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mls spain



MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service, a term that is coined to all those companies that try to group the largest possible number of associations in the real estate sector to capture and offer as many properties as possible. All this through coordinated and complete actions among its members.

The following are the best mls spain in the national real estate market.

NATIONAL MLSnational mls

More than 700 offices in Spain make MLS Nacional the largest stock exchange in the country. They work with a shared exclusivity and a formation given by professionals of the sector. Within MLS Nacional, expert companies and associates in search of properties to acquire are grouped together.

However, before accessing the platform, certain requirements must be met, such as having a website or liability insurance, as well as paying a fixed amount as an annual fee.

The client's experience is complemented by a fixed promise to maintain the sale price regardless of the real estate company with which they work, thus achieving a homogenization of the market.

The philosophy of MLS National is the intermediation between associations and real estate agencies and clients, through a network, Anaconda, which manages each of the properties jointly, regardless of the geographical location of the properties.

MLS Nacional has its own subsidiaries in Gandía, Granada and Alicante.



mls spain

Ágora MLS covers the areas of Barcelona, Girona, Mallorca, Tarragona, Valencia and Murcia, as well as Madrid and Malaga, with a total of 325 agencies and almost 2000 professionals. In addition, the Ágora network extends beyond our borders, reaching Morocco and Andorra.

The way this MLS company works is based on offering the client the most avant-garde properties and staying ahead of market developments. Agora's tools and training are among the most exclusive and include the figure of a quality controller, to ensure the proper functioning and compliance with its corporate code of ethics. They also have a board of advisors at local and state level.

Ágora conducts some 24,000 transactions annually, making it one of the most active MLSs in the country.


mls spainA total of 80 real estate agencies in the area have joined together to form GICA, the Association of Real Estate Managers of the province of Cadiz. 

GICA's services are focused on a totally personalized attention and adapted to the needs of the client offering the property, with the possibility of sharing the property with other 300 professionals and more than 700 agencies to increase the possibilities of success. Some of the cities in Cádiz that benefit from this MLS are La Línea de la Concepción, Ubrique, Chipiona, Algeciras, Puerto Real, Chicala, San Fernando, Sanlúcar and Conil.

Whether renting or buying a property, it can be done from where filters by budget, location and area offer the best experience for the client.


mls spain

FAI is none other than the National Federation of Real Estate Associations of Spain. Its objective is to bring together as many national associations as possible.

FAI is currently made up of 19 industry associations and almost 840 real estate agencies. They all work with a joint database under the name of Gdinmo that benefits the 3,800 professionals and potential clients, since the collaboration between the associations is done within the framework of a homogeneous code of ethics, which includes the creation of a legal advice department that can be consulted by any MLS to resolve real estate conflicts.

Through its website you can search for homes, plots and properties in Madrid, Murcia, Lugo, Huelva and Alicante among others.


It is the most important MLS in the province of Cordoba, in fact it belongs to the National MLS itself since 2016, and is formed by 27 agencies in the province that exchange and combine their own data.

Asaicor offers the services of an MLS, i.e. the purchase and sale of real estate to its customers, and also legal, technical and tax advice. Its main objective is to present a trustworthy and transparent experience in a real estate market and an exchange of more than 1,000 purchase requests. Likewise, the MLS of Cordoba has more than 1000 associated offices in the rest of Spain, which allows it to cross data and expand its real estate.

The success of Asaicor is perhaps due to the Shared Multiexclusive method, a system imported from America that allows the sharing of Multiexclusives captured by one agency and then extended to all the others, through a very specific computer system.

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