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The end of the year is approaching and we can do nothing but look forward.

These are the trends that Jose Lara considers essential for this new year, and that is that having the help of an interior designer in Madrid is a must. interior designer in Madrid as is Jose Lara, is a success in order to create or remodel a space 100% adapted to you and the new and best trends for your home.

Jose Lara's interior design studio assures that human beings are happier when they live and interact in beautiful spaces, and that is why in their projects they seek a balance between functionality and aesthetics perfectly balanced and aligned with respect for the environment.


After a busy year full of projects carried out, Jose Lara wants to give us a series of tips to help us unify ideas when decorating or creating an interior design project that speaks for itself.

For this, we reveal what will be the trends in interior decoration for this 2021.

  • Color trends
  • Decoration style trends
  • Trends for materials
  • Trends for odor typology

Let's go for these trends:

Color trends for 2021

Since we have a long and busy 2021, what we are looking for is stability and positivity and that is why these two colors "Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, the vital yellow and serene gray", are the two shades proposed by Pantone for 2021 and where Jose Lara supports. They are independent but together they transmit this feeling well.

The choice and study is not random, but is the "Pantone Color of the Year" that influences product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, such as industrial design, fashion or interior decoration and product packaging. Even graphic design.

decoration trendsPANTONE 13-0647 illuminating + PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Grey combine a solid projection effect and practical, where the objective is to create a stable and positive environment.


Now, this is a hopeful message, and we just need to feel that everything will get better..

Decoration style trends 2021

For this year, we bet that the prevailing trend will be Wabi-Sabi (among others), a Japanese philosophy that has created a unique trend towards interior decoration.

This trend of interior decoration refers to a Japanese aesthetic trend where the aim is to create simple spaces and objects, where the presence of time leaves its mark in an open way.

It is a matter of choosing few but well-chosen decorative pieces.
There are not infinite small pieces but few but very well chosen. It is about betting on materials and objects made of wood, fibers and ceramics, handcrafted pieces with their imperfections.

This decorative trend goes beyond the material and decorative and bets on connecting with the spiritual plane thanks to these ranges of colors, materials and others.

A summary of this trend:

  • Simple and plain decoration
  • Natural details
  • Natural fabrics
  • Betting on the beauty of the passage of time
  • Old wood
  • Roughness

decoration Trends for materials

This year the handmade, the natural, the beautiful of the past will be revalued even more.

There is no doubt that the choice of noble and natural materials has also been and will continue to be a trend, such as marble, wood, terracotta lattices, handmade ceramic tiles...

Craftsmanship can convey the feeling and emotion of handmade, showing its imperfection and uniqueness; through each part, you can see the story behind it. Paying attention to craftsmanship, we try to create an excellent space where you can enjoy perfect perfection.

trendsThe fusion of artisan techniques with new technologies and designs, will make us achieve in 2021, coatings, pieces and unique works of art with the flavor of craftsmanship and the wow factor that brings us the design and technology.

 Trends for scent types.

Another trend that we must take care of when creating a cozy space and according to our values is the way in which our home or space transmits this in an olfactory way.

The use of candles can help us to emphasize the comfort of the house, which will help us to be more comfortable. With them, in addition to apWe can also configure the perfect fragrance for every moment, they are the ideal companions for relaxing in the evening or after work.

We recommend using woody scents to create an atmosphere with more character and floral, thus providing greater freshness.

These are the latest trends in interior decoration that our collaborator Jose Lara has brought us for this new year 2021.

The world of decoration is so wide that it becomes a strong point if it is perfectly controlled, since millions of unique spaces can be created based on the latest trends according to the values of each project.

Don't hesitate to keep up to date with the latest decorating tips for this new year in magazines such as:

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