3D Plans New construction / Visualize the different types of housing for your residential or office project.

The 3d floor plans are the perfect service to complement the high quality renderings for new construction promotions.

They allow us to visualize in a clear, fast and safe way how is the distribution of the house that the final customer wants to buy.

Thanks to the 3D floor plans, you will make new home buyers feel much more confident in the purchase of a home.

High quality renderings allow you to attract customers faster, but if you complement them with our 3D plans you will be able to personalize the sales experience by showing all the typologies of the project in an individualized way.

The more sales tools you have at your disposal, the more likely you are to accelerate the sales of your real estate development.

3D floor plans are versatile and visually appealing tools that allow you to create and customize different projects. From homes and interiors to bathrooms and kitchens, these plans offer the ability to visualize layouts, add elements and customize materials.

They are also ideal for architectural projects, as they allow you to generate realistic views and renderings, including exterior elements and landscaping. Discover how 3D plans can facilitate the creation and visualization of your projects.

3D house plans

3D house plans offer an innovative way to create and visualize architectural projects. With this tool, it is possible to design 3D floor plans, allowing for a greater understanding and appreciation of the layout and design of the home.

Create 3D floor plans

The creation of 3D floor plans provides the ability to visualize spaces more accurately and realistically. Thanks to tools such as Cedreo and Planner 5D, users can model terrain, draw walls and partitions, and add details such as doors and windows. This makes it easier to view spaces from different angles and perspectives.

3D interior design

With Lobo Studio's 3D Floor Plan design tools it is possible to create customized and visually appealing interiors. These tools offer a wide range of options for adding furniture, décor and accessories to spaces. They also allow you to modify colors, patterns and materials, giving you the ability to experiment with different styles and environments.

Customize with furniture and decoration

One of the advantages of 3D floor plans is the ability to customize them with furniture and decor. Cedreo, for example, offers an extensive library of furniture and decorative elements that can be easily added to the design. This allows you to show clients how the space will look once furnished, and assists them in making decisions about styles and layout.

3D Bathroom Plans

3D bathroom plans are an essential tool for the design and visualization of detailed projects. With the ability to design bathrooms in 3D, you can create customized layouts and visualize different elements and decorative elements with great realism.

3D Bathroom Design

By using specialized software, it is possible to design bathrooms in 3D Plans efficiently and accurately. This includes the layout of the main elements, such as sinks, toilets, showers and bathtubs, as well as the layout of fixtures and storage furniture. The 3D design allows detailed visualization to evaluate different options and make informed decisions.

Display layouts and elements

With 3D bathroom floor plans, it is possible to visualize layouts and elements with great clarity. This includes the location of doors and windows, the arrangement of plumbing fixtures and the layout of the available space. In addition, modifications and adjustments can be made quickly to find the optimal layout and achieve a functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

Adding coatings and accessories

3D bathroom plans also allow you to add wall coverings and accessories for a complete and realistic design. It is possible to experiment with different tile options, paint colors, flooring types, lighting and decorative accessories. This variety of possibilities allows you to visualize the final result and make informed decisions about the materials and elements to be used in the bathroom.

3D Kitchen Plans

Create 3D kitchen designs

With the help of 3D floor plans, it is possible to create detailed and realistic kitchen layouts. These tools allow you to model the layout of the kitchen, including the location of appliances, sinks, storage areas and work zones. The 3D plans provide a visual perspective that makes it easier to visualize and plan the kitchen, allowing you to adjust the layout to maximize the available space.

3d Plans


Explore layout and furniture options

3D kitchen plans also offer the possibility to explore different layout and furniture options. It is possible to test different configurations of cabinets, islands, countertops and appliances to find the most functional and aesthetic layout. In addition, these tools offer a wide range of furniture elements and accessories to customize the kitchen according to the user's tastes and needs.

Customize materials and colors

Customization of materials and colors is another advantage of 3D kitchen plans. These tools allow you to change the materials of furniture, countertops and flooring, as well as experiment with different color palettes to achieve the desired aesthetic. It is also possible to add details such as tiles, lighting and faucets to add a special touch to the kitchen design.

3D plans for architectural projects

3D drawings are fundamental tools for the visualization and presentation of architectural projects. They allow to show in a realistic and detailed way how the final design of a construction will look like, facilitating the understanding and evaluation of each aspect of the project.

Visualize projects in 3D

Through 3D visualization, it is possible to explore every corner of the architectural project from different angles and perspectives. This functionality provides an immersive experience, allowing professionals and clients to appreciate in detail the distribution of spaces, the relationship between rooms and the integration with the environment.

Generate realistic views and renderings

With 3D drawings, it is possible to generate high-quality views and renderings that accurately reflect the final appearance of the project. These realistic images, with details such as lighting, textures and materials, are ideal for presentations, marketing and effective visual communication.

Adding exterior elements and landscaping

In addition to visualizing the interior of the architectural project, 3D plans also allow the incorporation of exterior elements and landscaping. Details such as gardens, swimming pools, terraces and recreation areas can be added, providing a complete view of the whole and how it integrates with the surroundings.