best halloween decoration ideas

Top 5 best halloween decoration ideas


Top 5 best halloween decoration ideas

best halloween decoration ideas

The end of October is approaching and that for many means celebrating one of the most fun events of the year. Scary costumes, trick or treating, candy, chestnuts and houses full of pumpkins and spider webs.

Although Halloween is a very popular celebration in the United States, more and more people are getting together and enjoying a terrifying night.

Despite that, Halloween is one of the most divisive holidays, not only because many are opposed to imitate traditions from other places, but also because of the accessories and objects with which we decorate our homes and that a large part is horrified. And as you know, besides being dedicated to design and interior design, we are also lovers of good decoration. Therefore, we believe that enjoying special dates like this does not mean giving up style and good taste.

So if you are one of those who can't stand plastic pumpkins, too much blood and cobwebs and want to get out of the orange and black, we are going to give you the top 5 best ideas to decorate your home looking terrifyingly elegant. 


If there is one element that cannot be missing at this time of the year, both in our kitchens and in our Halloween decorations, it is the pumpkin. The tradition is to carve a pumpkin with different monstrous faces and illuminate the inside with candles.

But for those who do not want to complicate (because we know that carving a pumpkin is not an easy task) there are decorative pumpkins with different textures and colors. Of course, if you want to get out of the monotony and flee from the typical orange, you can bet on painting your own pumpkins in light tones, if you want to continue with a more Nordic style like the one in your house, or black, to give it that dark touch.

And if you prefer, today, you can find various decorative figures in the form of glass pumpkins, velvet or gold brushstrokes with which you can decorate shelves or furniture or even create an elegant centerpiece for your Halloween night.

Combine them with the rest of the tableware in black and gold tones and you will be the envy of all your guests. The only thing we ask is that you never opt for paper or plastic pumpkins if you don't want to be anything but glamorous and terrifying.


Top 5 best halloween decoration ideas

Another essential aspect for a good Halloween decoration at home is to choose the right lighting. As we have already told you in other occasions, in Lobo Studio (and surely you have already heard it from the best designers) we take into account the points of light when designing a space.

Choosing one light or another will interfere in the atmosphere, in what it transmits and also in the decorative style. So, as you can imagine, if we want to set a space in a mysterious and somewhat gloomy way for Halloween night we should opt for indirect lights of a dim and warm character. You can add luminous garlands or lamps but above all, what can not miss are candles. Candles of all shapes, colors and sizes.

They can complement centerpieces, illuminate corners or decorate shelves. Candlelight is perfect to create dark shadows and finish the atmosphere of the space. If you want to add a wink for this special date, we recommend candlesticks and candle holders.

In black or gold, glass or ceramic, or even, if you are one of those who like crafts, you can decorate your own candles with gauze or fishnet stockings. They are the ideal element to bring light and design to the space and also, you can continue to take advantage of once Halloween night has passed. If you want to give it a more autumnal air, we recommend scented candles with scents like pumpkin.


Forget the infinite orange. Or try not to invade everything with this color if you want to get out of the monotonous Halloween decoration. We are very used to using established shades depending on the date or celebration.

For example, at Christmas we usually use bottle green or red and in this case, for Halloween, orange and black flood the houses. Well, we are not going to deny that black is a hit for this date. If you want to give it a sophisticated touch, nothing better than using a matte finish. Combine it with shiny golds and metallics to create the perfect tandem. You can add some orange or earthy notes, which besides being the color par excellence of this holiday, follows the chromatic line of autumn.

But if breaking the rules is your thing, go for the bull's eye. No, we haven't gone crazy. Although white represents harmony, purity or light and may be far from the symbolism of the Halloween party, between spiders and zombies, using this color will get you out of the norm.

With this we do not want to tell you to create a monochromatic space, but to combine it with gold and metallic decorative elements, such as pumpkins, candlesticks or vases, which will help us to theme the environment without losing the style of our home. In addition, this type of decoration in white and neutral tones can be maintained for much of the fall. Do you dare to be terrifying on Halloween with white?


In decoration, every detail counts and Halloween is no less important. As you know, when this date approaches, we are bombarded with countless ads for costumes, recipes and also with ornaments and accessories to decorate the house. We can include in our design, figures beyond the common pumpkin. Skulls are a must for this day. You do not have to choose a figure of a plastic skull, classic and boring. There are many ways to add this element, from a flower pot, a metallic skull or as an ornament on our tableware.

We can also find the figure of the raven, although it is not so common, it is ideal as an accessory for Halloween decoration. And if you like to be more subtle, add black feathers both in the centerpieces and in different corners simulating the fur of this bird. In addition to escaping from the usual, this element brings sophistication and elegance. 

Other figures that never fail because of their connotation are black cats, which are ideal in prints or posters, or spiders and their endless webs. Of course, do not overdo it with them or they will be a nuisance rather than a fun decorative element. 


Finally, if there's one thing we all love when decorating a space for a theme, it's hanging any kind of decorations.

That is why we cannot forget the garlands, banners or branches hanging from the shelves or doors. As we have mentioned before, lighting is a relevant factor and one of the ways to incorporate it is by means of luminous garlands. We have a wide selection of colors, shapes or textures to suit any style and place.

We can also add natural tree branches and paint them in black, or any other color. They add an original touch to the door if you decide to create an ornament to hang or loose to accompany a decorative set. But if you do not want to overload the space with accessories representative of Halloween, we advise you to add other objects such as vases, frames or floral accessories in dark or earth tones, characteristic of the season, and thus give that gloomy touch without cluttering the space with another decoration far from our style.

You must not forget that this type of celebrations are events to enjoy and have a great time, either surrounded by our closest friends or family, but without losing our essence.

In addition, this can be a good plan for the little ones, especially this year when we have to spend more time at home. You can make them part of the funniest decoration for Halloween without scaring them and also, you will give the elegant and different touch to your home, without falling into the most typical mistakes of this type of decoration. Add style to this October 31st. 

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