Exterior Rendering

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Seeking Exterior Rendering Excellence

We are dedicated until the last second to make your projects a reality.
external rendering for projects of any size. For the Lobo Studio team the most important thing is that you trust in our hyper-realistic visualization capabilities to unleash our creativity and good work.

Communication as a Key Axis

We know the importance of a good communication
That is why we offer agile methodologies of direct communication with our clients without intermediaries.
We want to facilitate the production of any project no matter how difficult it may be. That's why we are always open to improve our internal processes day after day.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

The power of image has never been as important as it is now in the digital revolution. That is why we enhance your project in such a way that it stands out from the rest and captures the attention of your target audience.

Who is the Exterior Rendering Service for?

Mainly to developers and architects, but it can be very interesting for construction companies, municipalities or private companies that need to visualize new urban and construction projects or new extensions of private offices.

The importance of a good exterior rendering

  • Realistic image makes your project stand out from the rest
  • Get your customers to fall in love more easily in less time
  • A good execution in the treatment of facade materials shows exactly how the finished work or project will be.

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What importance do you give to a good representation of landscape, sky and materials in your exterior renderings?

You should attach great importance to it, because the more realistic the environment is in the exterior rendering, the easier it will be for the potential customer to be transported to this space and arouse his interest in your ad.

If you are not investing in renderings that show the exterior of your project realistically, you are just one more among your competitors, therefore, you are losing customers.

The desire to buy a home is very emotional and the more you convey in the exterior renderings of your ads, the more eyeballs you're going to capture. Which means: + interested + sales AND + fast

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exterior renderings
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The characteristics of a professional Exterior Rendering

A good exterior rendering is based on a hyper-realistic image of the architectural project to be worked on.

The execution must be perfectly adapted to the final characteristics of the building, adhering to the characteristics of the environment in which it is framed.

The power of the image

All this is thanks to the power and importance of image today. The image makes it easier to get your message and your product across faster and more effectively, allowing for a quicker and more direct connection with your potential customer.

In Lobo Studio we know the power of image and we apply it to the success of your real estate project.

We like to to deliver on our clients' projects with the best of our experience and our time. That's why Lobo Studio' s Exterior Renderings allow a hyper-realistic visualization loaded with creativity and visual attraction.

We apply all our professionalism and experience combined with the most modern computer technology at the service of 3D design.

We perform exterior rendering, 3D floor rendering, 360 rendering or interior rendering, all adapted to what our clients need.

What is an external rendering?

An exterior 3D architectural rendering is the process of creating a three-dimensional image of an architectural design that has not yet been built. The goal of 3D architectural rendering is to make it possible to visualize a realistic and near-true finished product of the exterior of a building or architectural design before construction begins.

The design of a 3D exterior rendering is one of the fundamental digital marketing tools for real estate companies, developers and leading architecture portals.

It allows a reliable recreation of all types of architectural projects and real estate designs. Always adjusting to what you want to show to potential customers, investors or buyers.

What is an external rendering for?

We know the importance of showing your architectural projects in different spaces of diffusion or points of sale. Whether to developers, investors or potential buyers. This is the purpose and objective of a quality exterior rendering. 

Exterior rendering in digital marketing

In recent years, exterior rendering has become one of the most important real estate and architectural marketing tools.

Because image is every day more important and fundamental in any communication and dissemination strategy. Both in public and private channels.

Exterior rendering as a sales weapon

It is also a very powerful sales weapon that allows you to bring your architectural project closer to your client.

In a highly competitive environment such as the real estate sector and the architectural sector in general, 3D Exterior Rendering becomes a way to easily surpass your rivals and position yourself ahead in the pre-sales phase.

The 3 most common mistakes in Exterior Renders

Here is a video from our YouTube channel so you can get a better idea of what your company needs.