Best passive house companies in Spain

best passive house companies in spain



Previously in our post about Passivhaus or Passive Houses, we told you all about them: features, benefits, operation ... You may have known little or in your project to embark on acquiring a new home, you have opened the doors to a more efficient and sustainable lifestyle.

Well, you know that in Lobo Studio we always like to recommend the best and for that, this time, we want you to know the best passive house companies in Spain. Remember that there are many factors when constructing a passivhaus building or house.

The company that performs the work must comply with the corresponding regulations, use the appropriate materials and finishes and, above all, perform the 5 fundamental requirements of passive houses so that the house can acquire the passivhaus approval and certificate. 

We take a tour around Spain to get to know the best passive house construction companies. Are you coming?



IG: @madridarquitectura

Location: Soto del Real, Madrid

Located in the capital is Madrid Arquitectura, a studio specializing in passive house construction projects. Led by José Francisco Sánchez, whose after more than 20 years of experience in architecture and construction, decided to create his own studio in 2012 with the aim of improving the quality of life of people through efficient buildings and homes. Madrid Arquitectura is one of the first studios in Madrid to acquire the Passive House Designer Certificate.

Thus, they are consolidated as one of the main studios in building passive houses in the national territory. Madrid Arquitectura's work consists of designing Nearly Zero Energy Consumption Buildings, known as ECCN, and passive houses that meet the Passivhaus standard conditions.

Not only do they create complete projects, but they also carry out punctual energetic rehabilitations, in order to provide the building or house with efficient and sustainable solutions. They advise their clients and evaluate the best possibilities, both economically and in terms of energy savings.

Once the work has been executed, Madrid Arquitectura is responsible for carrying out a control to weigh the results and assess the benefits obtained. For this Madrid studio, passive architecture and energy efficiency allow us to change the vision of the building, turning it into totally sustainable homes and buildings.



IG: @medgon_passivhaus

Location: Palencia

We change Autonomous Community, this time we move to Castilla y León, specifically to Palencia, to meet Medgón, a company specialized in the industrialization of buildings with high qualification and energy efficiency.

Medgón was founded in 2005 and its headquarters is located in Carrión de los Condes, although it was not until a few years later when it opted for Passivhaus. The whole team works daily with passion to meet its main objective: to build efficient buildings that help the planet and the health of its users.

This company from Palencia is in charge of carrying out an industrialized process for construction companies that carry out passive building and housing projects that obtain the Passivhaus certificate and the aforementioned ECCN. Its production in wood designs, which are created and elaborated in the factory and then supplied to different construction professionals.

In the entire process, from planning to manufacturing, they take into account the ecological impact, reducing it as much as possible. Throughout its history, Medgon has received several awards, both for its carefully studied working method and for the excellent results obtained.



IG: @evowalltechnology 

Location: Sant Fuitós de Bages, Barcelona, Spain

This time we are in our country. Evowall is presented as a revolution in the passive house sector, as industrialized constructions ofpassivhaus houses are carried out with traditional materials.

With an innovative manufacturing system, they achieve high quality housing, with A+ energy certification, quickly and at an affordable price. Their projects are mainly prefabricated concrete houses. Evowall has a great experience and trajectory in the world of architecture and construction.

In this way, they have managed to develop a flexible system that represents a change in the sector through technology that allows the construction of efficient houses but with conventional construction agents.

One of the great advantages of this manufacturing method is that Evowall easily adapts to each project, reducing energy consumption and time.

Consequently, Evowall's industrialized passive houses have a lower cost than a conventional house. In addition, being a mechanized system, they can control costs and offer a closed price at the beginning of a project.

The homes of this Catalan company meet all the standardized requirements of passive houses and obtain the Passivhaus certificate. 




Location: Madrid

We return to the capital to learn more about Lauvar. This company was consolidated in 2000 when it began its professional career in the field of construction and promotion.

After several years of experience and development, they have been making their way in different fields of the sector, such as, for example, building rehabilitation, management of hotel and catering premises, integral reforms or demolitions.

Although it was not until 2014 when Lauvar undertook its activity towards efficient and sustainable architecture. They adapted their construction system, trained the team and updated suppliers so that all their professional structure will walk to the same place with the right conditions.

Thus, in 2015 the Madrid-based company begins to build passive houses complying with Passivhaus standards. A success that has undoubtedly been reflected since then in its trajectory. Lauvar is formed by a team of professionals who carry out an exhaustive and conscientious work for bioclimatic architecture that respects the environment.

They are specialized in passive buildings that have a near-zero energy consumption and with its corresponding Passivhaus certificate. In addition to its passive house projects, remember that Lauvar offers various architectural and construction services, such as renovations, rehabilitations or wooden house buildings, among others.



IG: @jgyparquitectos 

Location: Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid

We continue in the capital. This time we go to JG&P Arquitectos to get to know their studio up close. Founded by Juan Gros Iglesias and Raúl Fernández Barroso, it was born with the aim of meeting the architectural needs from a construction point of view that is sustainable and efficient. In this way, JG&P Arquitectos, experts in this type of buildings, have become one of the most outstanding studios in the national market.

To this end, during their trajectory, they have carried out architectural projects based on offering real homes with low energy consumption. It is a young team that looks after the client's needs but at the same time, they take into account every detail and analyze each project from a socioeconomic and environmental perspective.

Not only do they perform passive house works, which obtain the Passive House certificate, but they also carry out other services, such as the SATE system on facades, which consists of insulating buildings to improve their energy efficiency, as well as complete architectural and interior design projects or building conservation, but always from a sustainable and efficient perspective. Trusting JG&P Arquitectos is synonymous with comfort and contemporary design in a cost-effective space with almost zero energy consumption.



IG: @papikgroup  

Location: Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona, Spain

This time we present a company with a history of more than 25 years. Papik was created in 1994 with headquarters in Sant Cugat del Vallés, very close to the Catalan capital, and has its own production plant in Manresa.

Specializing in passive houses, Papik is formed by a team of architects and professional carpenters with extensive experience and an innovative character. So much so, that this Catalan company has developed its own construction system for passive houses that consists of a light framework original from America but that they have improved its result.

It is a fast, versatile system that can be implemented in all types of constructions. Its main objective is to achieve high energy efficiency buildings and they achieve it with great success, since their projects result in high quality housing and high thermal resistance. They use advanced technology to build homes with efficient and sustainable materials, without forgetting design and innovation, as Papik offers trendy and current designs.

Thanks to its work, it has become a pioneer in the passive house sector in Catalonia, both for its services and for the personalized and direct treatment with its clients. Although its passive houses are Passivhaus certified, Papik has also adapted other types of houses that could not be certified, the so-called Eskimohaus.

That is, houses that refer to Eskimo dwellings, which offer comfort even if the climate is cold as in winter. The difference is that this type of house is not approved as passive houses but has a much lower energy consumption than a conventional house.



IG: @casascevisa 

Location: Santa Cruz de Mieres, Asturias 

We traveled to the north of Spain, specifically to Santa Cruz de Mieres, a town in Asturias.

We meet Cevisa, a business group founded in 2002 and consolidated as a reference in the sector of efficient and sustainable construction. They are specialized in designing wooden house projects under an absolute control of all the necessary production processes.

They use high quality wood from Northern Europe and with sustainable wood certification. In their own factory they carry out the industrialization process, since they themselves design and create each piece with its corresponding follow-up. In this way, they offer comfortable and quality designs that adapt to the needs of each of their clients.

All Cevisa projects are developed in a comprehensive manner, with the aim of building efficient housing with very low or almost zero consumption (ECCN).

Undoubtedly, this Asturian company has consolidated its position in the sector thanks to its extraordinary results, for its commitment to bioclimatic architecture, ecological passive houses that favor the health of their inhabitants. 



IG: @dmdvarquitectos 

Location: Madrid

The DMDV studio, located in Madrid, was created in 1999 by architects Talia Dombriz Martialay and Daniel Diedrich. Throughout their trajectory they have specialized in construction projects of buildings and housing design with sustainability and energy efficiency criteria.

After 20 years of experience in the sector, they know the profession in detail and put at the service of their clients their knowledge and dedication to make their lives healthier and more comfortable. Their work method is based on guaranteeing a personalized treatment and interest in each project, in addition to providing the highest standards of quality and design.

The DMDV team carries out its projects following the passivhaus criteria and standards required by the market, following a construction process which is constantly adapting to technological advances.

In this way, their results are always cost-effective and optimal solutions. They not only certify their buildings with Passivhaus certification but also integrate international sustainability criteria of LEED and BREEAM certifications.



IG: @growingbuildings 

Location: Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona, Spain

We return to Catalonia, this time with Growing Buildings, a company specialized in the promotion and construction of sustainable and energy-efficient housing and buildings.

All its architectural projects are based on Passivhaus construction criteria, although they also follow other prestigious international seals such as LEED, VERDE or BREEAM, among others.

The team of professionals work exhaustively to achieve its goal: to be based on principles of sustainability and energy efficiency applied to the real estate market.

Its range of projects is not only aimed at private clients, but it also takes care of the entire construction process for private owners, developers, builders and investors who want to build buildings with almost zero energy consumption.

For this, Growing Buildings is in charge of building an industrialized wooden system. A company that began its journey to offer society efficient and sustainable solutions with high quality finishes and avant-garde designs, always meeting deadlines and budgets. A response to the commitment and enthusiasm to contribute to the environment and improve the quality of life and welfare of the inhabitants. 



IG: @estudio_duqueyzamora 

Location: Avilés, Asturias

The last studio we present is DuqueyZamora Arquitectos. It is a firm led by Alicia Zamora and Iván G. Duque and founded in 2009 in Asturias.

It was created with the aim of creating an architecture that combines prudence and intelligence with respect to the relationship with the environment and the human being. Thus, this study manages to integrate the various natural factors and optimize the manufacturing and construction processes.

Their long history and knowledge of the sector, have made them specialize in an area of architecture that is the future of all. That is why DuqueyZamora is based on passive houses, bioconstruction and bioclimatic architecture.

Its projects are aimed at new construction and renovations, but always implementing an efficient and sustainable work methodology.

Although the main premise of this type of housing is to save energy and its corresponding consumption, for this architectural firm it is essential to ensure a living space that is comfortable and healthy for their owners, thanks to try to reduce CO2 emissions and demands for heating and cooling of buildings.

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