Wood carpentry companies in barcelona

Wood carpentry companies in barcelona


TOP10 Companies of wood carpentry in barcelona

If there is something we take into account when we get involved in each project, it is that all the phases and parts of a work of a house or commercial premises are important. We can not put more or less emphasis on one aspect or another if we want to achieve an excellent result in its entirety.

That is why, on this occasion, we are going to give visibility to one of the most essential sectors in construction works, such as carpentry, especially aluminum and PVC. Even in 3D visualization, windows and doors are an essential factor, since in addition to influencing the passage of light, their designs also influence the aesthetics of the space.

That is to say, if we provide an environment with aluminum enclosures with the most innovative technology, the project will surely have an avant-garde and contemporary style; on the other hand, if the space includes wood carpentry, whether imitation or not, it may have a more rustic or bohemian style.

When we talk about carpentry, we have to talk about quality and safety. Whether you are an individual or a professional looking for the best supplier, we are sure that this post will interest you. So do not hesitate and meet the best carpentry companies in Barcelona.


Location: Carrer Font Sant Llorenç, 12 - Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona)

Web: www.fenster.es 

We moved to the Penedès region to visit Fenster. It is a company dedicated to the manufacture and installation of aluminum, steel and PVC carpentry, mainly.

But over the course of more than 20 years, they have expanded their services, also offering curtain walling, façade cladding and other complements, such as solar and visual protections. Fenster has become a reference in Catalonia thanks to the excellence of quality and capacity of their work, both for the materials and the execution of their projects.

If you are a construction company, architect or individual, you can not lose sight of this exterior enclosure company. They have been part of numerous projects of homes, hotels, offices, corporate headquarters, public buildings and other institutional spaces. In addition, their dedication and experience has led them to provide great technical advice to those who require it. 


Location: Carrer Consell de Cent, 31 - Barcelona

Web: www.multifinestres.com  

Located in the heart of Barcelona, very close to Plaza España, is Multifinestres. This Barcelona company is dedicated to the manufacture and installation of all types of metal and glass carpentry. A career of more than 15 years behind them guarantee an experience of their products and services and an excellent quality-price ratio.

All its aluminum doors, windows and glazing are custom-made, according to the needs and preferences of the client, and with a fast, efficient and cost-effective service. If anything defines the work of Multifinestres it is safety, aesthetics, functionality and, above all, quality, both in product and service.

In addition, their carpentries are easy to maintain and have an innovative design. If you need any kind of urgent repair or any type of reform, either for your home or business, this carpentry company offers you the installation of doors and windows in a short period of time.


Location: Carrer de Sant Adrià, 52 - Barcelona

Web: www.montalglass.com 

We moved to the district of Sant Andreu, in Barcelona, where Montalglass, one of the most important aluminum carpentry companies in the sector, is located. They are experts in aluminum and PVC windows of any type: sliding, lifting or practicable.

Their products are endowed with high quality and are always adapted to the needs of each customer. That is why they make known what are the characteristics of the chosen mechanism in detail. In addition, among its services you can also find a wide range of products and accessories related to the carpentry of your home, from windows, glass partitions or shutters, and commercial premises, such as grilles, automatic and sliding doors or sliding roofs.

Montalglass has become a benchmark, not only for the quality of its products, but also for the security, efficiency and reliability they offer. These carpentry manufacturers put emphasis on providing their doors and windows with anti-theft security systems and bulletproof and fire resistant installations, which generates great confidence to customers, both public, private and industrial. 


Location: Plaza Antoni Pujada, local 8 - Alella (Barcelona)

Web: www.aluministecnicsbarcelona.com 

Aluminis Técnics Barcelona is a family business of aluminum carpentry with more than 20 years of dedication located in Alella. They install and maintain all their products giving the best service and quality in the market.

They have a wide range of products, from aluminum and PVC doors and windows, shutters and enclosures to glass partitions, fences, pergolas or railings, among many others. Throughout their history they have focused on offering the best brands and materials in order to obtain optimal results.

An experience united with vocation that has made them a reference, not only among private clients but also with professionals, since they carry out large projects in the construction and architecture sector.

In addition to the manufacture and installation of each product, they are also responsible for maintaining a good performance, which demonstrates its good service not only in the assembly but including the aftercare. Undoubtedly Alumiis Tècnics Barcelona is synonymous of quality and variety of product with avant-garde materials and systems.


Location: Carrer Camèlies, 71 - Barcelona

Web: www.montajesaluviarte.com 

We return to the city to meet Montajes Aluviarte, a company of aluminum and PVC carpentry with an experience in the sector of more than 18 years. During their long experience, they have carried out several projects of integral reforms in homes, offices and premises as well as repairs of blinds or window glazing.

They combine three of the most important qualities to satisfy customers: time, quality and a reasonable price. Offering good service, installation and manufacturing is paramount for this Catalan company.

Therefore, they work with different suppliers that supply them with excellent raw materials. As we have already mentioned, Montajes Aluviarte is in charge of the whole carpentry process, from the manufacture to the installation of all its products. They have aluminum windows and shutters, but also balconies, doors or built-in closets, among other options.

A wide range of possibilities in finishes of various colors and even imitation wood for those looking for a warmer and rustic style. If you are looking for quality and experience in this sector, Montajes Aluviarte is your guarantee. 


Location: Carrer dels Remences, 56 - Pol. Ind. Vallveric Mataró (Barcelona)

Web: www.aluminiosiluro.com  

Although it has two exhibition spaces, one in Mataró and the other in Barcelona, its headquarters and workshop are located in Mataró. Aluminis Iluro is formed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the metal enclosures sector.

It was founded in 1989 with the aim of offering the best quality products and services to satisfy its customers. To this end, all its materials come from distinctive approved brands that guarantee excellence in the final product.

In addition to manufacturing and installation, they also offer a personalized advisory service managed by the Technical Department, which is responsible for providing all projects, both for private homes and for different professionals in construction works, with the best options in relation to their needs and preferences.

Among its range of products you can find aluminum and glass carpentry: mixed windows, curtain walls, screens for bathrooms, dividers, movable ceilings... 


Location: Passeig de Maragall, 92 - Barcelona 

Web: www.sistecal.es  

Sistec is an aluminum carpentry company located in Barcelona. Thanks to the great team of professionals that form it, which have great experience in the sector, and its work methodology, they obtain an efficient and complete result.

They offer specialized services in aluminum, PVC and glass projects, from enclosures and doors to profiles and glazing. They make an exhaustive follow-up of all the phases of the project, from the beginning, where a study of the factors involved is carried out until the final installation of the product.

Sistec guarantees that your project will be a success, providing you with the best technical and quality solutions on the market, as they not only adapt to the needs of each client, but are also aware of the trends and developments that arise in the sector.

If you need an initial budget to reform your home or business, Sistec is your best option. The Catalan company will inform you about the costs without obligation, but we are sure that its design and innovative proposal will convince you. 


Location: Carrer Aribau, 149 - Barcelona 

Web: www.finestresbcn.com   

We continue in Barcelona, but this time we move to the Eixample where Finestres BCN is located. This aluminum enclosures company specializes in the domestic field. Along with the best qualified manufacturers and a great team of installation and sales provide excellent service with the customer gets a satisfactory solution for their homes.

They know the importance of enclosures in any home, so in Finestres BCN uses the range of K-Line profiles, equipped with the best quality and materials. If anything defines the results of this company is aesthetics, comfort, durability and safety, essential qualities to provide optimal conditions.


Location: Carrer Narcís Monturiol, 34 - Sabadell (Barcelona) 

Web: www.thermiabarcelona.com    

35 years ago Xavi and Josep Maria Blase, two Catalan brothers, founded Thermia Barcelona. In the beginning they created a small store to sell some aluminum window accessories.

As time went by, this family-owned company consolidated its position, starting to sell and distribute aluminum profiles for manufacturers and, later on, they went a step further by expanding and improving their conditions to offer their own designs of aluminum systems.

Today, Thermia Barcelona, located in Sabadell, is a benchmark company in the sector. Aware of the difficulties and limitations of this field, they take care to provide their customers with constant support and communication throughout the process.

Its products meet all the quality standards of the market. Airtight windows, with long durability and with all the energy-saving and climatic features.

Thermia Barcelona's goal is to create comfortable and functional homes through its products.


Location: Travessera de Gracia, 350 - Barcelona 

Web: www.aluvirefor.es     

Finally, we finish our tour in the neighborhood of Gracia in Barcelona.

+We meet Aluvirefor, a company dedicated to aluminum and PVC carpentry for over 18 years. They stand out for providing the best quality in the market with an exceptional design.

Aluminum and PVC doors and windows, taking into account materials, climatic conditions and security. For this, they manufacture the Thermotec system, with a high quality and a great finish and synthetic fiber reinforcements.

You can find a wide range of products, from sliding and casement windows, to shower enclosures or balconies and aluminum shutters. In addition, they also offer services of integral reforms for homes, commercial spaces, offices or facades.

Aluvirefor carries out projects with the objective of creating a perfect symbiosis between its products and the different architectural styles of the space according to each client.

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