How to design a timeless space

how to design a timeless space



If you are thinking of renovating a room, starting work on your new apartment or simply want to give your home a new look, you may have some very common doubts: what style should I choose? won't it be too daring?

This is a trend, but will it go out of fashion soon? And so you ask yourself an infinite number of questions that you never end up answering and you end up making the same mistakes as always: mixing styles without coherence, rooms without soul, colors and materials that have neither quality nor harmony... Well, the key is in one thing: to design a timeless space.

No, it is not impossible (even if you think so). You can take risks without fear in styles, decoration, materials, colors or textures, creating an environment that will not go out of style and will last as long as you want. All you have to do is follow the tips we are going to explain below and that's it.

The pool is yours, jump in! 


Our initial tip to teach you how to design a timeless space is to create a neutral base. And by this we don't mean going all white. It is about choosing the most voluminous and expensive furniture elements in natural tones and materials that allow us to easily adapt it to different styles and new trends over time. It would be something like a closet background to which we can add complements according to the type of event we are going to.

You should opt for versatility. That is, it is much easier to combine sofas or walls with base colors, such as stone, tan, sand or gray, and update the cushions, blankets or the rest of the decoration according to the trendy colors of the moment. The same goes for materials. It is preferable to choose woods, stones and natural fibers for floors or dining tables that provide simplicity and then give more elegant, daring or eclectic touches according to your tastes. 

Play with the contrast of new and old. You can keep a piece of furniture for many years and mix it with more contemporary details that make it more current. This way, you won't have to get rid of well-maintained furniture and you'll save a lot of time and money.


The second tip for you to know how to design a timeless space has to do with something as fundamental in a space as having character and personality.

The captivating thing about a place is to walk in and let the space speak for itself.

It doesn't matter if it's a house, a commercial space or your workplace. Make it a part of you. Mainly because you will feel more comfortable and relaxed knowing that there is a story behind it that speaks of your experiences, your experiences and your hobbies. 

The best thing to do is to look for inspiration. Look around you and think about what you can bring to the space of your personality. And don't be afraid to bend the rules.

You don't have to incorporate new trends into everything. You may have an armchair or some dining chairs that are from the house where you used to spend the summer when you were a child and, even if it doesn't have that sophisticated and modern air of now, it will be a good choice. Because they will have your style, your identity, your history.

It's about following the dynamic of keeping your style with new accessories that are more current.

Maybe those chairs or that old piece of furniture just need a coat of varnish, a new upholstery or to replace the handles. Do not try to choose things because "they are fashionable", the only thing you will get is that soon you will want to change them and you will enter a meaningless loop. Remember that the best design is the one with the most personality and character.


The third tip for you to know how to design a timeless space is to consider what colors and materials to choose when purchasing it. 

There are some colors and materials that fit better with all styles. Regarding shades, the most timeless colors are usually neutral. Black and white never fail. Black creates drama and elegance against the timeless white which is lighter and visually conveys spaciousness. Both go with everything. If you want more balanced tones, you can opt for gray, which is a modern, fresh and crisp color, or brown, an enduring classic.

Something similar happens with the materials. Try to choose natural materials that will not deteriorate over time or, if they do, the effect will be much more attractive.

For example, wood is the most natural material that exists and over the years can undergo aging, which makes it much more beautiful. In relation to the fabrics of sofas or other upholstery will depend a lot on your lifestyle. Leather is hypoallergenic and easier to clean, on the other hand, fabrics offer more variety of colors and are fresher.

By this we don't mean that you should give up that piece of furniture you've fallen in love with just because it's not blue or green. Always prioritize your personal style. That piece may become the focal point of the space.


The fourth type so you know how to design a timeless space also includes changes. Just as we evolve and set ourselves new challenges and purposes, the same thing happens with spaces.

We have already mentioned that the ideal is to choose a neutral base, but another key is to generate a multifunctional design. By this we mean the versatility with which we use spaces today.

For example, our living room is the living and relaxation area par excellence, but also where we increasingly also work, meet with family and friends, take a sports class or become the playroom for the little ones or the guest room.

Therefore, nowadays you can find furniture and storage elements with several functions. In this way, you can easily transform that room in your home that you use for more than one task. Closets that turn into a bed, footrests to store accessories or side tables that transform into dining tables.

Besides, we must admit that we used to be more square-minded. Wherever we placed a piece of furniture, that's where it stayed. And that habit has to be discarded.

Not because it is not trendy (although it is true), but because redistributing the furniture and decoration of your home will allow you to give it a fresh air without investing money or too much time.

It is about redesigning the space, giving a new functionality to furniture or other objects, bringing a renewed energy without losing your style. 

Have a vision for the future, you may want to change the layout of your home or business and what better way to do it than to think about it from the beginning. Furnishing a space in a multifunctional way will allow you to have a more flexible home. 


Last but not least, it is very important that you take into account the quality of the structural materials you use as well as the furniture or decoration. It is useless to choose a neutral wood tone for the floor, if over time you are forced to change it because of the poor quality. 

Always, always, always go for materials in good condition. Make sure you are not being sold a pig in a poke.

And they say: cheap is sometimes expensive. It is normal that the price of natural stone cladding has a higher price than imitation tiles. But you should think that you are overpaying. On the contrary, you are investing in quality and that is synonymous with investing in time.

The higher the quality of the material you choose, the longer it will take you to change it. And although this is quite consistent, sometimes, in the desire to follow the latest trends, we overlook quality. We can follow fashions and, at the same time, opt for a suitable genre.

Nowadays, there are a lot of furniture brands but not all of them offer the same characteristics. Think about what function you want to give to that furniture and what durability you need. Trust in firms that guarantee resistance over time.

That's all. I hope you liked our 5 tips for you to learn how to design a timeless space.

You only need to follow these tips to get a space that lasts over time without the fear of not being fashionable taking hold of you.

In Lobo Studio we follow this methodology to carry out our clients' projects.

In this way we can combine a modern space with quality materials and furniture while maintaining the style and personality of the client.

If you need to finish deciding the design of your space, you can choose to hire our interior design service with which we will customize your home or business as you imagine it and you can visualize it through our hyper-realistic renders.

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