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The housing project, located in an environment of privilege and beauty, arises from its placement at the top. The house has been designed so as not to interrupt the landscape features or the view of passers-by.

A steeply sloping plot descending to the east is supported by a main support set at a 45-degree angle uphill to face south to take in the views over the hillsides beyond;

A single-story house built on a sloping platform supports this structure; it rests on a single pillar set high overlooking the mountainside.


What kind of architecture does Fran Silvestre design?

The designs of this architectural firm are very different from their contemporaries. Fran Silvestre's structural boldness, floating boards and transparent walls, as well as self-referential surface materials, give them an almost futuristic quality that does not look forced but rather enjoys their simplicity effortlessly.

These forms maintain some links to Swiss architects Peter Zumthor (although he himself does not work here) and the influential example of Alberto Campo Baeza in Madrid; however, what distinguishes our project is how we combine these influences into a cohesive whole through subtlety rather than grandiloquence or chaotic ruin.


How did the architectural firm of fran silvestre arquitectos start?

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos was born in Valencia (Spain) at the end of 1989.

In the beginning it was just one person, Fran Silvestre. He studied Architecture and Urbanism at ÉTSArquitectura Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Polytechnic University of Valencia), where he received a Magna Cum Laude for his thesis. He is currently a doctoral candidate at the same university, and a scholarship holder of the Generalitat Valenciana to complete his studies.

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos has been working as an architect since 2006 on numerous projects throughout Spain, Europe and America. In 2008 he joined the Spanish Association of Architecture Offices (ASCER) and in 2010 the European Group of Architecture Offices (Europaeu). In Valencia, he was a member of the Valencian Association of Interior Architecture from 2007 to 2011.

In 2013 he opened his own architecture office in Valencia with architectural firm license for Design, Projects and Housing Constructions. In 2017 he opened a new office in Madrid with the same work profile.

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos has been awarded several national and international awards [names of awards to be added]. In 2013 he was awarded by the College of Engineers of Valencia with a prize for sustainable architecture. In 2015 he received 2nd place in the European competition for ideas to improve the quality of life through design awards organized by EXPOKAL and Europaeu, with his project "Kaleidoscope City".