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We welcome you to another article on our wolfer blog about modern bathroom trends 2023. 

As you know we like to be up to date with the latest news in decoration and interior design of our home. And how could it be less, we want to share with you the latest trends in bathrooms that triumph this 2023. 


If there is one rule that our modern bathroom must comply with, it is the use of clean lines in spaces that are functional and comfortable. Remember that modern bathrooms have become a place to relax. If you are looking for the ideal design, go for simplicity and visual amplitude. It is not about gaining more space but to achieve order and a touch of minimalism.

To do this, we propose to mimic the spaces. Increasingly we tend to unite the bathroom with the bedroom and, sometimes, they share the same atmosphere and finishes.

A great example of this is the wood flooring also in bathrooms. We will be able to merge these two spaces in addition to providing warmth, both by the touch and the tone. 


Not only do we see it in floors but this year it is also used in wall coverings, countertops and furniture. Its combination with other materials such as stainless steel makes our bathroom has an innovative and classy design.

The use of wood goes hand in hand with rustic trends and the industrial style that will dominate the most modern bathrooms in 2023. In addition to creating a more intimate and natural atmosphere, we tend to mix modern and organic elements, such as glass and wood. 

Modern bathrooms 2023
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modern bathrooms
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Following the field of materials, we cannot forget about ceramics. As we have already announced in other videos, this year is marked by the return of marble. In modern bathrooms, the large format in white and gray tones will be the protagonist. As well as natural stones, which thanks to its finish give that luxurious and elegant touch on floors and walls. 

But if you thought that bathrooms could only be covered with tiles, this year has come to put an end to that. It is increasingly common to use paint in bathrooms but if what you want is to bring a chic air to the toilet area, wallpaper is your thing. Hundreds of designs that sweep especially with vinyl wallpaper, which protects against moisture. 

Another of the most powerful features of this year is the use of black. As you already know, this color has become a trend in recent times. And although it may seem forbidden, it shows us that color is not incompatible with hygiene. Details in accessories such as gold and silver faucets, especially in polished finish, bring the right elegance to our bathroom.

In addition, this color combines perfectly with metals in very minimalist details to highlight these pieces within the environment. A trend that is gaining more and more prominence in our bathrooms. 

But none of this would make sense if we do not take into account the fundamental pieces of a bathroom. This year the most sophisticated and attractive designs of washbasins predominate, we can find a great variety of shapes, sizes or positions. But undoubtedly, double sinks come stomping strong, if you have the necessary space bet on this version that provides functionality and comfort.

Another of the most desirable requirements is a spacious shower. Today, there are showers of all kinds where we can relax and make life much easier in smaller modern bathrooms.

This does not have to be an inconvenience. Showers can incorporate accessories with sophisticated and luxurious designs such as hydromassage columns. 

If, on the other hand, you are more of a bath time person and you have a large space where you can install a good bathtub, do not hesitate. The most modern designs or with a more vintage air will make the bathtub the protagonist of your bathroom.

The importance of accessories and props

Finally, we did not want to overlook the importance of accessories and decoration in the toilet areas. Large mirrors with different geometric shapes and chrome details; towel racks, towel holders or design radiators that will not go unnoticed; even indoor plants that are integrated into the bathroom giving vitality and nature to the space. 

And the same as in kitchens, in bathrooms we can also incorporate shelves with decorative elements, such as towels, baskets or vases that will make your bathroom a space to enhance. 

Remember that the care and image of the toilet area is the order of the day and is one of the most important spaces at home. We hope that with these tips you can achieve the personality and design you are looking for. 

So much for our guide to the latest trends for modern bathrooms this 2020. If you liked it don't forget to let us know and if you want to stay up to date with our tips, subscribe to learn more.

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