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How many times have you considered a radical change in your home? Surely many of them you have not known where to start or maybe you are one of those who like more than one style of decoration and do not know which one to choose.

Don't worry, this is something very common when we don't have enough knowledge about trends, decoration or home materials. For this, we recommend that you put yourself in the hands of the best experts in interior design in Madrid.

Not only will they take care of transforming the space into an aesthetic, harmonious and comfortable place, but they will also help you in the integral management of the project taking into account your lifestyle and your needs. So if you live in Madrid or you are interested in opening or renovating your business in the capital, we are sure that this post will interest you.

Below, we are going to show you the top 10 best interior design studios in Madrid. Will you join us?


Location: Calle Pelayo, 76 - 28004 Madrid


IG: @studiobmk_arq

StudioBMK is led by the architect, Beatriz Martinez-Kleiser, who leads a young and dedicated team. This interior design and architecture studio has numerous clients who have trusted them for their high capacity to develop sustainable, innovative projects with an excellent finish.

Although each job is adapted to the needs and tastes of the client, achieving an exclusive result, all their designs have their own stamp. StudioBMK covers any type of work, from integral construction of new buildings or renovation for homes and premises to rehabilitation or decoration projects with avant-garde designs. 

For undoubtedly a good choice as one of the best interior design studios in Madrid.


Location: Calle Olivar, 8 - 28012 Madrid



With more than 15 years of experience, Welcome Design was born from the union of two interior design studios: Envés Diseño and More & More, with the aim of facing more ambitious projects and further growth. This Madrid-based studio, located in a former lighting warehouse, with a large and open-plan workshop, carries out interior design projects, graphic design and the creation of its own exclusive pieces.

With Welcome Design you can make your dream project a reality from start to finish; they are in charge of developing the concept and its execution. In addition to residential works, they have carried out contract and retail projects, not only in Spain but also important international works, such as the Playa de Carmen Resort in Mexico.


Location: Calle Pelayo, 76 - 28004 Madrid


IG: @leitmotiv_design 

The professional couple formed by Daniela Puente Arnao and Leona García Tena leads the Leitmotiv Design team. Both with a very defined and different style between them, make the result of their work creative and innovative.

They define Leitmotiv Design as "a laboratory of ideas", an interior design studio where they continuously research and create unique, creative and functional spaces. Thanks to their extensive experience and enthusiastic team, they give life to projects that reflect passion and creativity inspired by the same common thread. Without a doubt, Leitmotiv Design invites you to dream and create spaces with personality and style.


Location: Calle Lagasca, 104 - 28006 Madrid


IG: @cotonetbois_store

The interior design studio, Coton et Bois, was created in 2001 by Asun Antó. Although originally born in Barcelona, some time later it opened its doors in the capital where today it is one of the most recognized interior design studios.

It stands out for its designs in white tones and a harmonious style that invite peace and summer relaxation. Under the concept 'Fitting Home', they allow the customer to see and try how their space will be thanks to the showroom they have, where they customize different environments of the home with the design and decoration characteristics of Coton et Bois. 


Location: Paseo de la Habana, 7 - 28036 Madrid


IG: proyecto_singular

From the heart of Madrid, stands Proyecto Singular, an architecture and interior design studio that is focused on architectural concepts with a careful and functional design. Its main base lies in the fidelity of ideas and open-mindedness to embrace new concepts that are attractive to both the client and the team and, above all, create spaces that people remember.

Their projects have no limits, they have carried out works for all kinds of scales and classes, from architecture to commercial spaces, mainly focused on the world of gastronomy. Founded by Jorge Lozano, this studio puts special emphasis on creating stunning designs, in which the furniture and lighting are very careful and noble materials such as wood and natural stones are used.

Another very good option among the best interior design studios in Madrid.


Location: Calle Sopelana, 11 - 28023 Madrid


IG: dimensi_on

Dimensi-on is one of the best interior design studios in Madrid formed by a team of professionals specialized in architecture and interiors. They carry out projects of rehabilitation and decoration of residential spaces, commercial premises and offices. For Dimensi-on a good design is not incompatible with economy, they adapt to the needs and budget of each client to achieve spaces that are livable and competitive as well as aesthetic.

If you are planning to carry out a customized project, Dimensi-on will advise you thinking about your needs with a distribution study to get the most out of your space. They offer fully integrated solutions, you will forget about hiring different services.


Location: Calle San Vicente, 61 - 28023 Madrid


IG: @cuarto_interior

Cuarto Interior, an interior design and architecture studio headed by Germán Álvarez and José Manuel Fernández, was founded in 2003. With a special attention for their clients, this interior design studio carries out individual projects specialized in hotels, catering and luxury homes. They stand out for being a studio that is committed to sustainability and ecology, offering profitable and effective solutions to their clients, without losing sight of the environmental impact.

Although they have a strong international presence, Cuarto Interior has carried out countless projects in the Spanish capital with exclusive designs that they are in charge of executing from start to finish. In their spaces they emphasize noble materials, high quality natural textiles, natural lighting and handcrafted finishes that reflect a contemporary, quality and timeless style. 


Location: Avenida Julio Fuentes, 9 Local 6 - 28660 Boadilla del Monte (Madrid)


IG: @lalzada_interiorismo

This studio, located on the outskirts of Madrid, carries out architectural and interior design projects in residential and professional spaces. They carry out the entire process, from concept and construction to decorative details.

Together with a group of collaborators, the Lalzado team, with a trajectory of more than 10 years, has specialized in turnkey projects, where the client is the most important.

They work with high quality materials and elaborate each space to measure. In their result you can see the connection with different cultures, the symbiosis between technology and craftsmanship and the taste for small details that make the space a functional and delicate place.


Location: Madrid


IG: @joselarainteriorismo

The interior designer José Lara creates his own interior design studio together with a group of young and enthusiastic professionals eager to bring design to any project they have in hand.

After more than 15 years of work experience, they are in charge of carrying out an initial budget totally free in which you will be the protagonist. With a high capacity for adaptation, the studio will surprise you with the respect and eclecticism of their work.

We have no doubt that José Lara's sophisticated and rogue style will captivate you. His projects are characterized by the elegance and nobility of the materials they work with and that is reflected in the final result, being faithful to the concept of each client.  

experience is a degree and that is why we selected Jose Lara in our ranking of the best interior design studios in Madrid.


Location: Calle Hilarión Eslava, 52 - 28015 Madrid 


IG: @as_interiorista

The perfect tandem formed by Caridad Tercero and Adriana Somoza, mother and daughter respectively, run the interior design studio AS Interiorista. A project they started in 2016 and that today has become their passion.

They specialize in residential and commercial projects, mainly hotels, in which you will see a special care for details and a selection of colors, lighting and high quality materials. In addition to creating and designing spaces that breathe balance and homogeneity, AS Interiorista has its own line of accessories and furniture, which adapt to each space making them exclusive places.

Although it is a young studio, it does not mean that it is less than the rest, that is why we selected it as one of the best interior design studios in Madrid.

After knowing our top selection of the best interior design studios Madrid, from Lobo Studio we invite you to discover their best projects on social networks and their websites. We are sure that when you see their designs and styles, you will not want to stop knowing about them.

Remember that in interior design is very important to know all the news and trends that every day bring us our professionals in the sector and, who knows? Maybe if you haven't already done so, you'll be the next one to put yourself in the hands of one of them and give a twist to the look of your home or business.

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