High quality Mallorca renderings

Interior Design Style: Modern Rustic

Design and project : DurietzDesign

Renders Mallorca: @Lobo_studio_vr

Inspo: Architecture & Design Magazine


inspiration renders mallorcao Collage inspiration taken from the February 2022 issue of Architecture & Design magazine.


Renderings Mallorca Render Living ® LOBO STUDIO

Renderings Mallorca Render living detail ® LOBO STUDIO


Renderings Mallorca Rendering dining room ® LOBO STUDIO


Renderings Mallorca Render kitchen ® LOBO STUDIO


Renderings Mallorca Render dining room detail ® LOBO STUDIO


renders Render kitchen detail ® LOBO STUDIO

This beautiful house is Camp Roig 31 by Durietz Design & Development in the municipality of Alaró. This crop and meat retreat house has a great history behind it, as it was previously used as a hostel before being restored to its original state with charming antique details that have been maintained even after renovation work was carried out on them.

Durietz, a five bedroom, 3 bath family home in the heart of La Jolla's private school district. This magnificent residence features an office space that can be used for entertaining guests or recording meetings; plenty of outdoor dining areas, including one on its beautiful infinity edge terrace by the pool, the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee while taking in the views of San Diego Bay! There are three indoor living rooms where you'll find more than enough furniture to keep everyone comfortable during visits from friends who also want some alone time (including their own spa),

Cocinart is the longest-lived and most popular brand of Espacio Group. A solid walnut wood with oiled finish has been chosen for all the furniture; it is perfect to highlight the kitchen category of this house! The countertop is natural travertine that embellishes the central island of your kitchen, giving it the prominence it deserves for its prominence in the setting. For the appliances, we recommend German manufacturer Miele because they are known quality products that will last long enough and look good today, but also 15 years from now.

Working on this Durietz project having done this production of renders mallorca has been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to see the final result, as it all started as a simple challenge that ended up being inspiration in every way.