Best Instagrammable places Barcelona

Best Instagrammable places Barcelona



Today we make you go deep into Instagram with the top ten instagrammable places Barcelona.

And not to snoop on influencers' profiles. Although you can become one of them after this post. As you know, social networks have become an essential part of our lives. We have normalized that Facebook notifies us of birthdays, inform us through Twitter or look for the best recommendations on Instagram.

Therefore, in Lobo Studio we have joined two of the things that we are most passionate about, photography and architecture. And we could not do it anywhere else than in the most beautiful and photographable corners of our city. Barcelona is undoubtedly synonymous with art. Wherever you go you will discover hidden places that breathe beauty.

Monuments, parks, sculptures... Nothing will leave you indifferent. And if you put that together with the best perspective, the result will be a unique photograph with which you will receive thousands of 'likes' on Instagram. The city of Barcelona does not understand timetables or seasons.

From sunrises that will fill you with energy with their orange tones while the first bustle of the morning sounds to sunsets that fade as the city becomes a blanket of lights. If you want to know which are the most Instagrammable places in Barcelona, join us and don't forget to get your camera ready. 


Surely you have seen it thousands of times and if you are from Barcelona and you have not yet found it, do not worry, this photomosaic is a quite hidden place that goes unnoticed, despite being located in the center of the city and have large dimensions. If you are walking through the Gothic Quarter, you only have to go to the Isidre Nonell square. This square is located in front of the Cathedral, it is a cozy and quiet space. And there, on the back wall, the large mural of the kiss. In 2014, the photographer Joan Fontcuberta devised this mosaic formed by 4,000 small tiles of anonymous citizens who sent their photographs showing their moments of freedom. "The world is born in every kiss", popularly known as "the kiss mural", was born in commemoration of Barcelona's 1714 tercentenary. Although at first this mural was temporary, the City Council decided that it will stay permanently seeing the good reception. And as a sample, nothing better than taking a look at the accounts of tourists and Barcelonians to see that this mural appears in most Instagram profiles. 80 columns and 50 rows of landscapes, kisses or sports that have become one of the most sought after corners of Barcelona. And you, have you already had your kiss on the mural?


Following our steps through the Gothic Quarter, we enter one of the most charming corners of the city. If you still haven't found this magical place, don't worry. We are going to tell you everything you need to know so that you don't miss it. If there is something that characterizes this square is the life you can feel in every corner. You can not fail to notice the holes in the facade of the Church of Sant Felip Neri or the marks suffered by the walls, which have not been restored. These scars make us travel to 1938 when, in the middle of the Civil War, the city was bombed in this same square in which 42 people died, many of whom were children who took refuge in the basement of the church. Fortunately, today dozens of children run around after school and play with amused laughter, a far cry from that fateful January. Despite the wounds it suffered, Felip Neri Square is a symbol of remembrance, of history, of feeling the presence of those muffled voices that are commemorated on a plaque in its memory. Undoubtedly, anyone who passes by this place can appreciate the beauty it transmits, especially at nightfall, when the lights are turned on and silence invades the square. Sit on the edge of the beautiful fountain that presides over the square and let yourself go. Of course, do not forget to photograph this corner that gives off so much. We are sure that when you see it, you will smile before returning. Because Plaza Felip Neri is always a place to come back to.


If there's one thing Instagram loves, it's views. Panoramic landscapes are a must on the social network and Barcelona boasts the best panoramas. It's probably not the best amusement park you can visit, we're not going to deny it, but as a good Barcelonian or if you've been to the city you'll know that it's one of the most mythical places where you can enjoy a day with friends or a partner while you bring out the child in you. And after a day of laughter, there is nothing better than enjoying the views offered by the Tibidabo viewpoint. From the heights you can see one of the most spectacular images of Barcelona and if you are daring do not forget to climb on the Ferris wheel. You will be transported back to your childhood while enjoying the sunset with these views. Ah! And the pictures. Don't forget to show the charm of the city through the lens. If you are also a lover of architecture, we are sure you will be amazed by the Sacred Heart Temple located at the top of this mountain. A marvel in which besides visiting, you can enjoy one of the best views of Barcelona on its stairs. Wherever you look, Tibidabo will surprise you in each of its corners. Are you going to pass the opportunity to show in your Instagram profile this spectacle?


And if we talk about panoramic views we could not fail to take you to one of the most magical places with personality in Barcelona. It is the famous bunkers of Carmel.

You can access from different parts of the city, although you can also arrive by car or bus, our advice is to wear comfortable shoes and enjoy the walk to the top of the Turó de la Rovira. Although the abandonment of the place is noticeable, we must look back to the Spanish Civil War, where the air defense established its shelter at this point of the city.

This viewpoint allows you to appreciate the city in all its splendor, observe the old town, the symmetry of the Eixample district, the irregularity of Carmel and on the horizon, the Mediterranean Sea. You can't ask for anything more. Well, yes, if you want to top off your view in style, don't forget your camera to take the wonderful panoramic view.

If you are one of those who like to take advantage of the day, take advantage of the sunrise to enjoy one of the best sunrises the city has to offer. And if, on the other hand, you are more of a disconnect after work, do not hesitate to get together with your friends and enjoy a small picnic on the heights while you say goodbye to the day with the city tinged with sunset.

You won't be the only ones. It is a very common tradition among groups of friends. A shared photo that will get lots of likes


We return to the center. We walk through the streets adjacent to the Cathedral of Barcelona and we find one of the most mythical areas of the Gothic Quarter. Bisbe street is characterized, like most of its surroundings, for being a narrow street, narrow balconies and a play of light and shadows that enchants anyone, especially when the last rays of afternoon sun fall and the show begins.

A small bridge that connects the Palau de la Generalitat and the Cada dels Canonges is the protagonist of the passage. Surely you've seen it in hundreds of photographs of the city. It is an emblematic place, because of its central location, but especially because everyone who passes under the bridge can not help but admire the charm of this street.

A damp and dark space that at the same time is mysteriously magical. We guess that's why it is a symbol of the city, worthy of any postcard and, nowadays, of a good instagrammable photo of Barcelona. Far from the thoughts of its creator, the architect Joan Rubió Bellver, who designed this neo-Gothic bridge in 1928 and did not imagine that its construction would have such a notorious repercussion in social networks.

And everyone who passes through the carrer del Bisbe enjoys the contrast of the darkness and the rays of sunlight that sneak between the portals of the bridge. If ever, you pass by here and there is no one around you, do not hesitate to make a stop along the way and take one of the most memorable pictures you can have. And then post it on your networks, obviously. 


From Barcelona to the Mexican desert. As soon as we leave towards the mountain of Montjuïc we find one of the most important parks in the city and, we can even say, in the world. The Gardens of Mossèn Costa i Llobera were included in the list of the most beautiful gardens years ago by The New York Times and no wonder.

In this emblematic place you can find a large number of cacti and exotic plants. A spectacular botanical park where plant enthusiasts can enjoy its more than eight hundred species of desert plants.

The garden was inaugurated in 1970 and offers more than three hectares of surface where you can enjoy a splendid walk among cactus and plants that have become the place of reference among influencers. As you read it.

This space is a hot spot for all those who love to show their best poses and pictures on social networks. As you can imagine the nature that this site presents is ideal for simulating a desert or boho style photos.

Although we recommend that you do not stay with the first vegetation that you find. If you continue the way up, the slope of the mountain allows you to observe one of the best panoramic views of the coast and the port of Barcelona.

So now you know, if you want to show off a natural and exotic landscape on your Instagram profile, don't forget to visit these magnificent gardens.


Barcelona will never cease to surprise you. As we told you before, the city is a symbol of architecture and art. One of the most important jewels of the city is the Palau de la Música Catalana. If you go inside, we can't say much about its beauty.

It speaks for itself. It is known as the world's most modernist building and concert hall was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its innovative iron structure is combined with glass walls to let in sunlight.

Its floral ornaments make it look like we are in a greenhouse surrounded by plants and flowers. So if you have the opportunity to attend a concert in this emblematic building located in the heart of the city, we can only tell you that it would be foolish to miss something so unique. But if, on the contrary, it is not your case.

Be sure to visit this work of art. If we tell you this is because we know that its corners will fill your Instagram profile with color and art. The facade presents a great variety of striking colors, as well as its modernist details.

You'll get lost among the columns of mosaics and although it's not nice to say it, you'll become the envy of all your social media contacts. Oh, and don't forget to climb up to the dome! It's a marvel like you've rarely seen. 


Without leaving the architectural world aside, this time by the hand of Antoni Gaudí, we find ourselves in front of the modernist building of Casa Milà, or commonly known as La Pedrera.

If this is your first time in Barcelona, it is almost a must visit. And we assure you that you will not be able to leave your camera aside; wherever you look you will want to take one of the best pictures. This emblematic building located on Paseo de Gracia has a beautiful stone facade adorned with metal elements.

When you go inside, you will find an interior courtyard with pastel shades, of which we recommend you take a picture upwards, the optical effect is incredible. But if there is one place you can't miss is the rooftop. The famous chimneys in the shape of warriors' heads form a labyrinth through which you will go through without hiding places.

You will amaze your followers on the top floor of La Pedrera at sunset. Thanks to the combination of the colors of the sunset and the materials, a warm atmosphere is created from which you won't want to leave. You've already felt like paying a visit, right? We understand you, La Pedrera emits a magic that dazzles anyone. 


We could not forget in our top 10 best instagrammable places in Barcelona without talking about it. One of the most acclaimed places in Barcelona. Color, architecture, views and art. Park Güell has it all. You can imagine that with these features you can create an extensive book, with which you will have pictures to post on your Instagram account for a long time.

And every corner is fascinating. One of the most famous places that you will not get tired of seeing among tourists is the trencadís bench, with its undulating shape and colorful decoration where you can sit and watch one of the best panoramic views of the city. But Antoni Guadí went much further in his work, each corner was endowed with his stamp of color and shape.

Walk through all areas of the park, enjoy nature and let yourself be carried away by its labyrinths. Remember to go through the Hall of the Hundred Columns, the ideal place to take a nice picture and play with the light that streams between the white columns. And if you are lucky not to find tourists, get all your skills to pose next to the mythical salamander with colorful mosaics. 


Finally, in our TOP10 best instagrammable places Barcelona we want to leave you with a different taste in your mouth. You already know that we are lovers of architecture but also of interior design. And as an example we bring you Casa Bonay.

It is a boutique hotel built in 1869 and located in the center of Barcelona where you can also enjoy different restaurants, bars and a micro-shop with a modern and exquisite decorative style. And you may wonder what's so special about a downtown hotel to post on Instagram. Well, although it may surprise you, it has a lot. From the moment you enter, every corner cries out for a photograph.

At the main entrance, a peculiar neon green "Libertine" sign welcomes you to a mix of spaces with attention to detail. Little by little you will walk through each room with illuminated structures, wallpapers or colorful hydraulic floors, until you go up a spiral marble staircase that will take you to the hotel rooms and a beautiful rooftop terrace where you can enjoy a pleasant stay while having a snack and enjoy the views.

Casa Bonay, the hipster trendy hotel where everyone wants to upload to their Instagram profile. 

So far the best places to instagram Barcelona, if you are curious about who we are Lobo Studio, here you can see our instagram.

You can also see some of our portfolio here.

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