How do we make a 360 virtual tour for a real estate company?

360º virtual tour


Technology offers more and more possibilities in all areas of life. The Internet makes it easier to get the information we need at any given moment. And the more immersive, close and interactive the experience is, the more it connects with the user. This is the goal of the 360 virtual tour in the real estate field, something in which we are experts. Today we explain how we create a 360 virtual tour for a real estate agency.

The advantages of a 360 Real Estate Virtual Tour

A 360 virtual tour allows the visualization of any property in an interactive way for the user. That is why it has great applications in any type of performance:

  • Show the apartments, houses and buildings offered for sale without having to do it on site. Ideal for example for the sale of international homes.
  • To be able to visualize an architectural project in progress.
  • It allows working on the decoration of each property and analyzing the results of each idea and proposal.

How we create a 360° virtual tour

When our real estate and construction clients request a 360 virtual tour for one of their properties for sale we start a very complete technical and creative project in several phases.

Taking a 360° image

The first step is to take a 360-degree photograph of each room of the property, always adapting it to the specific characteristics of each space.

This 360 image covers all angles of the room, room or open or closed space. With a high quality and image resolution so that the result is always the right one.

For this purpose, we have good equipment and photographers specialized in taking high quality 360 photos.

In the subsequent process, 360º of information that could be relevant and necessary for the virtual tour is added to each image: text, geolocation, etc. Always depending on the use it is going to be given as it can be for an internal communication channel for the client or on a website or social network.

Create a virtual tour

Once we have all the necessary 360 photographs and information added, we proceed to create a generalvirtual tour.

Using specific professional software we made this virtual tour. What we achieve with this is to join the different 360 photographs of the house itself with the logical sense as if we were seeing it live.

This step is what makes it possible to create this immersive and interactive experience that brings all the freedom of viewing to the customer by connecting 360 images.

Virtual Tour

Edit 360° scene

Once we have the 360 virtual tour already structured, it is time to edit each scene. This involves adding the information needed to the client's liking:

  • Ambient sounds.
  • Music.
  • Description of the elements.
  • Points of interest.
  • Scene name.
  • Geolocation on a map.

And in short, almost any extra element that you want to add and make each scene much more complete and achieve a more complete interaction experience.

You can even add other 3D elements designed for this purpose and add movement to them.

Everything that makes the virtual tour as real as possible or adapted to what you want to show at all times.

Virtual Tour 360 real estate for different media

As we have already mentioned before, a virtual tour can be used for different media. From its use in a simple desktop or laptop computer, to its viewing with 3D glasses and make a much more realistic experience or the publication on a website, intranet or a social channel.

Therefore, the last step will be to adapt the virtual tour to the final format as you want to show it.

We can adapt the virtual tour to work in any web CMS such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla that will allow you to see it perfectly on any type of website and from any device.

In addition, the quality of the images is adapted to the desired format. This is especially necessary in the case of including the 360 real estate virtual tour on a web page, for example, so that the website loads quickly and allows for an optimal user experience.

As you can see, the process itself to create a 360 Virtual Tour is not complicated but it is necessary to have the design and creation experience, knowledge and the right technology to get the desired result.

We invite you to visit the following link where we explain the advantages and disadvantages of 360 virtual tours.

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