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best graphic design companies madrid


Ranking best graphic design companies Madrid

According to a survey conducted by BP Consulting in Madrid, 82% of people have a more positive view of a real estate company after having seen specialized content about it. This gives an idea of the importance of graphic design in attracting potential clients. Both the logo or the brand, as well as any other sign of identity, must also have an important place in a marketing and communication campaign. 8% of people find this factor to be the most important when choosing a company to trust.

The benefits of graphic design are endless but, among others, it will help you improve your corporate reputation, attract attention and differentiate you from the competition, thus increasing your sales and profits.

That is why we have decided to help you and make this article about the best graphic design companies in Madrid. If you have an idea and do not know how to carry it out, just let yourself be advised by experts in the sector that will capture the attention of your target audience thanks to a good brand positioning and graphic design strategy.


Address: Paseo de la Castellana, 77 Madrid

Phone: 628032958


It is an agency of advertising graphic design at the forefront of the best tools in the industry. Walterman uses one of the best methodologies in the market, the UCD (User Centered Designed), as the main element for the perfect development and subsequent impact of creative strategies.

Its services are very varied and range from packaging and merchandising to advertising pieces, layout and design of magazines or catalogs. Although, undoubtedly, it is the branding and strategic consulting that has made this agency one of the 10 most important in our country according to Think Tank Marketing Madrid.



Phone: 915 227 148 


How do I know which is the best graphic design plan for my company? Tuideas will give you all the possible tools to make a safe strategy to strengthen your brand, from logo design, layout of magazines and catalogs, corporate stationery...

All the work of this agency revolves around the image of their clients and projects, an image that they value in order to be as effective as possible. In addition, Tusideas has its own printing department, so the process is much cheaper and faster.


Address: Paseo de la Castellana 95, Madrid

Phone: 911 11 76 10


Although in Lobo Studio we are specialized in 3D renderings, another of our strengths is the design department. Here we shape your project graphically with innovative designs and always at the forefront of new technologies.

We supervise your project until the end and give you options on different methods such as branding, corporate design, packaging... Lobo Studio has its own design team that will accompany you throughout the creation process offering different techniques and software to achieve your goal and reach all your target audience.


Address: Calle Sepúlveda, 3, Madrid

Phone: 911 72 72 04


A young but very talented company. They are specialists in taking care of every little detail so that the customer experience is the best in the market. Their goal is coherence for that the whole visual communication process is professional and attractive.

Their motto "Well built brands". Somoswaka takes care of the entire creative process, including digital design, branding, video and design strategies. With 10 years of experience behind them, they already have major clients such as Unicef, Nebrija University in Madrid, Esenzzia perfumeries and AMV insurance.


Address: Not specified

Phone: Unspecified


It is perhaps one of the most complete agencies in terms of the services they offer. In addition to graphic design, Disiarte has web and programming departments, digital marketing and positioning and a specific area of photography and video. They value ideas above all else, they study them, value them and focus all their efforts and tools on achieving a satisfactory final result for the client.

They deal with editorial design, focused more on companies in a certain sector, with advertising design for any type of SME or large business, and above all, with strategic plans based on branding and packaging.


Address: Calle de Colombia, 38 Madrid

Telephone: 91 113 89 46


Everything related to corporate communication, branding and corporate graphic design is in Watermelon. They have their own team and an audiovisual department in charge of production management, as well as scriptwriters and professional recording equipment.

Thus, they offer a number of services that include specialists in the area of marketing and design. Each client is different and Watermelon is aware of them, that's why they carry out integral strategic plans adjusted to the needs of each one with a 100% guarantee of effectiveness.


Address: c/ Hermosilla, 48 Madrid

28001, Madrid.

Phone: 916296000


At Amundsen they are aware of the amount of visual impacts we receive every day. That is why they have set out to be a different agency that seeks innovative, creative and, above all, fun solutions. The difference is what sets this agency apart from others. Betting on this company means giving effectiveness to your message, empathizing with the target and connecting with stakeholders.

They have worked on several occasions with Mercamadrid (one of them during the Christmas campaign), with the Canal de Isabel II and with the security company Point for Fichetamong others.


Address: C/ Sinesio Delgado, 14 Madrid

Phone: 911 328 229


For Valuva, the most important thing is that there is a balance between branding and communication. A brand can never be a merely decorative element but must also communicate, transmit something. No matter the format, printed, audiovisual, web... The brand is the first impression, what attracts customers.

In terms of design, its services vary between graphic design, web design and signage. This graphic design and creative agency is used to work with clients from the legal sector, the food sector and even social organizations.


Address: Paseo de la Castellana, 93, Madrid

Phone: 91005 22 13


Johnappleman is aimed at both large and small or medium-sized companies. It is a Web Design Studio and Graphic Design agency specialized in brand communication thanks to a well-defined branding strategy through brand positioning, logo creation and corporate image.

Although their services are diverse, as they are also dedicated to web positioning and SEM and SEO, they maintain the same goal for all: to excite with their creative branding campaigns. The company is international and its clients include the travel platform Nourland, Flor de Indalia and Madrid Río.


Address: Calle de Alfonso XII, 62 Madrid

Telephone: 915 56 92 37


This graphic design and advertising agency has been in business for thirty years. It was born as a result of another great agency specialized in advertising know-how. Today, however, Trazo Publicidad is in charge of the integral management of its clients' advertising.

Since its foundation there have been four pillars on which they have based their roadmap: originality, creativity, communication and transparency. They develop graphic and web design services as well as corporate image. Their portfolio includes well-known brands such as Aprilia, Iberia and even Portugal Tours, with whom they worked in online and offline advertising.

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