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3 Key marketing strategies for architects

No one should be surprised, no matter how little they know the sector, that the world of architecture is highly related to the amount of homes and businesses under construction. That is, the work of an architect or architectural firm will always depend on the demand for building at that time.

But while it is true, in Spain the architecture industry is very fragmented because there are few companies with a large economy in the sector and most are small studios.

Therefore, although it may seem otherwise, this represents a great opportunity for your development as an architect, because although there is a large volume of competition, most of these competitors have a weak quality that is not a threat.

3 Key marketing strategies for architects

For this reason, from Lobo Studio we want to recommend the most effective marketing strategies for architects so that you can promote your studio and the lack of projects is not a problem:


Surely you have gone through a process of promotion for your studio or offering your services as an architect, either through social networks, paid press or mail. And it is also very likely that you did not get a response or that the results were not what you expected.

Well, most of the time people tend to think that you can't advertise well for architects and have wasted money. But this is not true. The problem in how to execute these 3 Key Marketing Strategies for Architects that we are going to explain to you.

When we advertise, in this or any other sector, we all have the same goal: to sell, whether it is a service, a contract or a product. We focus so much on this goal that we forget a large percentage of our target audience.

That is to say, if the message we transmit is focused on getting them to hire us, we will only be addressing that client who is already planning to obtain an architectural service, but we will be leaving 97% of our buyers by the wayside.

This concept is developed in the so-called "Sales Funnel", which is the way a company divides its customers according to the sales stage in which they are and, thus, be able to design a marketing strategy to meet their objectives. Your target according to the purchase stage will be divided as follows:

  • Active Buyersrepresent 3% of the total. They have a need, are looking for different options and want to hire in a short period of time.
  • Customers with purchase intentionrepresent 7%. They are open to contracting services but are not looking for options. An advertising campaign or call may awaken their interest.
  • Buyers with purchasing needsrepresent 30% of the total. They need the services but compromise because they have other priorities.
  • No purchase necessaryrepresent 30%. They do not require your services and are not receptive.
  • No interest in the companyrepresent 30%. They have other options, bad experiences or simply, they are loyal to other companies and, therefore, are not interested in your services.

Therefore, it is important that you know how to differentiate the two types of customers you are interested in developing your marketing: those who need your services now or those who will need them later. To carry out your strategic plan, we advise you to focus on the latter, who make up 90% of your real customers.


For all those buyers who are not yet interested in your architectural firm, you should think about content marketing, that is, a type of marketing focused on creating valuable content that is relevant and coherent to attract a defined audience.

To do this, it is not only about topics about your company or the services you provide, but also about creating non-commercial content that is useful and profitable for your target, such as educational content, or about real cases about your services. Some content ideas that you can implement are:

  • BlogsYou can choose to integrate them into your website or make educational publications about the architecture sector with key words to obtain a high volume of visits.
  • Downloadable resourcesfrom your website you can add valuable pieces of content in exchange for the customer's email address, for example. This way you can establish a relationship with the user until they become your customer.
  • Printed guideDesigning a physical publication with information about your architectural firm or your services can be very useful in a presentation or an event, such as a trade show or a convention.


Undoubtedly, social networks have become a common use in our daily lives. They are also a fantastic marketing tool to promote your company.

Without forgetting to create good content about your architectural firm for your target audience present in social networks, these publications will generate much more visibility, faster and at a low cost.

Your target audience present in social networks will be able to share your posts, give them likes or generate traffic to your website in a simple way.

It is important that in this process you take into account that your potential customers are part of these social networks and that the techniques you use are in accordance with the platform in question.

For example, if you produce content in images, Instagram can be a good option or, if on the other hand, you want to share third-party content, you can opt for Facebook or Lindekin.

To successfully leverage your social networks it is important that:

  • Your communication language should be in line with that of social networks: fun, natural and positive, in order to connect with your audience.
  • Transmit proximity and humanize your company, that is, show content about the daily life of your studio or put a face to the people who make it up.
  • Share audiovisual content of your projects. In social networks, visual publications are much more striking and in the case of architecture, it is more attractive to present finished works in this way. For example, you can take advantage of your architectural renderings to publish them on your profile.
  • Make use of paid advertising on social networks to reach your visibility or increase your number of followers. In this way, you will be able to segment your offer according to the tastes and interests of your potential customers.

So much for this article we have eagerly prepared for you on the 3 key marketing strategies for architects.

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