Project duration: 3 days.

We design your customized real estate commercial dossier.

We made this commercial dossier for Cano & Pujol, one of the best real estate agencies in Sant Cugat del Vallés.
We designed it in such a way that apart from having a physical catalog, their clients can also consult it through an interactive online catalog.

Commercial dossier for real estate agencies

The commercial dossier has wide-ranging benefits for both the developer and the end customer.

The end customer is always looking for a physical or digital support in which to find key information about the project or to be able to show their acquaintances and relatives the property they are about to buy so that they can give them their opinion about it.

So it will be a differentiating point with respect to your competitors if you hire a commercial dossier for your real estate development.

If you are a developer and I recommend you to read the last post we have published about real estate marketing.

Commercial dossier for real estate agencies

Having a commercial real estate dossier nowadays becomes a great opportunity for your housing business.

Having this type of document as part of your business marketing strategy will help you to show any type of property for sale or rent in a visual, attractive and reliable way.

Buying a home is not an easy task.

It takes a lot of information, time and consultation to assess whether the chosen property is ideal.

However, if you have a complete dossier indicating all the characteristics of the property with images, texts and all the complete information of the property, you will make potential buyers see transparency and bet on your business.

Real estate marketing

Real estate marketing is the marketing process by which the promotion of real estate properties, such as homes and commercial buildings, is produced.

This type of action does not only consist of posting a few photos on social networks or publishing a generic advertisement.

It is about finding buyers and sellers, and then establishing productive relationships with them using specific strategies.

For this reason, your real estate agency should make use of dossiers to capture all the attention of the clients and facilitate their decisions as much as possible.

8 Reasons why you should hire a commercial dossier

There are many reasons why you should have a commercial real estate dossier in your business.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the marketing strategies that generates the most interest among buyers, but it is not only part of a strategy, it is also a value-added tool that is highly sought after by all those interested in acquiring properties.

Therefore, we will show you roughly what are all the advantages of having a real estate commercial dossier on your website.

Time savings

Although a real estate dossier takes time and work, it should be seen as an investment, since it is only done once, but it is shown on many occasions.

Therefore, you will save time in the short, medium and long term.

Designs to fall in love with

Explain to us the concept and values you want to transmit with your project and we will advise you on the design you will have to make to make your target audience fall in love with it.

Lead magnet Strategy

Digital catalogs can be used as lead magnets to attract potential buyers of your project and offer them your pdf in exchange for their contact information.

Transparency and Clarity

A complete document with all the characteristics of the property will give confidence to people interested in the property.

And we already know that trust is a great basis for making sales.

Differentiating Aspect

Presenting images alone without any branding or explanatory support that highlights key aspects of your project gives a bad image.

Digital / Physical

You can use it in pdf format for your website or you can take it to a printer and offer it at a physical point of sale.

Increased sales

It is clear that a good work done in a real estate commercial dossier will increase your sales.

And this is because you will highlight all the qualities of the property, but without skimping on all the necessary information so that your client realizes that what you are offering is just what he needs.


It is indisputable that a good presentation attracts more attention and is more professional.

Therefore, if you want to attract owners in the best way, take care of the presentation letter of each property and you will see great results.

In conclusion, if you want to increase sales, you need a commercial real estate dossier that will help you give your potential clients everything they need.

"Good professionals with spectacular work in their Renders. Highly recommended to work with them, great customer service. I recommend them 100%. Keep up the excellent work!"

Edgar Donaire
Real Estate Broker

"Very professional, efficient and quality service. They pay a lot of attention to detail and in addition to the technical ability to generate renderings, they have a background in decorating and interior design so you won't go wrong with them. Totally recommended."

Fernando Rols

"Good quality, attentive and fast working."


"Lobo Studio has marked a before and after in the marketing of renovation and new construction projects in our real estate agency, it brings us constant innovation and clients congratulate us day after day thanks to the added value it brings thanks to its visual tools."

Xavi D
Investor and developer

"It was a pleasure to work with Lobo's team with tangible and fast results in my architectural office. They were attentive, serious, efficient and fast in the timings."

Sergi Pons

"The experience with LOBO for the realization of some renders of a high standing house of both the exterior and the interiors and the virtual reality tools that they provided us has been very good, professional and highly satisfactory adjusting at all times to what was discussed and agreed."



The spearhead to accelerate sales and to be able to present the previously made renderings in an active way.