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Biography about Joaquín Torres ( Maximum reading 5 minutes)

If we mix names and styles such as Lloyd Wright and Van der Rohe, add a pinch of John Pawson's minimalism and Zaha Hadid's conceptualism, the result may not be very attractive. But if we relate it to the name of Joaquín Torres then the concept becomes most exclusive.

He, Joaquín Torres Vérez, is one of the leading exponents of modernism in Spanish architecture today. Although Catalan by birth, Joaquín studied architecture in Galicia, and it is there that some of his first commissions are to be found: the University Building for Research Services at the University of La Coruña and the Hotel Balneario in Ponte Caldelas, Pontevedra.

A fan of fine arts since he was a child, this Barcelona-born architect founded his own studio in 1996 under the name Estudio A-cero, together with his partner Rafael Llamazares, a friend since university. With an avant-garde and versatile style, Torres began his career with a very different character, an 'orthogonal' and more rationalist one.

However, the turning point in his life would come with the turn of the century in 2000, when he began to become, as some call him, "the architect of the famous". And it turns out that the nickname is not such a bad nickname. Joaquín, together with the promoter Luís García - Cereceda, was responsible for most of the creation and design of 'La Finca', the most luxurious urbanization of the country known for being the refuge of great soccer players, singers and actors.

Apart from Penélope Cruz, Cristiano Ronaldo or Alejandro Sanz, Joaquín has worked, and still works, above all with high-level businessmen. It was he himself who designed the pazo that Amancio Ortega had built in Galicia and who designed the house, within the urbanization, of García-Cereceda himself.

In 2010 Joaquín accepts a television offer and participates in the program 'Supercasas', where he makes an informative work making known all his work and that of his studio. Several years of appearances on the small screen make the Catalan consolidate his contemporary and functional style, but aesthetically sculptural, and is a springboard for a much more international and open market. Projects in Dubai, Thailand and Malta have led Torres to move to Miami in recent years, from where he coordinates the residential project in the exclusive Key Biscayne area.

In addition to architectural design Joaquín has dared to go a step further and, for some time now, also offers other services such as interior design and furniture design. All of this under his personal style of artistic inspiration, especially in sculpture, but with a conceptual air marked by the contemporary. Thanks to 3D computer graphics, Joaquín Torres, like many other architects, is able to perfectly visualize all his projects and help his clients feel almost real what their home will be like.

Among his most outstanding projects, in addition to those already mentioned, are the Municipal Cultural Center in Getafe, Madrid, the Faculty Building for the University of La Coruña, the Wave Tower skyscraper project in Dubai, an Auditorium in Oman, Jordan, and a 21st century palace in Saudi Arabia. But what most identifies Joaquín Torres are his residential complexes, from Marbella to Kuwait, Quito, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and India.

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