What are "Smart homes" and what are their advantages?

smart homes

What are "Smart homes" or intelligent homes? Smart homes, also known as "smart homes", are homes that are equipped with advanced technology that allows the control and automation of home functions, including: lighting control, temperature, security, entertainment and appliances, among others. This includes: control of lighting, temperature, security, entertainment and appliances, among others. What technology is used in smart homes?


catalog design for companies

Everything you need to know about catalog design for companies Knowing how to detect when your company needs a catalog, either printed or online, is very simple. Most brands that use this type of editorial design do so as part of their strategic marketing plan with the aim of increasing their sales and [...]

Top 8 graphic design companies in Valencia

Best graphic design companies in Valencia

Ranking of the 8 Best graphic design companies in Valencia The perception we have of a brand is totally different according to its corporate image, its logo, colors, etc. The identity of each company communicates and transmits various emotions that often settle in our unconscious and influences us when choosing a brand, and this [...]

TOP10 Best graphic design companies in Barcelona

best graphic design companies in barcelona

Ranking Best graphic design companies in Barcelona Why is graphic design so important? The answer is simple: because it is the discipline within the arts that can transmit our identity and our character as a company. Graphic design is the perfect vehicle to deliver a linguistic message without the need for words, just with [...]

What is a brandbook and how can it help your company generate more sales?

what is a brandbook

We explain what a brandbook is and how it can help improve your company's sales If you don't know the answer to the first question of this title, it is more than certain that you need to update your company's concepts. The Brandbook, formerly called 'Manual of style', is a document, generally in a simple format, that [...]

TOP 10 best graphic design companies Madrid

best graphic design companies madrid

Ranking best graphic design companies Madrid According to a survey conducted by BP consultancy, in Madrid, 82% of people have a more positive view of a real estate company after having seen specialized content about it. This gives an idea of the importance of graphic design when it comes to attracting [...]


virtual reality vs. augmented reality

During the last two years we have heard a lot about augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), which are very similar but have some differences. Two technologies that are booming in some industries, even in the real estate sector we can already see developers or real estate companies implementing them for their marketing strategies.

Marketing for architects

marketing for architects

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] 3 Estrategias clave de marketing para arquitectos A nadie deberá extrañarle, por poco que conozca el sector, que el mundo de la arquitectura va altamente relacionado con la cuantía de viviendas y comercios en construcción. Es decir, el trabajo de un arquitecto o estudio de arquitectura siempre dependerá de la demanda de edificación de […]