Ranking 6 best neighborhoods to invest in Bilbao

When we talk about Bilbao, the Guggenheim Museum is probably the first thing you think of. And the fact is that the Biscayan capital has taken giant steps in recent years to become a true benchmark of modernity and avant-garde architecture.

It is not surprising then that more and more people choose Bilbao to live and develop their work activities. Thanks to its landscapes and its cultural life, Bilbao is a city full of life; a separate chapter is its rich gastronomy that attracts more and more tourists every year.

Do you have children? do you live alone? do you live with a partner? do you prefer to share an apartment? Surely in this ranking made by Lobostudio you will find the solution to your problems. Read on and discover the wonders of living in Bilbao and which is the neighborhood that best suits your needs.

Old town

best neighborhoods to invest in bilbaoIt is the oldest neighborhood in Bilbao. Surrounded by charming buildings, it is the best option to enjoy the city 100%. It has all kinds of services and a great communication by road and subway. Within the Caso Viejo we also find the Etxebarria Park, a large expanse of green areas where you can walk and play sports.

It is an area frequented mainly by young people attracted by the great commercial, leisure and cultural offer. In addition, despite being the Casco Viejo it is not the most expensive neighborhood in Bilbao, since the average price per square meter is around 2.817€ and we can find a two-bedroom apartment for rent for 900€.


invest bilbaoOn the banks of the Bilbao estuary is located this district used to host students from all over the country due to its proximity to the University of Bilbao.

However, and due to the large influx of young people, Deusto is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Bilbao. The price per square meter is above the average of the city with 3.353€, although it is a great option as a long-term investment and a profit insurance if we use the property for student rentals.

Abando/ Indautxu

best neighborhoods to invest in bilbaoIf you prefer to live in the center of Bilbao to have everything at your fingertips, Abando is your district. Whether you choose Indautxu, or the Abando neighborhood itself, you will be surrounded by the Bilbao Estuary, the San Mamés stadium, the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum and several venues for concerts and events such as the Plaza de Toros.

However, prepare your wallet: Abando is the most expensive district in Bilbao. A three-bedroom apartment of 90m2 can cost up to 350 thousand euros. However, you can always use your property as a tourist rental.


TOP 6 BEST NEIGHBORHOODS TO INVEST IN BILBAOOf course, Uribarri could not be missing in this ranking. Inside we find some of the most classic neighborhoods of the capital such as Matiko and Castaños, old bourgeois areas that still maintain their splendor.

Uribarri is the perfect district for those with medium-high purchasing power, since its average price is around 2,581 euros per square meter: a 100 m2 apartment can cost around 300 thousand euros, although, of course, there are other more economical possibilities. Among its main features are the tranquility of the area and good communications to reach the city center.

Miribilla/ Ibaiondo

INVESTING IN BILBAOFormer mining area, today this district is full of urbanizations that were born from a great urban project to give solution to the great demand for housing. Its location is perfect: on one side the Ría de Bilbao, bordering the Caso Viejo, and on the other it borders the central district of Abando, making possible its connections through the metro and an excellent network of bicycle lanes.

What is most striking, considering its geographical location within the city, are its prices. We can buy a 100m2 apartment for just over 200 thousand euros, that is, a price of 2,422 euros per square meter, and with an extensive range of services around it as banks, stores, schools, worship centers, sports centers, etc..

Otxarkoaga/ Txurdinaga

BILBAO txurdinagaFinally, let's talk about the cheapest neighborhood in BilbaoThe price per square meter is €2,298, almost 800 euros less than the average for the city. It is a fully residential area with all services available: supermarkets, health centers, pharmacies and hospitals in the surrounding area. In this district, a 3-bedroom, 100 m2 home costs around 250 thousand euros.

Otxarkoaga is the ideal neighborhood for families with children, as it has several public and private schools, looking to live in a quiet and safe place with plenty of outdoor options thanks to the mountains of Bilbao that surround this district.


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