Best neighborhoods to invest in Madrid 2021

best neighborhoods to invest in Madrid 2021


Selection of the Best Neighborhoods to invest in Madrid 2021

Some people think that living in Madrid is a luxury, and they are right. But a luxury not because of the economic effort but because of all the leisure and enjoyment options it offers us. Also, of course, for the amount of real estate we have at our disposal, either as a commercial or private investment.

The possibilities that the real estate sector offers us in Madrid are unique. From sharing a room next to the Complutense University, buying a house at an affordable price in one of its districts or investing in properties with a tourist license. That is why from Lobo Studio we have designed this ranking of the best neighborhoods so you can choose which one best suits your needs.

La Latina

This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Madrid and, at the same time, one of the busiest. Multiculturalism is the hallmark of this district located in the southern part of the center of the capital, bounded by the metro stations of Lavapiés, Embajadores and Tirso de Molina.

La Latina stands out for being the center of the famous "verbenas" in Madrid during the summer and for its program of cultural and social activities. If you want to buy a home in this neighborhood you should know that here you will have all the services you need: supermarkets, banks, nightlife, pharmacies ... We tell you that the average price per m2 reaches 4,374 €, although we advise you that your budget is higher than you expected, because most of the properties in this neighborhood are old and probably need some reform.


The district of Arganzuela-Planetario is one of the districts that has grown the most in recent years. The reason: the remodeling of the M30 in recent years and the creation of Madrid Rio, a green space at the foot of the Manzanares River where you can enjoy the outdoors and all its cultural and sports activities.

Its transportation options are excellent, both by subway and bus, and has the proximity of the Atocha station and the bus station of Mendez Alvaro, the main bus station in Madrid. Although there are cheaper areas, this neighborhood is one of the cheapest if you want to live in the center of Madrid. The average price per m2 is 3,659 euros, although in reality you can find much more affordable housing at a good price.


It is the fifth most expensive district in Madrid, with an average price per square meter of 4,256€. However, within the district itself there are areas such as the Pacífico neighborhood that are much more affordable for any pocket.

Its proximity to the green lung of the capital makes it one of the areas where you can most enjoy the outdoors. Here you will find homes of all kinds but mostly quite large properties in majestic buildings. In addition, the Retiro has all kinds of luxuries and services such as shopping areas, supermarkets, sports centers and even has the most important cultural center of the city where concerts, events and basketball games are held.


The central district is probably the largest and most varied of the capital. Whatever you are looking for, want or need, you are sure to find it here, whether in the most underground area such as Malasaña, in the neighborhood of diversity, Chueca, or in the most commercial streets of the city.

The downtown area has many reasons that make us want to live there, although we must take into account its overcrowding. Otherwise it is a district that offers a multitude of leisure activities, theaters, cinemas, bars, nightclubs, meeting center... The price per m2, 4.374€, despite being in the lung of La Villa, is not as high as in other areas and we can find 100m2 homes for almost 600 thousand euros for, later if we want, tourist rental.


It turns out that Salamanca is the most exclusive district of Madrid, and within it we find the neighborhoods of Goya, Lista and Castellana, among others, each with its own characteristics and services but all luxury. Not in vain is the most expensive area of Madrid, and one of the most expensive in Spain, with an average price per m2 of 5.048€.

What you will find if you buy a property in the Salamanca district are residential, quiet streets and a lot of security. It is common to see luxury cars on the streets of Principe de Vergara or Lagasca, and run into the famous Golden Mile of Madrid, on Serrano street. The Salamanca neighborhood is perfect if you have enough purchasing power or if, on the contrary, you are looking to make a commercial investment or establish your company here.


Within the district of Moratalaz we can find different neighborhoods but all with a common denominator: its price. In this area, outside the M30, the average price per m2 is around €2,418, a much lower figure than those we have seen previously.

However, it has the best services in Madrid: transport connections, its own Renfe stop, one of the largest public swimming pools in the city, high quality sports centers and even a university campus. Moratalaz stands as one of the best options to live as it is all residential areas with stores and supermarkets that will make you feel as if you were in a small town within the city of Madrid.

Chamberí - Vallehermoso

Although they are two different districts we have joined them together because they are both university areas. Chamberí is number two in the ranking of the most expensive areas of Madrid, with the metro2 at 4,785 €. On the other hand, the Vallehermoso area is a little cheaper with an average of 4,445 euros.

These two neighborhoods stand out for being a common refuge for students due to their proximity to different university campuses. The purchase options here increase if what we want is to make a long-term investment and rent the property to young people who go to study in Madrid. What stands out most in Chamberí and Vallehermos are its primary services, supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies... And above all its nightlife and bars.

El Pilar

North of Madrid and without the need to leave the busy M30 we find this small residential neighborhood that has its own shopping center. Although, at first, we may believe that it is quite far from the central core of Madrid, the neighborhood of Pilar is a historic district that has the best transport connections by metro and city bus.

This neighborhood is designed for families who want to live in a quiet area and at a good price, since the m2 is only 3,183 euros. Bars, neighborhood stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, sports fields... El Pilar has everything necessary for its inhabitants to enjoy the comfort of living in a big city but away from all the noise caused by living in the center of La Villa.

And so much for our ranking of the best neighborhoods to invest in Madrid 2021. If you want to know the latest tool being used by the best investors in the real estate market in Spain to sell properties that are trashed or need a facelift in half the time of how it was traditionally done you have to read this article about 3D rendering technology.

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