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Ranking Top 10 decoration magazines in Spain

In recent times there are many amateurs and professionals in the Real Estate industry interested in the world of decoration. Even, we as a 3D visualization studio of architectural and interior design renderings must always be informed of the latest trends in decoration, if we want to make our projects look amazing. That's why we want to share a list of the 10 best decoration magazines nowadays: 


El Mueble magazine deals with many decoration topics and offers tricks to organize, ideas and real cases of houses and decorative style. They provide many tips that are very useful for decoration lovers. You can find two physical formats, one of them smaller, and the digital magazine. One of our favorite decoration magazines.


In Mi Casa you will find a wide variety of decorating ideas for all rooms and styles. In addition, they offer original tips and tricks that you can do it yourself and recommendations from other blogs. It highlights its functional and aesthetic content of all types of houses. Its readers are mainly women from 25 to 44 years old.


This magazine, with almost 30 years behind it, offers a wide variety of proposals and a selection of the best houses, apartments or villas with modern and luxurious style. This monthly publication is characterized by elegance, quality and prestige. Its readership is comprised of women between 25 and 44 years of age.  


This magazine from RBA is aimed at any lover of architecture, interior design and design. It is a monthly publication that deals with spaces with eco-friendly and very attractive proposals. It also presents trends and prestigious artists or architects of the moment.

AD Magazine

AD Architectural Digest is a prestigious magazine about interior design, architecture, art and design, especially vintage style and antiques that surprises with a high level of photographs of the best houses in the world. It is characterized by its quality and vanguardism. It also adds other sections on culture, shopping and travel. Available monthly in digital and physical format.


It is a magazine where you can find ideas and trends in interior decoration. It is divided into three different sections: trends, houses and practical proposals. In addition to the paper format, there is the possibility of a digital subscription from its website. 


Elle Decor is one of the most widely read magazines for home decor lovers. It shows inspirational spaces, the latest trends in interior design, design, art and decoration. In addition, it brings us closer to artists and decorators in the industry and their ways of life. This monthly magazine is aimed at an upper and upper-middle class audience between 24 and 40 years old.


This magazine is a very complete decoration publication based on a more rustic style of houses. It not only exposes interior design ideas but also gives varied advice about country houses such as garden ideas, rustic trends or furniture restoration.


It is a magazine of MC editions in which we can find topics of interior design and contemporary design. Casa Viva presents a careful graphic design and layout, as well as excellent photography in different reports of contemporary interior design in Spain. One of our favorite decoration magazines.


Casa Diez is a monthly magazine decoration dynamic, current and with many decorating ideas. Discover secrets and practical tricks for different sections of the home and even crafts for children or beauty items. Readers also show spaces decorated by them and send the pictures to the magazine. You can enjoy the digital format, in addition to purchasing the CocinaDiez magazine physically or together. 

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