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Ranking best real estate software

Most real estate agencies and developers publish their properties on real estate portals. But more and more often, agencies are computerizing to publish their ads in their own software, which allows them to work flexibly and independently of the real estate portals. 

A real estate software consists of a computer support system to manage the clients, sales and marketing of a real estate agency. In this way, the business management is integrated, from the automation and promotion of sales as well as the follow-up of marketing campaigns and business opportunities or data storage.

It is important to choose a good software or CRM according to the needs and objectives of each company. These are the functionalities that should be taken into account when choosing one or the other:

  • Property portfolio information (location, price, photographs, records or cadastres) and owners.
  • Information on leads and customers interested in our product. In this way, we can send them information and observe statistics. 
  • Manage advertising through property advertisements, which we can send to real estate portals and our website.
  • Sharing property portfolios with partners or collaborators of an association to increase sales capacity and products. 
  • Create administrative documents for the sale of a property automatically.
  • Manage the sales objectives of the team. Compare and control each agent's objectives, commissions, and recruitments. 

Once we have seen the main features that our real estate CRM must have, we want to show you the 9 best real estate software:


Easy to use real estate software. It allows to easily add buyers and properties data, generate email campaigns and publish properties automatically in social networks. 


Inmovilla is very complete and incorporates the latest technologies. Although its use is not very intuitive, they offer courses to learn how to use it. Some of its functions are the sending and valuation of properties, generating documents, templates and client files, search by preferences and follow-ups. 


It is a very powerful real estate CRM known by the most demanding agencies. It has a modern interface that allows it to be used in an intuitive and simple way. It easily adapts to the needs and size of the company, whether they are self-employed, agencies or MLS. It has applications for mobiles and tablets with various developed functionalities.


Habitatsoft is one of the most popular systems for real estate. With this software you can publish your properties in the main real estate portals, share property portfolios or generate templates and documents. Easy to use and complete in several languages.


With Inmoweb you will be able to unify the processes of your real estate agency: customized and standardized templates that you can include in your website, specialized graphic design for web, search filter and 360º virtual tours.


If you are one of those who need to bring together the real estate management of your company, Optima CRM is the tool you are looking for. You will be able to create your own website, manage clients, reservations and properties or track conversions and payments online. 


Inmopc is a global real estate management software that allows you to develop websites and real estate portals in a simple way. It includes property updates, SEO positioning, social networks, custom designs and search tool. 


It is one of the most popular open source CRMs. This means that it has greater flexibility of simple and customized management, both company and customer. Vtiger contains customizable and adaptable modules that can be activated by the administrator. In addition, with the monthly plan, there are no hosting or security costs. 


Inmograma is a real estate software that stores information in the cloud. It manages agency and developer clients and is connected to Spanish real estate portals. Its main functions include web creation, maps with geolocation, maintenance and updates and the possibility of MLS.

Thanks for making it this far wolfer 🐺🙌🏼.

Now it is you who must make the decision to decide which is the best real estate software 😄, I hope the information has been of great help to you.

I would like to make one last thought and that is that any real estate software without a good marketing and sales strategy falls short. So I recommend you to consider using virtual reality technology for your second hand properties and 3D rendering for the properties to be refurbished.

They will be your greatest allies for years to come!


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