If you are a professional in the sector you are interested in this information because we are going to reveal what will be the trends in interior design 2023. New trends and old acquaintances, which ones are leaving and which ones will stay with us for a long time?

In 2023, we will see many changes in the interior design industry.

The most significant change will be the use of 3D printing and digital interior design. In this future, 3D printers will be used to create furniture and other items on demand. This means that people will no longer have to go out and buy new furniture when they move into a new home or office. Instead, they can simply order it from their printer and wait for it to arrive on their doorstep. The important thing about this is that the furniture will not just be one-dimensional objects, but will also have depth and texture.

Another change we could see in 2023 is the use of smart materials such as concrete or wood as a building material for homes or offices instead of concrete blocks or bricks. These materials


TOP5 interior design trends 2023



In the first place an old acquaintance that came to stay for a long time, the Scandinavian style has been the most popular living trend for a long time and it is not surprising because its timelessness, its brightness and its calmness make this one of the most followed styles by all.

A Scandinavian style furniture brand that we really like is kenay home.

2. BOHO CHIC (modern romantic)


This is a more daring style with more personality, it is a less conventional style reminiscent of a hippie era, distant and lively, but at the same time it is a really elegant style.

A few years ago it hit hard and although it has not always been among the first, it has always remained latent. It seems that in 2023 the Boho Chic style will be back in force.

3.IRON LOVE (minimalist industrial design)


This is a style that has admirers and detractors in equal parts, some say it is not very personal, others see it as art. The IRON LOVE style or minimalist industrial design, is growing more and more and has more followers.

A modern, contemporary, classic and clear style. Minimalism is characterized above all by its clear structures, while the industrial touch with unconventional shapes and materials gives it a captivating touch.

4.THE FRESH BREEZE (maritime furniture style)



The navy style is a must in fashion, every year we see how in all summer collections abound in pieces of marine style, and in this case, also in 2023 enters with force in the interior design.

The most important element is the color blue, found in this style on white walls combined with touches of blue.

What definitely should not be missing are natural elements made of wood, reminiscent of planks and gangways of ships. The blue color used in this decorative style does not have to be a vivid tone, it can and even should be used in a muted and discreet way.

The marine living trend is one of the top 5 decorating styles in 2023 and it also contains the colors that will be trending: ocean tones.



In the interior design of luxury homes, Luxury Art Deco will continue to be present as it has been doing for decades, but we believe it is a must to have it in our ranking of best interior design trends 2023.

The dazzling Art Deco world is dedicated to brilliant decorations made of gold, silver, bronze and noble colors.

A classic, colorful and ornate interior design that is totally a counter-movement to the increasingly minimalist living trends.

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