"Noretnic": the decorative style with African and Nordic touches.



The word Noretnic comes from the combination of Nordic and ethnic, at first glance they seem like two completely opposite decorative styles, but if you stay you will discover that they have much more in common than we think. 

Let's start by identifying the differences: the Nordic style is dominated by the presence of white, minimalism and simplicity, while the African style is known for its vibrant colors, wild elements and also for the large number of decorative objects that fill the walls and rooms. 

Seen this way it would seem impossible that they have nothing in common but nevertheless they share many other characteristics such as the warmth of wood, the presence of nature with materials such as linen, wicker, fur or natural and animal references. In addition to the use of craftsmanship and handmade elements and the lack of modern details. 

This makes them two particular but totally compatible styles, creating a combination in which the functionality, comfort and brightness of the Nordic style and the aesthetics, attractiveness and beauty of the ethnic style prevail. 

Here we are going to give you the keys to achieve a perfect decoration in noretnic style. 

One of the main characteristics of this style is the use of neutral colors and earth tones, since they create luminous and harmonious spaces in which calmness is breathed. Generally combined with touches of green that bring freshness to the environment, coming from the plants. 

Prints are also an important point to take into account when creating rooms in this style. The use of geometric or tribal prints from the African ethnic style in neutral or pastel tones will be decisive to give that tribal touch and soft color to your project. 

As for textures and materials, we will always opt for noble materials such as rustic wood or natural fiber fabrics such as linen, cotton, jute or wicker. 

And to balance and give warmth to your noretnic room you should use metals such as pewter, silver, brass or copper.

As we have already mentioned, this is a harmonious, luminous and calm style, so the balance between textures and the chosen accessories is very important. Opt for kilims with geometric prints, leather or braided fiber ottomans, macramé ornaments or wooden beads.

The furniture that we will opt for in both bedrooms and living rooms will be wooden furniture in light or white tones, mainly low, since horizontal furniture will help us to recreate that aspect of calm that we are looking for in this decorative style. Other elements that will help us will be the carpets, mainly of fibers and decorative candles in neutral or pastel tones.

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If the room you want to decorate is a kitchen you can not overlook the hydraulic tile with a simple and symmetrical geometric pattern that respects the neutral colors. In addition to giving prominence to the baskets and earthenware. 

For all these reasons the noretnic style is a trend that attracts more and more people and is destined to stay for a long time due to its temporality, luminosity and the nature of the elements that compose it. 

If you dare to give a new look to the decoration of your home and want to give it a more luminous, harmonious and relaxed touch, this is definitely your best option. In this other article we talked about two other styles that are also very trendy as the noretnic, we invite you to read it through this link.

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