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Restaurant Renders - Tokyo Fusion Table

Restaurant rendering company

Integral project of restaurant renderings and interior design for Hospitality

In Lobo Studio, we have had the privilege to produce a complete package of renderings, interior design and 3d animation for this restaurant.

In the heart of the city, emerges "Tokyo Fusion Table", a restaurant that offers a unique culinary experience, fusing traditional Japanese cuisine with modern and contemporary touches. 

4-in-1 digital pack

This project seeks to transcend in the field of gastronomy through an innovative interior design, supported by state-of-the-art 3D visualizations.

Hyperrealistic Renders

From fiction to reality. All renderings worked and delivered are designed to attract eyes and open mouths.

interior design

From the concept to the last rendering. Everything thought and designed for 1 single idea: A luxury restaurant that leaves you speechless.

Design concept

By working with Lobo Studio, you not only receive our service but also our experience and advice on how to attract more clients.

3d Animation

We take the communication of a project to the next level through emotions.

Design concept:

The concept behind Tokyo Fusion Table focuses on harmonizing classic Japanese elements with avant-garde trends.

The interior design reflects this fusion through the use of clean lines, open spaces, and a color palette that combines serene tones with vibrant accents.

3D visualization:

3D visualization technology plays a crucial role in this project. Through realistic renderings, we were able to experiment with different space, lighting, and furniture configurations before implementation.

This not only optimizes the design process, but also allows stakeholders to visualize the final result in a detailed and accurate manner.

Interior design:

The interior design of Tokyo Fusion Table is a testament to elegance and modernity. Every element, from the seating to the lighting, has been carefully selected to create an atmosphere that envelops diners in an immersive dining experience.

Textures and materials reflect quality and sophistication, while artistic details add a distinctive touch that pays homage to Japanese culture.

Space Interaction:
One of the great advantages of renderings is their ability to show how customers interact with the space. In our renderings for 'Tokyo Fusion Table', realistic scenes of diners enjoying their meals are depicted, which helps to better understand the restaurant dynamics and optimize the user experience.


Tokyo Fusion Table is not just a restaurant, it is a culinary and visual work of art. With an interior design that awakens all the senses and a 3D visualization that breaks the limits of creativity, this project is destined to become a landmark in the world of modern dining. 

We invite visitors to immerse themselves in an experience that transcends convention, where every bite and every view is a discovery of the fusion of old and new.

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