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If we had already shown you how the best luxury homes on the island became a reality, we could not forget its aesthetic side. We love everything that transmits and breathes in the Mediterranean style spaces. Warmth, purity and simplicity in every corner.

Spaces that never go out of fashion and that allow great versatility due to their simple lines and neutral colors. That is why, on this occasion, we bring you the best interior design studios in Mallorca.

You can't miss the great variety of possibilities that the island offers us, each with its own style and personality without losing sight of a common goal: you. We won't keep you waiting any longer, are you coming?


Location: Av. Jaume II, 11 - 07300 Inca, Mallorca

Web: www.mrotger.com  

IG: @margarotgerinteriorisme

The Marga Rotger studio is one of the leading interior design studios on the island. The interior designer Marga Rotger, with more than 20 years of experience in the world of interior design, has her own studio specialized in the design of commercial spaces, restaurants, hotels and private homes. Inspired by classic cars, Marga Rotger bases her projects on the idea of durability.

It is essential to understand and understand what the client wants to create a space that is functional and maintained over time. He has worked on numerous projects for renowned hotels, restaurants and stores, which have been published in various interior design magazines.

Marga Rotger's projects stand out for their seal of identity: the use of natural materials, whether wood, marble, stone or polished cement and iron, and a very defined Mediterranean style.

Bright colors are combined with functional and simple furniture. For the interior designer and her team, decorative elements such as textiles and plants, which bring naturalness and comfort to the space, are a must.

Each place and the history of each project is different, so we work on these two aspects, enhancing a timeless contemporary design, that timelessness has earned him his well-deserved place in our ranking of best interior design studios mallorca.


Location: Carrer Llibertat, 26 Bajos - 07013 Palma, Mallorca

Web: www.jorgebibiloni.com  

IG: @jorgebibiloni_studio

Jorge Bibiloni Studio is an interior design studio located in the capital of Mallorca. Directed by Jorge Bibiloni, who has worked for several prestigious studios in Milan and Barcelona, he decided to open his own studio. His projects are characterized by attention to detail and show a sensitive design through high quality materials. In 2013, the interior designer joins Pep Torres and Fernando García, with whom he creates Domun.

This company was founded with the aim of carrying out comprehensive projects ranging from architecture to interior design and construction management. Jorge Bibiloni, in charge of the design, specializes in residential and commercial spaces, both private and public, whether new construction or renovation. Jorge Bibiloni Studio's designs are full of character and personality.

They are designed for each customer, understanding their needs and lifestyle.

But all of them guarantee success at the end of the project. We use the highest quality materials with a timeless design, which allows the spaces to last over time without fear of deteriorating or going out of fashion.

Minimalist, dreamlike and sustainable projects that respect the environment. 


Location: Carrer Reina María Cristina, 9 - 07460 Pollensa, Mallorca

Web: www.felippolar.com 

IG: @estudio_felippolar

Felip Polar was born as specialists in the interior design of private homes and commercial premises.

This interior design studio based in Mallorca carries out integral projects of interior architecture and decoration. Felip Polar, founder and director of the studio, together with his team of interior designers create functional spaces with a contemporary style.

Special attention is paid to distribution, proportionality, order and style in order to achieve unique and personalized environments for each client. Their focus is the user, for whom they put all their effort and passion in every job until they meet their expectations.

In this interior design studio they look for the balance between functionality and style of the space, that is to say, that it is practical and comfortable over time and at the same time it excites. In Felip Polar they find the best result. Spaces designed with natural materials and high quality that gives them that Mediterranean touch so distinctive of the studio.

Likewise, their projects are thought with coherence with respect to the environment and the client who inhabits it. Residential or commercial spaces based on sensory interior design, those that influence our emotions and are reflected in time.


Location: Carrer del Roser Vell, 1 - 07460 Pollensa, Mallorca

Web: www.projectdecoestudio.com  

IG: @projectdecoestudio

In the north of the island we find Project Deco Estudio. Led by Laura Lerycke, Jaume Cortés and Juan Martí Estelrich, this is an interior design and decoration studio that carries out tailor-made projects.

Projects with character and personalized. In Project Deco Estudio they know that behind every place there is a story and they try to respect it, keeping the facet and vanguard. They use sober and simple lines that bring the elegance and warmth so characteristic of the Mediterranean style.

A team of professionals that knows perfectly the latest trends in interior design and that results in unique and functional spaces. They work to offer you that touch of personality that your home lacks or to make your business stand out through a design space that respects your philosophy and at the same time meets the requirements of functionality and style.

By means of a style script they carry out your project so that there is an organized structure from beginning to end, according to the needs and preferences of each one.

They provide materials, furniture, furnishings and decoration adapted to their clients without forgetting sustainability and reuse of materials. They take care of every detail and this Majorcan interior design studio reflects this in all their work.


Location: Carrer des Pou, 5 - 07530 Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, Mallorca

Web: www.piacapdevila.com  

IG: @piacapdevilainteriorismo

Although this interior design studio started in 2007 in Barcelona, where its headquarters are located, we do not want to overlook its relevance in Mallorca.

Pia Capdevila, interior designer and director, decided to open a new studio in 2017 on the Balearic island. Her effort and perseverance have made this interior design and decoration studio a guaranteed success. Formed by a young and positive team of professionals who create unique spaces by listening to the client's needs and providing innovative and fresh ideas.

They carry out projects in any field, from private homes to hotels or commercial premises. When designing a space, they not only get the best result in large places but also take care of every detail, which makes the difference.

At Pia Capdevila Interiorismo they work non-stop in order to create elegant spaces with personality, making each one of them special and different. Although all their designs incorporate the latest patterns and trends, timelessness is one of the hallmarks of their projects.

The passion and care for the work is reflected in their final works, which exude perfection and naturalness.


Location: Carrer Sant Feliu, 3 - 07012 Palma, Mallorca

Web: www.rialtoliving.com   

IG: @rialto_living

Rialto Living is known for being one of the most famous design and decoration stores in Mallorca, but also for carrying out all kinds of interior design projects for all those who prefer to renew the image of their home through professionals.

A team of professionals advises and creates authentic spaces with personality in which high quality furniture and textiles are combined according to the needs of each client. They adapt to him and his property, regardless of the style and size, as well as whether it is a complete renovation or redecoration of a room.

At Rialto Living they seek to offer you unique interiors that best suit your lifestyle and, at the same time, fit your budget.

The fact of having a wide and experienced decoration store where we can find all kinds of furniture, lighting, decorative items, textiles or other accessories, both indoor and outdoor, make this studio the ideal place to customize your space thanks to the wide range of possibilities they offer. 

Personalization as a spearhead has earned them a place in the ranking of the best interior design studios in Mallorca.


Location: Carrer Can Martí Feliu, 4 1ºA - 07002 Palma, Mallorca

Web: www.angelmartininteriors.com    

IG: @angelmartinstudio

Although this is a young interior design studio, it has not left us indifferent. Angel Martin, creative director and founder, together with a team of interior designers created Angel Martin Interiors with the aim of tackling projects in various fields: residential homes or commercial premises. This interior design studio is characterized by its very personal style, marked by the influence of Scandinavian or Nordic style.

At the same time they apply contemporary touches to make the designed space timeless. In addition to seeking closeness and affinity with the user to adapt each project to their preferences, Angel Martin Interiors specializes in recovering architectural elements of the spaces, which makes the design does not lose authenticity. Their work method is organized.

They use simple lines and natural materials to create warm and peaceful spaces. Simplicity is very important to us and that has made them qualify for the ranking of the best interior design studios in Mallorca.


Location: Carrer Can Veri, 5 - 07001 Palma, Mallorca

Web: www.bondianliving.com     

IG: @bondian_living

Behind Bondian Living is Diana Huete, a renowned interior architect who, after working for important interior design studios around the world, created her own studio with her husband, Patrick Wünsche. Although it was in 2004 when Bondian Living opened its doors in Madrid, it was not until 2012 when it made the leap to the Mediterranean and settled in Mallorca.

During his career, his projects have been published in different decoration magazines and today he has become one of the leading interior design brands in Spain.

In its work, Bondian Living always takes into account the opinion and needs of the client to customize each space. Projects are carried out for residential spaces, restaurants and hotels in which every detail is taken care of through various phases of work. Their designs, full of personality and character, reflect the essence and style of the end user.

In addition to its two interior design studios, Bondian Living also has a showroom in Mallorca, where a large selection of Mediterranean-style furniture and decorative accessories can be purchased. A unique space characterized by high quality materials, designer furniture and international fabrics with fresh tones. A great option within the rankig of best interior design studios in Mallorca.


Location: Av. Joan Miró, 262 - 07015 Palma, Mallorca

Web: www.negre.es

IG: @negrestudio

Juan Manrique and Neus Barceló create Negre, an interior architecture studio located in the capital of Mallorca. After more than 10 years of experience, this interior design studio has carried out several interior design projects specialized in integral works. Negre has a great team of professionals with high knowledge in architecture, interior design and furniture design.

Through noble materials and high quality finishes, the designs they create become a perfect combination of style and functionality. Their projects are characterized by reflecting unmistakable aspects of the Mediterranean environment, such as light, warmth and simplicity.

A calm and relaxing style that excites and highlights the aesthetic beauty of the space. In Negre they are committed to design but also to the durability of the design over time, so they always choose the best brands and suppliers to develop their work, both materials and exclusive furniture. Choosing Negre is synonymous with perfection.

They will accompany you throughout the process of work, whether for a small reform or a comprehensive project. Taking care of every detail until the end is essential for them. They apply the latest trends in interior design and architecture as well as the most innovative techniques on the market to make each project unique. 


Location: Carrer Protectora, 14 - 07012 Palma, Mallorca

Web: www.ghouse.es

IG: @ghousemallorca

Finally, we present GHouse. It is an interior design and architecture studio with a wide range of services in Palma de Mallorca. GHouse is formed by a qualified group of professionals who carry out specialized projects in private homes and hotels.

They are characterized by efficiency and attention to detail, as well as fluid communication with their clients in order to achieve an optimal and personalized result. Their objective is to carry out turnkey projects in short periods of time and that adapt to the client's budget with the guarantee of functionality, design and quality.

They analyze all the spaces to be designed to define the distribution conditions according to the needs of the space. Every detail, furniture, lighting, textures, materials or colors, are designed to create a space according to the user's identity, which respects their lifestyle, customs and culture.

In addition, among its projects, highlights the design of gardens and outdoor spaces, which encompasses all the structural and decorative elements of the environment always from a sustainable vision and using the latest technology on the market.

After this ranking of the best interior design studios in Mallorca, we are sure that the island is style in its purest form.

The use of noble materials and high quality finishes make any space designed by these interior design studios become authentic refuges of calm and comfort, where we are sure you will not want to leave.

If you want to discover all their projects, we invite you to take a look at their social networks and official websites. 

You can also view our portfolio of architectural renderings if you wish or follow us on instagram to keep up to date with the latest projects we produce.

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