de la Diputació, 37 Barcelona

Phone: 616 037 876


One of the big bets of Lobo Studio, being an architectural studio of 3D rendering, is precisely that of graphic design. We also have a specialized team and we provide editorial design services, such as catalogs and infographics, and 3D animation. In addition, we complement all these design tools with other architectural rendering tools and plans.

We always work at the forefront of new technologies, we help you as a consultancy throughout the creative process, we create a project that suits you and we provide you with the best graphic design tools (branding, naming y packanging).


Address: Carrer de Casp, 90 Barcelona

Phone: 93 317 17 71


Creativity in 360º. This is how we could define this online marketing and web design agency from Barcelona. They have been in the sector for 20 years and are mainly characterized by using the ICT method, that is, all those computer, technological and telecommunication tools, to successfully carry out all their projects.

Factoría Creativa's commitment is complete from the first idea to the final result. They take care of everything that has to do with graphic design: web design, editorial design, online store and even design your own app. All this without using templates or visual editors and using tools like Bootstap or React.


Address: Carrer de les Carretes, 47 Barcelona

Phone: Unspecified


Alicia Gómez is the founder of Breu, one of the most reputable design agencies in the Catalan capital, twice awarded the ADG-FAD Laus Award. Here the brand equals identity and the logo is fundamental to transmit its values.

They work with large and small companies, as well as public institutions, carrying out web design campaigns, identity design and in some cases app and UI/UX design, under a minimalist and innovative style. They seek the attention of users by highlighting the qualities that make their clients unique over their competitors.


Address: Carrer Marí, 21-23 Barcelona

Phone: 649 85 87 89


Its big bet, and the company's motto 'believe to create' is a declaration of intentions. Binomi does not seek its own notoriety but puts all its efforts to achieve an integral, competitive, creative project that raises the positioning of its customers,

Binomi has one of the best teams of professionals in almost all sectors, from copywriters and designers to photographers and 3D animators, to support all its services. These include branding (logos, naming and packaging), online services (social networks, website design...), press ads and POS campaigns (displays, posters, vinyl, etc.).


Address: Carrer de I'llIa, 12 Barcelona

Phone: 937 30 70 54


Thinking. Act. Result. With these three words Brinkels Studio was founded. A 'method', as they call it, that summarizes the search for perfection and execution in each of their projects. A graphic design studio whose ultimate goal is the happiness and satisfaction of the client with a job well done.

Although they have been in the industry for 20 years, they are still one of the most innovative design agencies. Thanks to their brandingcampaigns, communication and web design, they have been able to work with the prestigious Artur Ramon Art Gallery in Barcelona and the Mascort Foundation.


Address: Ca l'Alegre de Dalt 55, Barcelona (S

Telephone: 93 486 90 90


Toormix has been dedicated to graphic and physical design projects for more than 20 years, through lateral and innovative thinking. It can be the company you are looking for if we also tell you that the experience with them will be complete, that they will look for your needs and preferences, that they will design a strategic plan for you and that they will advise you throughout the process, whether it is web design, branding branding or brand and identity strategies.

So much so that its client portfolio includes such well-known brands as Camper, Fotocasa, Xtralife and Desigual. Moreover, this Barcelona-based agency has worked on projects for the Barcelona City Council and the Spanish Embassy in Washington.


Address: Avinguda Països Catalans, 9 Barcelona

Phone: 937227335


To develop your brand you need a trustworthy company, and it is precisely that value that defines Pomelo Media. What's more, they define themselves as 'your best friend'. They are specialists in digital design and 360º transmedia, encompassing web development services, branded content branded contentbranded content, corporate image and audiovisual services.

They collaborate with the best professionals in various fields, enhancing their strengths according to the specific needs of each project. They have been in charge of the Be! campaign for the Cortefiel group, the development of the Correos app and website, and the production of online content for Nivea.

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