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As many of you know, the decoration and interior design sector is governed by trends and novelties that emerge according to the seasons. A field that is in constant movement. Fashions come and go and styles are transformed.

For this reason, interior design studios know that, if they want to increase their success and have their work recognized, they must innovate and constantly evolve. Renew or die. This time we go into the city of Bilbao to know the best interior design studios in Bilbao.

This city in the north of Spain has been a clear example of how design has made sense again with a more modern style, renovated and adapted to the new times. 


Location: Calle Ribera de Axpe, 11 A - 48950, Erandio Bilbao

Web: www.subeinteriorismo.com       

IG: @subeinteriorismo

Since 2005, Begoña Susaeta has been the soul of this Bilbao-based studio. Many clients from different sectors, from offices, stores, hotels and restaurants to homes or sports and educational centers, have placed their interior design and renovation projects in the hands of SUBE Interiorismo.

As a result of its recognized experience and professionalism, this interior design studio created a subsidiary called Sube Contract in order to carry out integral projects in which, in addition to designing and decorating the space, they offer the execution of the work, whether for renovations or new construction.

SUBE Interiorismo has a large team of professionals specialized in different activities, but also collaborate with other companies and experts to develop their projects.

For this Bilbao-based studio, each project requires different solutions, which is why they treat each proposal in a particular way, with seriousness and a unique character.

They are in charge of all the installations as well as designing the interior design concept, including finishes, lighting, furniture or signage, among others, always respecting delivery deadlines.

For them, it is important to take care of every detail and that is reflected in their results, and thanks to this company policy they have earned a place in our ranking of the best interior design studios in Bilbao.


Location: Calle Barrio Peruri, 33 3ºB - 48940 Leioa, Bilbao

Web: www.nataliazubizarreta.com        

IG: @nataliazubizarretainteriorismo

If anyone has interior design inside her, it is Natalia Zubizarreta. With more than 10 years of experience in the sector, they have carried out numerous interior design projects in different areas: homes, offices, hospitality and commerce.

In Natalia Zubizarreta studio they make your dreams come true. And you only need to see their projects to realize that they achieve spaces with charm, coziness and, above all, where there is soul. Warm and relaxing environments designed with neutral colors and harmonious fabrics.

In this study, clarity and honesty in their work is a priority. They have a team of trusted professionals who are responsible for analyzing and offering the best proposal. The most important thing is to start the project with a good distribution, it will be the basis of any job well done.

For Natalia Zubizarreta's studio it is essential to be realistic both in terms of budget and time, that is why they adapt to their clients by making detailed budgets and meeting deadlines, to avoid subsequent setbacks.

If you really want to bet on the quality of both design and materials, this Bilbao studio is a sure hit. You can see some of their work in recognized interior magazines where they have been published.


Location: Calle Juan de Ajuriaguerra, 10 - 48009 Bilbao

Web: www.bilbaointeriorismo.com        

IG: @bilbaointeriorismo

Bilbao Interiorismo is located in the center of the city, an interior design studio that is responsible for designing custom spaces, personalized to the dreams of each client.

Not only do they carry out interior design and decoration projects, in their studio they have different architects and technical experts to carry out integral works, both the management and the execution of the same. Bilbao Interiorismo is much more than a design studio.

They put all their knowledge and effort in making life easier for the client. Even a team of advisors carry out a technical study of the properties to find the ideal property for you and your needs, offering you the best opportunity in the market.

Subsequently, after executing the work, they guarantee solutions to the different setbacks that may arise. As far as the design of its projects is concerned, Bilbao Interiorismo gives a unique style and personality to each one of them.

Its results show quality finishes with an exquisite style, where the team's experience is reflected. Elegant and contemporary designs that exude warmth and home. For this, they have a showroom where decorators and interior designers will guide you to find the best proposal designed by and for you.

Without a doubt, Bilbao Interiorismo is truly a project partner from start to finish. 


Location: Calle Ercilla, 20 - 48009 Bilbao

Web: www.urbanainteriorismo.com         

IG: @urbanainteriorismo

Urbana Interiorismo was born in 2001 in Bilbao, after the need to update and adapt to new trends in the architecture and design sector in this city.

This interior design studio specializes in home renovations, especially bathrooms and kitchens, decoration and hospitality and office projects. Through their creativity and responsibility, the team of experts at Urbana Interiorismo develops comprehensive proposals to make your space a unique and exclusive place for you and your needs.

They analyze your idea to make it a reality, defining every detail and budget from the beginning, always taking into account your preferences and tastes. Although their passion is the world of interior design and for them a space to reform allows them to let their imagination fly, the first thing is you, that's why the design they come up with will be adapted only to your style, without forgetting their experience and knowledge. 

In addition, the team of decorators propose the best choice of furniture, lighting, coatings or decorative accessories along with the material of work for the project to be a real success. If the projects carried out by Urbana Interiorismo are characterized by something, it is their functionality, quality, design and contemporaneity. Thanks to this, they have earned a place in our ranking of the best interior design studios in Bilbao.


Location: 48008 Bilbao

Web: www.estibalizmartin.com         

IG: @estibalizmartinteriorismo

After 9 years of experience in the world of interior design, Estibaliz Martin fulfills her dream and opens in 2014 her own interior design studio. During years of learning with different professionals in the sector, Estibaliz develops her personal brand and the passion for which she has been trained throughout her career.

Their philosophy is to face each project as a new challenge in which they contribute their knowledge and experience to make their clients' dreams come true. Together with his team, they work to achieve a balance between the needs and preferences of the user with the design and aesthetics of the space.

In the interior design studio Estibaliz Martin specialize in comprehensive reforms of housing, but also offer the possibility of renovating a specific space, such as kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms. To do this, they create a close relationship with the client, with whom they are in constant communication throughout the work.

This allows us to supervise the project at all times and guarantee peace of mind and confidence. So much so, that the execution of the service is carried out from beginning to end, until the house is delivered, meeting the deadlines and budget agreed upon in the initial phase.

The designs of this Bilbao studio result in a renewed, exclusive and personalized image. Warm and cozy spaces with a modern and, at the same time, functional style. 


Location: Calle Eukalitarte Kalea, 23 - 48100 Mungia, Bilbao

Web: www.silviareguera.com          

IG: @silviareguerainteriorismo

After a long career in the world of decoration, Silvia Reguera Reguera decides to turn her professional life around and leads her own interior design studio located in Bilbao.

In the study perform all kinds of projects in the field of architecture and interior design. Specializing in design, renovation and decoration, both interior and exterior.

Although their main interior design services are focused on homes, they also offer renovations of commercial premises and offices. Regarding the architecture department, they are in charge of studying and analyzing the land to create the complete design of the house and its corresponding interior design.

In Silvia Reguera Interiorismo they bet on the latest technology in facilities and services, appreciating the functionality and comfort of the client. They apply home automation systems, heating or trendy fireplaces, among others, with great aesthetic value.

The space they create is endowed with personality. The preferences of the project are set by the client, whether they want a completely renovated image or, on the contrary, to give it a modern touch while retaining certain elements. The studio also creates custom-designed furniture so that the style is closer to you.

All its projects are characterized by balance through neutral and timeless bases and refined lines. A contemporary style that enhances lighting like very few others. 


Location: Calle Gardoki Kardenalaren Kalea, 1 8ºDpto - 48100 Bilbao

Web: www.pacasdeco.com            

IG: @studiopacas

Bea and Lorea give birth to Las Pacas. Years ago, these two women from Bilbao opened their first studio to make one of their passions come true. In 2004 they opened a store on foot of decoration and complements that they complemented with the reforms.

Although the crisis of 2008 was a complicated stage, they never gave up and reinvented their business, without leaving aside the world of interior design and decoration. It was not until last February when they closed the store to dedicate myself solely and exclusively to the interior design studio, which we know as Studio Pacas.

They specialize in projects of integral reforms or any room of houses. In their results you can see the soul and creativity that they put in each of their works. Modern designs where color is the protagonist without leaving aside the elegance.

Environments that come to life thanks to craftsmanship, touches of natural wood and natural fabrics. In Studio Pacas you can see that they work with attention to detail and give rise to personal designs with character.


Location: Calle Juan Ajuriaguerra Kalea, 31- 48009 Bilbao

Web: www.tribecabilbao.com            

IG: @tribecabilbao

This relevant interior design studio is located in the center of Bilbao. Although they have carried out renovation, decoration and interior design projects for the whole Spanish territory.

Tribeca achieves spaces where the client feels relaxed in their own home, with a personal style and a high aesthetic value. The most important thing in any project is to make that place speak to us about the people who live there. Therefore, although their designs have their own identity, they are always created based on the needs and priorities of the user, showing their personality.

Tribeca accompanies you throughout the creative process, offering all their knowledge to design functional, comfortable and harmonious interiors. The entire team works to achieve quality results, through optimal finishes and materials and timeless spaces that do not lose value over time.

Maintaining coherence between rooms and decorative styles is one of the keys of this Bilbao studio. If there is one thing they are known for, it is the originality and elegance of the spaces to the point of thrilling.

They know the importance of a reform for their clients, so they work closely with them so that, in addition to generating functional environments with great aesthetic potential, they are part of them. That is why Tribeca could not be left without a place in our ranking of the best interior design studios in Bilbao.


Location: Calle Garbe, 2 - 48140 Igorre, Bilbao

Web: www.mugarrideco.com            

IG: @mugarrideco

Mugarri is synonymous with experience, style and dedication. This interior design studio in Bilbao is led by Leyre Fernández Unamuno who has three great women and specialists in the world of decoration: Maite Iza, technical decorator, Teresa Ibarretxe, specialized in textiles and coatings and, finally, Laura Rodríguez, in charge of the administration and visibility of the studio.

After several years of experience, Mugarri is in charge of carrying out integral and partial reforms, as well as home decoration and furnishing. They have two types of modalities according to the client's preferences.

They can design the interior design projects, in which all the elements necessary to carry out the renovation are detailed in detail, or comprehensive projects, where in addition to designing the interior design they also execute the construction process.

Both methods are always developed with total seriousness having the benefits for the client. Mugarri is committed to a job well done, in which closeness and commitment to the customer are the basis. Their designs are full of personality, style and variety, since through constant renovation, they always bring the latest trends and novelties of the sector to their projects. 

That is why we have selected them for our ranking of the best interior design studios in Bilbao.


Location: Calle Garbe, 2 - 48140 Igorre, Bilbao

Web: www.alagoestudiobilbao.es 

IG: @alago.estudio.bilbao

If you are looking for an interior design studio specialized in kitchens, bathrooms and closets in Bilbao, Alago Estudio is your best option. Formed by an excellent team of professionals who work daily to offer creative and practical solutions. Through an analysis of your project, they will advise you giving you the best proposals that the work adapts to you and your needs.

Thanks to your experience over the years, they have established themselves as a great design company of kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms and custom closets that use the latest trends and developments in the market.

All their designs are carried out by the hand of important national and international firms, which must meet the appropriate sustainability standards, as Alago Estudio Bilbao always offers ecological materials and products that respect the environment, being ecological is reason enough to count on them in the selection of the best interior design studios Bilbao.

Their catalogs include all the available furniture with which they work to create a space made to your needs. They accompany you in the creative process, where you can choose the materials and design, always meeting the deadlines and quality.

If you are also one of those who think that design must evolve, we are convinced that our top 10 best interior design studios Bilbao has fascinated you.

Each with its own style and personality, but all focused on their main objective: customer satisfaction through functional spaces,

If you want to discover all the projects to get to know them better, we invite you to visit their social media accounts and websites. We are only going to give you a warning: they are all spectacular. Then, don't say we didn't warn you.

We are still waiting for you on the wolfer blog, you can also visit our portfolio or on our Instagram where we present you all the news of Lobo Studio. 

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