Ranking 5 Best 360 degree cameras on the market

best 360 degree cameras

The 5 best 360 degree cameras for 360º virtual tours When we talk about 360º virtual tours we are talking about an online visit that recreates the space of a property in a completely virtual way. The development of technology has allowed us to see a property first hand without the need to move [...]



Ranking best neighborhoods to invest in Barcelona Do you dream of investing or living in Barcelona? Have you ever thought of having everything at your fingertips in a big city? Did you know that Barcelona is number one in Spain in terms of quality of life? If the answer to these questions is yes, [...]

How to create your real estate marketing plan easily in 7 steps

real estate marketing plan

HOW TO MAKE YOUR REAL ESTATE MARKETING PLAN EASILY WITH OUR METHOD Achieving a good positioning of our brand or getting more traffic to our website can be a very complex and long lasting task. That's why we always have to keep in mind the word marketing, and in this case [...]

Best real estate marketing companies Madrid

best real estate marketing companies madrid

Ranking of the best real estate marketing companies in Madrid. Any company wants its brand to be at the top of the market. And that can only be achieved with a good digital marketing strategy. In many occasions it is better to entrust this task to professionals in the sector such as real estate marketing agencies. In them we can delegate [...]

The 6 Best mls Spain

mls spain

RANKING TOP 6 BEST MLS SPAIN MLS is the acronym of Multiple Listing Service, a term that is coined to all those companies that tries to group the greater possible number of associations of the real estate sector to capture and to offer as many properties as possible. All this through coordinated and complete actions among its members. [...]

Best real estate marketing courses in Spain

best real estate marketing courses

TOP 8 BEST REAL ESTATE MARKETING COURSES Nowadays marketing can be applied to almost any sector and discipline, always fulfilling the main objective which is to improve the commercialization of our product. In recent years, real estate marketing has undergone a boom that has led to the existence of a multitude of courses, [...]

How to design a timeless space

how to design a timeless space

5 TIPS TO KNOW HOW TO DESIGN AN ATEMPORARY SPACE If you are thinking of renovating a room, start the works of your new apartment or simply want to give another air to your home, you may have very common doubts have arisen: what style I choose? will not be too bold? This is a trend, but will it go out of fashion soon? [...]


real estate portals

TOP 5 BEST REAL ESTATE PORTALS If you want to sell your real estate portfolio or improve your ads this post will interest you. Undoubtedly, the advertising you do of your properties must be professional and quality, but above all it has to attract the attention of buyers. You should know that more [...]


real estate

The real estate industry and Real Estate are in a constant state of flux. Thanks to the innovation of markets and the adaptation of technology in this industry, marketing and more traditional sales strategies have been left out of the game. We must think that real estate marketing is always based on the [...]


virtual reality vs. augmented reality

During the last two years we have heard a lot about augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), which are very similar but have some differences. Two technologies that are booming in some industries, even in the real estate sector we can already see developers or real estate companies implementing them for their marketing strategies.