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Architecture has no limits and we should not be anchored to traditional techniques and ideas.

The architectural and construction sector is constantly evolving and, today, those architectural firms that show innovative proposals, technological advances and designs that make our home a dream space are on the road to success.

When we imagine our ideal home, we like to think that it will be unique, personalized and unrepeatable.

The same goes for any other building, the architecture must breathe design and quality, in addition to present think about sustainability and the environment. Therefore, today we travel to Aragonese territory to present you the best architecture studios in Zaragoza:  


Location: Plaza Santa Cruz, 2 - 50003 Zaragoza


IG: @cronotopos

Cronotopos is an architectural firm formed by a team of young professionals with national and international experience. Architects, engineers and surveyors eager to undertake new projects of residential works, modular houses and building rehabilitation. Their main focus is on the client.

It starts from the main idea, thinking about your current needs and your future. Cronotopos creates versatile spaces that can be transformed over time and adapted to the future. Through an innovative methodology, they design sustainable and personalized housing, both economically and socially.

For this architectural firm, each project is an adventure. They turn even the smallest detail that the client dreams of into reality, manage and execute the work, design an interior design proposal and culminate each project with a final dinner as a symbol of closure of this adventure, where they share experiences, new learning and new experiences with which the team grows. 

We are sure that if you take a look at the work of Cronotopos, you will want to participate in one of their architectural adventures and for that reason it could not be missing in our list of best architecture studios Zaragoza.


Location: Calle Lacarra de Miguel, 44 - 50008 Zaragoza

Isaac Peral Street, 3 - 50001 Zaragoza


IG: @estudiomatmata

Estudio Matmata is located in the center of Zaragoza. This architectural studio specializes in renovations, although they also carry out other types of architectural projects, such as interior design or rehabilitation. The team of professionals that make up the studio is divided into different specialists to analyze and provide the best solution to their clients, who, according to their needs, offer customized housing. One of their requirements is to adapt to the budget of each project and get the most out of it.

As mentioned above, one of its main services are the integral reforms, whether of homes, facades, commercial premises or offices. All their projects are carried out from start to finish, including all phases, from the analysis and proposal of interiors, the management of licenses to the execution of the work. Thanks to an organized and coordinated work method, they will make your project a success, with a closed budget prior work without unforeseen expenses.


Location: Calle José María Lacarra de Miguel, 41 - 50008 Zaragoza


IG: @beamonteyvallejoarquitectos

This studio is a reference in efficient architecture in Zaragoza. Founded by architects Carlos Beamonte and Ricardo Vallejo, they are committed to ethical projects that respect the environment, reducing energy consumption. For them, all architecture must be designed for the client, for the person who will enjoy the house, and therefore, it must be efficient and sustainable, not only once it is inhabited but also during the execution of the project.

This architecture based on sustainability should not be at odds with design. In Beamonte y Vallejo Arquitectos they give rise to surprising spaces with a careful design. In addition, they are specialists in Passivhaus, that is, in the construction of houses, whether new construction or renovation, with high levels of quality and energy efficiency.

With Beamonte y Vallejo Arquitectos you will not only have that home you have been imagining for a long time, but you will also obtain quality of life, comfort and savings.

We wanted to have a top studio in sustainability and that is why we have selected them for our list of the best architecture studios in Zaragoza.


Location: Calle Coso, 98-100 Planta 10 Oficina 2 - 50001 Zaragoza


IG: @pbsarquitectura

PBS Arquitectura is an architectural firm based in Zaragoza that specializes in residential projects with a high level of customization.

The most important thing is the client and that is demonstrated in all their designs, which they analyze and work exhaustively to create unique homes. You will never find two identical works, because there are no two clients with the same needs. Sometimes the world of architecture forgets the service to the client, and sometimes it can be improved. And this is the strong point of PBS Architecture.

With an excellent quality of service, they carry out projects in which the construction process is enjoyable, comfortable and you can feel satisfied once it is finished. When we say that this studio thinks of you, we do not only say it because they offer you a customized home, but also because they optimize resources and guarantee economic savings. They also use high quality materials, construction and construction management. Architectural and human quality.


Location: Plaza Emilio Alfaro, 7D Local - 50004 Zaragoza


IG: @a54insitu

In 2007 A54 Insitu was born in the city of Zaragoza. This study of architecture, interior design and construction arises as a result of a simplistic and impersonal architecture that is lived at that time and that causes the impending economic crisis.

Specializing in the reform and rehabilitation of housing, A54 Insitu decided to create a new concept in the management and construction of projects to be fully customized. The studio's team consists of a group of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the field of architecture and interior design.

During their trajectory, they have carried out all types of projects, from residential buildings and single-family homes to commercial premises, businesses and urban planning works. If anything characterizes A54 Insitu is to carry out projects in such a way that the client is the center; to understand what their preferences, tastes and lifestyle are and that all this is projected in the design, which is worked thoroughly both in the management and execution of the work.


Location: Calle de Cuarte, 74 - 50007 Zaragoza


IG: @dana.architects

An architecture and interior design studio young in spirit and time. DANA Arquitectos was created in 2016 with the aim of being one of the reference studios in Zaragoza. Luminosity, harmony and delicacy, the three pillars that define it.

They carry out architectural projects in all areas: residential, commercial, landscaping, educational or cultural. In addition, they are also specialized in integral reforms of homes, offices or commercial premises.

But without a doubt, all of them are driven by the most important factor: the customer. They analyze tastes, references and customer needs to offer a result that is comfortable, understandable and affordable. Their designs are characterized by following the latest trends in interior design, with a modern and stylish air. 


Location: Calle Pedro Joaquín Soler, 6 - 50001 Zaragoza


IG: @prear_arquitectura_.

PREAR is an architecture studio from Zaragoza that was born in 2017. Oihana Ventosa and Enrique de la Rosa, founders of the studio, create this studio with an innovative and fresh character. A passionate and dynamic team of professionals involved in unique projects for the user to enjoy every detail and find in the spaces their full happiness.

During their trajectory in the architecture and construction sector, they have adapted to the evolution and technological advances that are currently implemented in new buildings. Their main objective is to make the client's wishes and preferences come true, offering them the best solution.

PREAR's team manages the projects completely and the relationship and direct communication with the client is essential to carry out quality works.

In addition to its own staff, the studio also works in collaboration with other architects, engineers and builders to improve the management process and serve as a guide for the client, both functionally and economically. PREAR is to think in professionalism and seriousness with effective and successful results.


Location: Paseo Sagasta, 64, office 1 - 50006 Zaragoza


IG: @msm_arquitectos

MSM Arquitectos celebrates three decades in the architecture sector. Architects José María Moreno and Manuel Serrano founded the first company "Moreno y Serrano Arquitectos".

It was not until 2008, after the incorporation of Daniel Moreno, a new partner, that MSM Arquitectos began. With a great experience they carry out public and private projects related to the architecture, urban planning and construction sector. They integrate all the processes of execution of residential works, single-family or collective housing, renovations, public and sports facilities, industrial and commercial buildings.

They have a large team of great professionals who work insistently to offer the best results to their clients, who demand a high level of service. In addition, they are constantly adapting to new designs and techniques that arise in the market.

Undoubtedly, MSM Architects is synonymous with high architectural quality, offering the user functional results, without forgetting the control and rigorousness in time and budgets.

So far, the 8 best architecture studios in Zaragoza.

If you still want to know more, we suggest you take a look at their social networks and websites, where you will find projects that anyone can be passionate about. 

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