Hidden doors: The trend in interior design

hidden doors


Hidden doors: The trend in interior design

The concept of concealed doors has become a trend in interior design, seeking to create diaphanous and continuous spaces. These doors, with no visible frame, offer a rigid and durable structure with customization options. Their simple assembly and advantages in resistance, acoustic and thermal insulation make them ideal for different types of walls. Their custom fabrication guarantees a perfect fit to the customer's needs.

Concept of concealed doors

Hidden doors are an innovative solution in interior design that seeks to create diaphanous and continuous environments. They are characterized by their frameless structure, providing a clean and minimalist look to any space. These flush doors offer an elegant and modern alternative for those looking for a unique touch of style in their home.

Characteristics of frameless doors

Frameless doors are a sleek, modern option for interior design, offering a clean, minimalist look. Their structure and composition, as well as their customization options, make them a versatile choice for any home.

Structure and composition

  • Leaf thickness of 40 mm and maximum height of 2030 mm.
  • Mounted on a concealed aluminum frame.
  • Available in push-pull version.
  • Honeycomb or chipboard filler.

Customization options

  • Mural painting, wallpapering or color lacquering.
  • Adjustable concealed hinges and magnetic latch.
  • Possibility of 2 or 3 hinges for opening up to 180º.

Assembly of concealed doors

Installation process

The installation process of concealed doors is simple and efficient. It requires fixing the aluminum frame to the wall and mounting the door leaf.

Necessary tools

  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Level
  • Tape measure

Advantages of flush doors

Strength and durability

Flush doors offer exceptional resistance to impact and scratches, making them a durable and long-lasting option.

Acoustic and thermal insulation

Thanks to their solid structure, flush doors provide a high level of acoustic and thermal insulation, keeping interior spaces comfortable and quiet.

Types of concealed doors

Doors with concealed hinges

Concealed hinged doors are an elegant and modern option to create open and continuous spaces. Their invisible hinge system provides a clean, minimalist look.

Invisible sliding doors

Invisible sliding doors are ideal for maximizing space indoors, especially in small spaces. Their frameless design brings modernity and functionality.

Applications in different types of walls

Concealed doors adapt to different types of walls, offering aesthetic and functional solutions for every environment. The applications in traditional masonry walls and plasterboard walls are detailed below:

Traditional masonry walls

  • Concealed doors are ideal for traditional masonry walls, offering seamless integration and a clean, minimalist look.
  • Its rigid and durable structure ensures a precise fit, adding a touch of elegance to any space.
  • The impact and scratch resistance of flush doors make them a durable and low-maintenance option for this type of wall.

Plasterboard walls

  • In plasterboard walls, frameless concealed doors offer a versatile and modern solution, adapting to contemporary designs.
  • The customization of the door leaf and frame allows a harmonious integration with the plasterboard wall, creating a uniform visual effect.
  • The high resistance of these doors to temperature and humidity changes makes them ideal for environments where good thermal and acoustic insulation is required.

Properties of flush doors

Flush doors have a series of properties that make them stand out in the market for their strength and elegance. The following are some of the most relevant characteristics:

Shock and scratch resistance

  • Flush doors are characterized by their high resistance to accidental impacts and scratches, maintaining their impeccable appearance over time.

Style and design in the home

  • With their rigid and durable structure, flush doors bring a touch of sophistication and modernity to any interior space, complementing different styles of decoration.

Customized manufacturing process

Concealed doors are custom manufactured to ensure a perfect fit to the customer's needs. High-quality materials are used in this customized process to ensure durability and strength. Below are the key aspects of custom fabrication of frameless doors:

Structure and composition

  • The concealed doors are built with a rigid and durable structure, with a 40 mm thick leaf and a maximum height of 2030 mm.
  • The door leaf can have a honeycomb or chipboard infill, depending on the version chosen.

Customization options

  • Both the door frame and the door leaf can be painted with mural paintings, wallpapered or lacquered in color, allowing total customization.
  • The doors can come with a choice of 2 or 3 hinges for an opening of up to 180º, adapting to the customer's preferences.

Necessary tools

  • For the custom fabrication of concealed doors, specialized tools such as cutters, sanders and high quality paints are required.
  • The expert handling of these tools guarantees a flawless finish and correct installation.

Leroy Merlin assembly experience

Leroy Merlin offers a complete assembly experience for frameless concealed doors, ensuring an efficient and quality process.

  • Qualified professionals
  • Personalized advice
  • Service warranty

With Leroy Merlin, the installation of flush doors becomes a simple and satisfactory process, providing peace of mind and confidence to customers.

Tips for choosing frameless doors

  • Consider the decorating style of your home to choose the color and finish of the door that best suits it.
  • Evaluate the space available for the door opening and select the most suitable type of concealed door: with concealed hinges or invisible sliding.
  • Verify the strength and durability of the frameless door, making sure it meets quality standards for prolonged use.
  • Consult a professional for advice on the customization options available, such as the type of door leaf infill.
  • Set a budget that fits your needs and look for flush door options that fit your price range.

Maintenance and care of concealed doors

To ensure the durability and good condition of concealed doors, it is essential to follow a proper maintenance and care plan. Below are the recommendations to be taken into account:

Cleaning and maintenance

  • Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean the door surface.
  • Avoid using abrasive products that may damage the door finish.
  • Dry the door with a dry cloth after cleaning to prevent moisture accumulation.

Periodic review

  • Perform regular inspections to detect possible scratches, dings or damage to the door.
  • Verify the correct operation of hinges and latches, adjusting them if necessary.
  • Apply lubricant to the hinges to ensure smooth and noise-free operation.

Proper maintenance of concealed doors ensures their optimal performance over time and preserves their aesthetic appearance, contributing to maintaining an elegant and well-kept interior environment.

3D visualizations of hidden doors

hidden doors hidden doors

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