Interior Renders

Have you noticed that all new developments look the same because of their interior design?

Are you tired of always seeing the same design in the interior renderings of your new developments?

If you're tired, imagine your potential customer... who only sees more of the same and can't find anything that clicks.

If you want to attract attention with your ads, you must offer something different from what the rest of your competitors are offering.


A refined and well-focused interior design will make the difference.


+ Interested

+ Sales

+ Speed

Lobo Studio as your interior rendering company

High quality rendering studios such as Lobo Studio, assure you a guaranteed execution of the work and a hyper-realistic quality in the contracted images.

In addition, Lobo Studio is now closer to you, thanks to our two locations in Barcelona and Madrid.

We work with architects, developers and interior designers nationally and internationally. With us you can achieve some of the best presentations, in terms of interior renderings of high visual quality and unbeatable value for money.

We have more than 7 years of experience in the field of renderings, which for a company in the digital sector, makes us one of the most experienced in the market. 

In addition, after all these years of work we can say that we have more than 950 satisfied customers and more than 5,000 images of interior renderings produced.

For us the most essential thing is to pay close attention to details, that's where we can bring out our full potential and distinguish ourselves from the rest.

Thanks to our free interior design service we will advise you to achieve images that will make your potential clients fall in love with the service. If you are not convinced by what we can do for you.

Ask us for a FREE sample and we will be happy to show you what we can do for your company...

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How to create an interior rendering in 30 seconds

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What do I need to make an interior rendering?

To start interior renderings we will only need you to send us plans with measurements, either a 2D or autocad, and detail materials and style of interior design you want.

What is the process of creating an interior rendering?

First, we create the volumetry of the scene by choosing the best point of view to enhance the room. Then, we apply materials and add decorative elements to give life to the scene. Then, we generate the most appropriate lighting and, finally, we render in high resolution and postproduce the image until we get a hyper-realistic render.

Will the interior rendering resemble reality?

Totally, we always work in detail with the best 3D rendering programs to achieve hyperrealism in all our infographics. In addition, we make sure to apply the specific materials in the quality memory so that it resembles with total realism.

Do you need interior design advice?

Don't worry, we do it for you. We are specialized in interior design and our team will make a custom interior design for your project.

What are the delivery times for an interior rendering?

Between 1 and 3 days, depending on several factors, such as the surface of the interior, the complexity of the structure or the definition of the interior design.

Will I be able to keep track of the interior renderings?

Of course, during the process we will give you several free previews of the 3D render so that together we can refine the infographics to achieve an optimal result. We include 2 free revisions for each contracted render.

interior renderings


The rates and costs in the 3d field, more specifically for interior renderings are completely variable.

This will depend on the quality, level of finishes, hyperrealism and software used for the execution of the render and in the 3D computer graphics sector there is diversity of prices and competition as in all sectors. In Lobo studio what we can assure you is that the quality-price relation that you hire is adjusted and that the delivery times that we have are really impressive.

In addition, our team of project managers will accompany you throughout the process and advise you so that you have the best possible experience in your marketing investment. Ask for a free quote in the form below.

Interior renderings: stand out from your competition

What are interior renderings

The interior rendering consists of a 3D model of the designed urban project. Thanks to various graphic design techniques, it allows the creation of a virtual model close to the real final result.

This makes it very easy to advance the pre-sale process and get ahead of the final execution of the project.

It allows a greater connection with the public in the sales phase and increases the conversion rates of any real estate business.

The interior renderings connect perfectly with the new technological changes to come, such as the incipient metaverse and human interaction in future immersive reality virtual worlds.

What you get with a good interior rendering

With an interior rendering, an almost identical design to the final urban planning project is achieved thanks to photorealism in combination with 3D design technology

Thanks to interior renderings it is not only possible to show the final result of the building and housing construction to the potential customer. It also makes it easier to show the actual final result by means of distance selling methods. 

With the advantage that the user experience is complete, allowing the user to interact with reality and move through space thanks to 360 videos and 3D images.

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Bring your project to life

An interior render also allows your design to come to life and connect much more with your audience. You can show details of decoration of the house you want to show. Almost to a level of personalization to each client so that they feel much closer to the home.

You can almost make her imagine already living in the house you are showing her. Imagine the rest of your family in it, your children playing in the rooms, cooking their favorite food or taking a shower in that great bathroom.

In short, it will not only allow you to increase the realism when showing the final design, but more important than that: you will be able to fill it with sensations and emotions, awakening its senses.

Differentiate yourself from your competition

The real estate world is increasingly competitive and demanding. That is why it is necessary to know how to differentiate yourself from the competition and stand out from all the options on the market if we want to surprise and impact our potential customers.

Interior renderings are that solution to adopt as soon as possible in order to become a real estate business that stands out and have a great chance of success.