What are NFTs, How can I buy and sell NFTs in the Metaverse.


What are NFT's? NFT's, also known as non fungible tokens, are a new form of good or value that can be transferred over the blockchain in the crypto ecosystem, where there is only one token associated with that unique and exclusive characteristic for each person. These new digital currencies have been [....]

360º virtual tour, 3D renderings, 360º images, what are the main differences?

360º virtual toursVirtual tours 360 vs render 360: Today we show you several examples and explain their differences Getting into 3D and virtual reality is discovering a new world, especially when we are just starting to get interested in this topic. Many of the terms that are used sound similar and that can be confusing and even confusing.

Ranking 5 Best 360 degree cameras on the market

best 360 degree cameras

The 5 best 360 degree cameras for 360º virtual tours When we talk about 360º virtual tours we are talking about an online visit that recreates the space of a property in a completely virtual way. The development of technology has allowed us to see a property first hand without the need to move [...]