Discover the benefits of 3D infoarchitecture for your architectural projects

3D infoarchitecture is a growing technique that allows to represent architectural projects realistically in three dimensions. With high photographic quality and realism in 3D renderings, it offers the opportunity to visualize and test the behavior of architectural structures before their final construction.

In addition, thanks to its efficient work methodology, 3D infoarchitecture provides adjusted costs and savings in resources and time. It also offers services such as the creation of computer graphics, project delineation and advice on construction solutions. In Spain, there are training options and leading companies in this field. In addition, specialized platforms and resources are available.

Advantages of 3D infoarchitecture


Photographic quality and realism in 3D renderings

3D infoarchitecture offers the possibility of representing architectural projects with an exceptional photographic quality. 3D renderings allow the creation of images with a high level of detail and realism, making the representations almost indistinguishable from real photographs. This gives architects and clients the opportunity to visualize the project in an accurate and detailed way before its execution.

3D visualization of architectural projects

One of the main advantages of 3D infoarchitecture is its ability to offer a three-dimensional visualization of architectural projects. This makes it possible to appreciate the shape, volume and details of the building from different angles, providing a more realistic and complete perspective. Thanks to this three-dimensional visualization, possible improvements, adjustments or necessary changes to the design can be identified before construction begins.

Verification of the performance of the architectural entity prior to construction.

Another key advantage of 3D infoarchitecture is the ability to test the behavior of the architectural entity prior to construction. Through virtual simulations, analysis and testing, aspects such as circulation, lighting, ventilation and interaction with the environment can be evaluated. This allows the identification of potential problems or limitations of the project, facilitating informed decision making and minimizing risks in early stages of the construction process.

3D infoarchitecture cost and efficiency

3D infoarchitecture offers numerous advantages in terms of cost and efficiency, making it an affordable and efficient option for the visual representation of architectural projects. The following subsections detailing the economic advantages and efficiency of this technique will be explored in the following subsections:

Saving resources and time in 3D computer graphics

3D computer graphics can significantly reduce costs compared to other architectural rendering techniques. Thanks to the accuracy of 3D modeling, modifications and unpleasant surprises are avoided during the construction process, saving time and money. In addition, by being able to visualize the project in three dimensions before construction, possible errors are minimized and planning is optimized, resulting in cost savings.

Working methodology for efficient projects and tight costs

The methodology used in 3D infoarchitecture guarantees efficient project management, minimizing unforeseen events and optimizing available resources. Thanks to the versatility of this technique, it is possible to cover any type of project effectively, regardless of its complexity or scale.

Likewise, the accuracy of the 3D modeling plays a fundamental role in the success of the subsequent construction, avoiding costly errors and modifications. The costs of a 3D computer graphics are adjusted, since the work structure is used to the maximum, optimizing the resources and time invested in the project.

Services offered in 3D infoarchitecture


Creation of infographics of construction processes and systems.

In the field of 3D infoarchitecture, the service of creating detailed infographics of construction processes and systems is provided. By means of visual representations in three dimensions, it is possible to show clearly and precisely how the different construction processes and systems involved are carried out. These infographics allow clients to better understand the development of projects and assess their feasibility.

3D visualization of projects prior to construction

One of the main services offered in 3D infoarchitecture is the 3D visualization of architectural projects prior to construction. This provides the possibility to explore and virtually walk through the spaces, analyze the interior and exterior design, and make modifications according to the client's needs and preferences.

3D visualization makes it possible to anticipate how the finished project will look, facilitating decision making and minimizing the risks of modifications during the construction process.

Project delineation and advice on constructive solutions

3D infoarchitecture also includes project delineation services, where technical and detailed plans of the architectural structures are elaborated. This is essential tohave an accurate basis and a visual reference in the development of the works.

In addition, we provide advice on construction solutions, offering alternatives and optimizing efficiency in the construction process. The experience and knowledge of the team of professionals specialized in infoarchitecture guarantees the successful execution of the projects.

3D infoarchitecture training

If you are interested in acquiring knowledge in 3D infoarchitecture, there are several training options in Spain that will allow you to develop the necessary skills to excel in this field. Below are some of the options available:

Training options in Spain

In Spain, you can find a wide variety of institutions and educational centers that offer studies and certifications in 3D infoarchitecture. These options include:

  • Centro de Estudios de Innovación (CEI): The CEI offers university studies, higher vocational training degrees, intensive courses, weekend studies and online studies, among others. In addition, they have recognized and approved certifications, and provide access to employment exchanges with written job guarantees.
  • Elizalde AcademyThis academy offers a specific course called '3D INFOARCHITECTURE - 3DS MAX AND V-RAY', which is taught both in person and online. The groups are small, with a maximum of 10 students, which allows for a more personalized attention. In addition, the academy also offers other related courses such as Autodesk - AUTOCAD, Revit Advanced Families, Photoshop and Revit Advanced Installations_MEP.


Outstanding companies in 3D infoarchitecture



Examples of projects carried out in Spain

In Spain, several companies have excelled in the field of 3D infoarchitecture, providing high quality services and carrying out outstanding projects in different areas. Some examples of projects include:

  • 3D animation of solar parks
  • Infographics and videos for real estate promotion
  • Design of villas and single-family houses

Lobo Studio
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Employment opportunities and job boards

In the 3D infoarchitecture sector in Spain, there are several job opportunities and job boards that facilitate the connection between professionals and companies.

Specifically in Lobo Studio we are always looking for new talents to join the team, so if you are interested, do not hesitate to send us your portfolio to our email

These platforms and resources are an excellent option for those interested in finding employment or establishing connections in the field of 3D infoarchitecture in Spain.