Best real estate marketing courses in Spain

best real estate marketing courses



Nowadays, marketing can be applied to almost any sector and discipline, always fulfilling the main objective of improving the commercialization of our product.

In recent years, real estate marketing has undergone a boom that has led to a multitude of courses, and even masters, specialized in the sector with which we can access more specific positions as a marketing consultant, commercial and specialized agent or as a worker in a digital real estate agency.

Thus, we will learn all those tools that will allow us to create a more concrete marketing plan to promote sales and loyalty to our customers when renting or selling a property.

Here are the best real estate marketing courses on the market.

International Master in Real Estate Marketing


Price: 700€ - 1500€.

This course offered by Educa Business School is aimed at experts in the sector who want to broaden their knowledge or specialize in real estate marketing.

International Master in Real Estate Marketing offers the student all the keys and sales techniques to be able to expand them in a concrete way and tailored to the client. The final objective of the course is the execution and implementation of 100% of the campaign and marketing plan to improve the approach to real estate products and achieve greater commercialization.

In terms of methodology, this training has opted for a syllabus and a continuous evaluation system with mandatory exercises. Each student will also have a direct tutor for queries and doubts.

As of today, this 600h training course is only available in online mode and with a 50% discount. The indicated price includes all the necessary material for the completion of the course, from the course manual itself, a complete dossier and a guide for the student.

Master's Degree in Marketing and Real Estate Development


Price: 1200 € - 1440 €.

One of the few masters dedicated to the real estate sector is this, Master in Marketing and real estate development taught by Emagister, and in collaboration with Educa Business School, one of the best known training and education web portals in the country. The great advantage of choosing this training is that at the end each student can obtain the title of the master as if you were a university degree.

You should know that to take this course you must have previous training, but necessarily university education, since as we have mentioned, it is a master's degree with a double university degree. Although the price is somewhat high, the syllabus is worth it. You will learn marketing techniques and skills, the necessary concepts to formalize online programs and the importance of a good real estate agent.

During one year, and online, students will have a complete training always supervised by a faculty of expert teachers in the real estate sector, and with a methodology of continuous evaluation that includes practical exercises and exams.

Real Estate Marketing Plan Course


Price: 400€.

Adams is an academy specialized in competitive examinations and complementary training courses based in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia among others. That is why we believe that this course is a great option for those people who want to be updated in the real estate market but do not have much time and demand time flexibility, since no previous training is required to access the course.

The syllabus is divided into nine sections so that the student finishes the course being able to identify the different elements that make up a strategic real estate marketing plan as well as provide a technical knowledge of it and know how to differentiate between online and offline real estate advertising.

This is one of the most complete courses on the market, although the 80 hours of training may not be enough. The whole process is online, from the registration to the

contact with teachers, in a dynamic and active format based on practical exercises.

Postgraduate course in Marketing and personal real estate sales


Price: 260€.

This is one of the most economical courses that offer training in real estate marketing aimed at both professionals in the sector and people who already work in a real estate agency as well as those who are interested in the world of Commerce and Marketing.

This postgraduate course in Marketing and Personal Real Estate Sales provides an in-depth study of the knowledge necessary for real estate sales and offers a very specific syllabus for the sector. The methodology is divided into two blocks, subdivided into four parts: Marketing and Real Estate Promotion and Personal Real Estate Sales. At the end of the course, students will be able to prepare promotional documents for their properties, apply sales techniques according to the client, assess the follow-up of the operation (visits, intermediation...) as well as apply specific quality criteria to improve the marketing service.

The course can be done online and has a fairly high quality-price ratio, since there is a lot of knowledge that we can acquire to access to expert positions in Real Estate Marketing.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Course


Price: Not defined

Anyone can access this course without any previous training or experience. Although the training is initially aimed at owners and marketing consultants of real estate agencies, the truth is that the course syllabus is basic level so anyone could participate. The only requirement is to reside in Barcelona, as the course is face-to-face.

The way we consume real estate is the main topic of this course. The majority of clients already do their searches online, so this is where the best possible marketing plan has to be made in order to offer a unique experience within the real estate transaction process. The ultimate goal is for each student to be able to create their own digital strategy through meticulous planning.

Video Marketing, E-mail Marketing or positioning your ad on Google, Facebook and Instagram in the best way are some of the tools that AIPBarcelona offers us in its Digital Real Estate Marketing Course.

Master's Degree in Real Estate Marketing and Commercialization

Web: (

Price: 395€ - 1580€.

Not taking advantage of this master's degree with the 75% discount it currently has would be a big mistake. This is another master's degree offered by Emagister in collaboration with EBS for people specialized in the sector and with the guarantee of obtaining the degree with European certification.

The course has an estimated duration of twelve months, about 750h, and allows us to closely analyze the real functioning of marketing and communication in the real estate sector. The student will learn the commercial design of web pages, specific customer service techniques, as well as the Internet ecosystem as a real estate sales channel.

The methodology is a continuous assessment that can be carried out online and also in person. It has a very attractive Virtual Campus where we can also access live classes and a network of highly qualified teachers. The official qualification at the end of the training is a Master's Degree in Marketing and Real Estate Marketing endorsed by the Graduate School of Marketing and Communication.

Real Estate Marketing Course:

Web: (

Price: Not defined

Knowing how to design a good marketing plan is essential to position your company at the top of the real estate sector. All our work may depend on the result of the performance of this planning.

The environment and consumer behavior, the real estate market situation and our own personal development play a key role in analyzing and implementing a good marketing plan.

With this Real Estate Marketing course you will learn the right skills for a good marketing, the necessary knowledge to carry out any process within the strategic plan and you will assume the tools to design and create yourself a viable business plan and a specific communication plan for your target audience.

Anyone, with or without training in the sector, can access this short introductory course in Real Estate Marketing taught by the ISED academy, seal of 'Company committed to youth employment' awarded by the Ministry of Employment.

Expert Course in Real Estate Marketing


Price: Free

This course, specifically oriented to workers and companies of the sector, is given by the Integral Academy and New Technologies Center, which continuously offers free courses for the training of professionals.

The important thing in this course is to know all the advantages and benefits that Marketing offers for a better corporate and brand positioning. All this through a syllabus that delves into sales tactics and tools to implement an attractive communication plan for the customer.

In addition, this course has an exclusive section on social networks and social media so that students can implement their strategic plan in them.

The modality is 100% online and has a duration of only 80 hours. At the end of the training, each student will receive a diploma accrediting the hours of the course.

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