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We revolutionized the online sales and Ecommerce sector with the new realistic 3D product configurator.

Renderings for online store product configurators

Digital sales through an online store or ecommerce is becoming more and more important every day. Online sales are on the rise and have been accentuated since the pandemic. Overcoming competition with an online store will allow you to increase sales with less effort. With Lobo Studio and our ecommerce renders for product configurators in online stores your business will stand out on the internet.

It has infinite applications in different sectors from automotive, through real estate to the sale of any online product that has the option to be customized or have different finishes.

Our competitive advantages:

High quality and realism in the visualization of your product in 3D renderings.

Easily integrated into any web site you own

✓ UX friendly and responsive web platform for any device.

You can see another example for Real Estate of our configurator in this link.

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3D Renders for Ecommerce

Because it is no longer enough with an ecommerce in which you show a flat two-dimensional photo of your products. This type of content is already outdated in digital environments.

What an updated online store set up for success needs is a simple, user-friendly sales interface where your potential customers can interact as much as possible and find all the details in a few seconds.

A product configurator allows the user to view the items for sale from the angle and in the detail they want at any time. Applying a 3D rendering in the product configurator of your digital store will make your customer experience as complete as in a real sale.

Product renderings

It all starts with a good product rendering. A hyper-realistic 3D image of your products will allow your customers to move the product, view it from any angle or zoom in for a closer look.

This will increase the conversion rates in your online store and the sales of your business. Thanks to the fact that your customer will perceive the product in a complete way. In an almost 100% sensory way and creating a greater connection with your product.

Placing a render of each product in your online store allows your customer to configure the sales process and customize it to suit their preferences. Applying product renders to your entire sales catalog will make you sell more and reduce claims for returns.

Using 3D product renders for each of the objects you sell in the product configurator is especially recommended in the case of items with different colors, sizes or sizes. This way, whoever visits your online store will be able to easily find what they are looking for and imagine having it in their hands. In one word: WANT IT.

3D renderings for online stores

Because even though we use the Internet more and more every day to shop, we want the experience to be as close as possible to a real shopping process.

Maybe you remember some of the first online stores where you shopped years ago. Many of them didn't even have a picture of the products, just a text and description. Did you trust that kind of stores?

You probably found it difficult to shop in stores like this and preferred to go to those where there were images and more complete information.

Times evolve and nowadays the quality level of digital ecommerce has improved a lot. And so have the demands of online shoppers.

Advantages of 3D renderings for online stores

We have already explained some of the main advantages of implementing ecommerce renders in your online store and how much you will improve with it. But we want you to take into account all the possible benefits of using this advanced technology in the field of online sales.

You increase your customer's interaction with the product.

By means of a 3D rendering you get your customer to interact with the product. This is essential to create an emotional connection. Nowadays you only convert your customer and make the sale if you stimulate their senses and make them "fall in love" with what you are selling.

You get a clearer and more intuitive navigation in your online store.

Your customer will have no doubts about where to click in your online store to get more information about your product. The image attracts them and makes them fall in love with your product at the first moment. This enhances their desire and their well-being to find everything they need easily.

Improve your brand image.

An online store with product renders in your catalog configurator gives an image of professionalism, modernity and that your company is at the forefront of technology. The branding of your brand improves and you know that this increases the conversion of customers and enhances that your online store is shared among their contacts.

You bring time of visit to your online store.

Let's not fool ourselves, an online store where you can move the product at will, rotate it, consult the same model in other colors, etc, is almost a fun game for the customer. Especially in sectors such as fashion, home sales, dealerships and many more this makes the usability experience more complete and also fun.

This makes the time spent by each customer in the online store increase enough to make the connection with your brand even greater, in addition to favoring you in search engine results such as Google.

Greater concreteness in purchases.

If your customer can see the product in detail before buying it, this greatly reduces claims, complaints about wrong items and returns. Why does this happen? Many times the customer who buys in an online store has not seen well what he is buying. When they receive it at home they feel disappointed, it is not what they expected. A 3D render practically eliminates this possibility of disappointment of your customer with the consequent dissatisfaction and possible return. Or worse: they may never buy from your store again.

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LoboStudio is a company specialized in 3D renders and we have installed it in numerous online stores of any sector.

That's why we understand the essential features that the 3D view of your products should have:

  • We offer high quality renderings.
  • Realism in the visualization of your products.
  • Format that facilitates its integration into any type of website.
  • Renders ready to be viewed on any device with responsive design.
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