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Real Estate Sevilla 2000

best real estate agencies sevillaAddress: María Auxiliadora Street, Seville

Contact: 955 51 33 00


This is one of the most famous real estate agencies in Seville. With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, they have a real estate agenda that covers the entire territory of the Andalusian capital.

Sevilla 2000 are experts in selling properties in the shortest possible time and at the maximum market price. Their services include a personal appraisal of your property, a photographic report and even a 360-degree virtual tour to enhance the customer experience. However, this real estate company also takes care of the strategic marketing plan for each of the properties and according to their characteristics.

Proxxima Macarena Real Estate

best real estate agencies sevilla

Address: Av. De la Cruz Roja, Sevilla

Contact: 954 366 979


Proxxima Inmobiliaria's experience is based on discovering the advantages and disadvantages of the property. The seller puts himself in the buyer's shoes and analyzes his own home in order to find out which elements are missing and which are surplus in order to optimize the selling process.

They work throughout the capital and as usual they offer various digital services and sales strategy such as photographic and audiovisual reporting, dissemination in social networks and advertising in both traditional and online media. Proxxima Vivienda has a specialized blog on its website where they report all the news of the market.

Best Real Estate

best real estate agencies sevillaAddress: c/León XIII, Seville

Contact: 687 62 93 90


Best Inmobiliaria has been in the sector for 20 years and is located in the iconic Macarena neighborhood. They deal with an ecological and environmentally friendly philosophy that actively contributes to improve the environment and fight against the deforestation of our forests.

They work throughout the province of Seville offering their services of buying, selling and renting in a totally personalized way. Among its properties are not only homes of all types, new construction and 2nd hand, such as villas, penthouses and townhouses but also among its offer also include large plots and complete farms.

Sevilla Real Estate

best real estate agencies sevillaAddress: Av. Emilio Lemos, Seville

Contact: 954 44 39 90


They are the number 1 real estate agency in social housing (VPO). Although they have a fairly large portfolio of homes throughout the capital, the bulk of their homes and premises are located in the eastern area of Seville.

Sevilla Inmobiliaria goes a step further with its services offered: rentals and purchases of real estate, but also has legal and financial advice departments. Clients can also refinance their mortgages, acquire personal loans and manage foreclosures. The professionals who work in Sevilla Inmobiliaria are aware of the sales process of a developer for a new home, so they also process licenses for openings, projects, renovations with interior renderings, appraisals and energy certificates.

Gravina Real Estate

best real estate agencies sevillaAddress: Duque de la Victoria Square, Seville

Contact: 954 21 58 73


It is one of the youngest real estate agencies in this list. However, it is formed by expert professionals in the sector in charge of offering the best experience to its clients.

On their website they offer more than a thousand properties throughout the province of Seville which also include farms, rural land and premises. The properties offered by Inmobiliaria Gravina range from new developments to 2nd hand properties for refurbishment. Its ultimate goal is to meet all the needs of its customers by streamlining the sales process through commercial strategies well established in the market.


best real estate agencies sevillaAddress: Feria Street, Seville

Contact: 954 91 60 70


Italyca is enceuntra in the heart of Seville. They are experts in this area of the Andalusian capital for that reason they have earned a place in our ranking of best real estate agencies in Seville, from the Alameda de Hercules to the Barrio de Santa Cruz, so they are the best choice if your intention is to purchase a home in the center of the capital of Seville.

For years they have also been working in other areas such as Triana, San Bernardo or Santa Justa. They have a very extensive knowledge of the real estate market in Seville to be able to offer an exclusive service to their clients. They work with the most avant-garde tools of the sector such as Home Staging or Olfactory Marketing. In addition, if you hire their services you will be doing a small charity work since this real estate agency allocates part of its profits to charitable causes.

Vivenzia Home

best real estate agencies sevillaAddress: Calle José Luis de Casso, Seville

Contact: 954 98 16 00


Vivenzia is the real estate agency in the southeast of Seville with more than 15 years of experience. They have two physical offices spread between the neighborhoods of Nervión and Amate.

Passion, professionalism, excellence and transparency are the mottos of this real estate agency that sells with 100% guarantees and always at the maximum market price. Its position within the ranking of the best real estate agencies in Seville is due to the fact that they offer a complete and exciting service giving all the facilities to the customer in the sales process. They also have legal advice services, inheritance processing, document management and marketing strategies. On the other hand, the buyer is informed of all the costs involved in buying a home and they carry out a thorough study of their profile to get the perfect home.

Maxima Look & Find

best real estate agencies sevillaAddress: Luis Montoto Street, Seville

Contact: 954 98 14 10


One of the largest real estate companies in Seville. They are part of the Consumer Arbitration System of the Junta de Andalucía as well as being members of the Unión Empresarial y Excelencia Inmobiliaria Asociada (Unexia).

They are in charge of finding professional solutions for all their clients and are specialized in the residential areas of the capital. Their philosophy is based on trust and full transparency with the client when selling or renting real estate. They also work hand in hand with the largest local sales channel, Alianza, so the chances of sale increase significantly. They are committed to sell your property in just 90 days.

NO&DO Real Estate

best real estate agencies sevillaAddress: 23 Baltasar Gracián Street

Contact: 954 58 47 38


No&do is one of the oldest real estate agencies in this ranking. It was founded in 1998 and since then it has enjoyed a great prestige within the Sevillian real estate market thanks to its personal treatment and professionalism.

They are dedicated exclusively to the sale and rental of all types of properties, including villas, townhouses and apartments within the capital. It also has a large portfolio of premises throughout the Andalusian province. Among other services, Inmobiliaria No&do also processes mortgage loans and performs personalized appraisals.

Catedral Real Estate Advisors

estate agents

Address: Calle Virgen de los Buenos Libros, 1

Contact: 954 90 52 52


They are one of the most complete real estate agencies in Seville, offering specialized services to sellers, buyers and rental clients. Their real estate portfolio covers the entire downtown area and surroundings of the capital and the entire region of Aljarafe.

They offer great advantages that other real estate companies do not have, such as paying the cost of the energy efficiency certificate in case of rentals, lease insurance with special conditions, comprehensive advertising and marketing strategies for the seller, and best price guarantees for the buyer.

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