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It is true that looking for a property in Barcelona can be the worst experience. Even selling a property in Barcelona becomes a boring process that you can't see an end to. Therefore, from Lobo Studio we want to make it easy for you and encourage you if you are in doubt to contact some of the best real estate agencies that appear in this ranking.

Each one of them have been selected thinking about the different services that, to you as a client, they can provide, knowing that in all of them the time to sell or buy a property is reduced to a minimum.

Read on and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Real Estate SH Barcelona

best real estate agencies barcelonaAddress: Carrer de Casanova, Barcelona
Contact us: 934 52 13 47

Founded in 2000, it is one of the most prestigious real estate agencies in Barcelona. Its properties can be found all over the city and in almost all neighborhoods, since in addition to sales and long term rentals they also manage properties for tourist rentals.

The great advantage of this real estate agency is the close and personal treatment they give to each of their clients, accompanying them at all times during the sale/rental process. In addition, a posteriori, they also manage possible problems between the tenant and the landlord. The company is firmly committed to the digital era and its entire philosophy is based on improving its technological tools and thus facilitating the buying and selling process.

Engels & Völkers Real Estate

best real estate agenciesAddress: Avinguda Diagonal,  Barcelona
Contact us: 935 15 44 44

It is one of the most important luxury real estate agencies in Barcelona. In its portfolio it has houses, apartments and villas of high standing, not always available for every pocket.

They specialize in the downtown area of the capital, although they also have properties in the outskirts of the city. Their services are the most exclusive and personalized, and they offer both properties for sale and for rent. In addition, their clients can follow the status of their properties through the same real estate app and manage them from their personal account.

Casc Antic BCN Properties

best real estate agencies barcelonaAddress: Rambla del Raval, Barcelona
Contact us: 934 43 33 42

Sixteen years endorse this real estate group with more than 30 years of experience in the sector and with offices all over the old town of Barcelona. In fact, the vast majority of its properties are located in this area, although also in the Eixample district and in the Zona Alta of the city.

They not only manage homes for rent and sale but also manage buildings for companies or as an investment. One of their great guarantees is that they are officially registered as Real Estate Agents of Catalonia. They offer comprehensive advice throughout the process and are themselves in charge of the rental management once the client has leased the property.


best real estate agenciesAddress: Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona

Contact: 93 481 50 32


In Atípika you can find exclusive properties in Barcelona city, Castelldefels and even in Menorca. They sell all types of properties: residential houses, offices, land, commercial premises and even hotels. That is why it is not surprising that they attract international clients and even public organizations and institutions.

This real estate company is constantly evolving and expanding. It has a professional and experienced multilingual team that offers a global service at the forefront of the latest marketing and commercialization techniques. Whether you are an individual or a company, if you go to Atípika you will find personalized attention in a trustworthy and fully transparent environment.

Real Estate Monika Rüsh

Address: c/ Beltran y Rózpide, Barcelona
Contact: 93 204 55 20

Here is another of the exclusive real estate agencies in Barcelona with its own portfolio of the best properties in the most prestigious areas of the city, such as San Cugat, Sitges, Barcelona center and Castelldefels.

With almost 30 years of experience, Monika Rüsh is a company of trust and quality, with a great knowledge of the market and a large team of qualified international professionals. They carry out meticulous appraisals to get the best possible benefit for the client, manage interactive floor plans, 360º videos and carry out a studied marketing strategy in digital media to promote each property individually.

Monapart Real Estate

Address: Plaça de Gal-la Placídia, Barcelona
Contact us: 934 57 29 76

Monapart does not sell itself as a real estate agency but as an agency of 'beautiful houses'. Their properties are the product of investment and design transformation, as they say 'we don't sell houses, we sell homes'.

If you are looking for a much happier experience with an efficient and professional team, this is your real estate agency. In fact Monapart work with a small number of properties simultaneously in order to offer the best quality of their services. Although they have been in the sector for more years, it is since 2010 that this real estate agency began to stand out thanks to its digital marketing strategies and exclusive tools to perform their services of buying, selling and renting. An ethical and up to date real estate agency that has earned a well-deserved place in our ranking of the best real estate agencies in Barcelona.

BCN Advisors

Address: Ronda de la Universitat, Barcelona

Contact: 931 800 272


Luxury is the main reference of this Barcelona real estate agency. BCN Advisors works with the most exclusive clients to provide the easiest and fastest solutions with a portfolio of properties spread throughout the province.

It has a long history that has led them to be one of the luxury real estate agencies not only in Barcelona but also in Spain. In addition to its own services of selling, renting and buying, BCN Advisors focuses on the real estate investment sector with private companies thanks to its offer of commercial premises. In its offices you will be attended by expert sales representatives, buyers agents, who will offer you an individual attention adapted to your needs.

Marcove Real Estate

Address: Carrer del Vallespir,  Barcelona
Contact us: 936 74 05 07

One of the oldest real estate agencies in Barcelona, if not the oldest. They have been working as a real estate agency in Barcelona for no less than 45 years.

Although until a few years ago they were specialized only in the district of Santa Cugat del Vallés, nowadays they have more properties all over the city. They specialize in new homes, although there are also second-hand developments. Among their personalized services are advertising actions, legal and economic advice, property management and the preservation of the property with preventive and efficient maintenance.

Your neighborhood real estate agency

Address: Passeig de Maragall,  Barcelona
Contact us: 932 43 28 20

They have offices located in almost every neighborhood of Barcelona: in Maragall, Les Corts, Horta, San Antoni, Casanova, Eixample...

As the name says, the Real Estate of your neighborhood is close, reliable and of proximity. Its portfolio of properties includes all types of new, semi-new or refurbished homes. They process energy certificates, all the necessary documentation for the contract of sale, perform free appraisals and also offer a unique and exclusive service such as the real estate shopper. However, this real estate company in the center of the city works in agreements with renovation and interior design companies to offer the customer a complete process of your home.

Nar Group

best real estate agencies barcelonaAddress:Carrer de Roger de Flor, 95 Barcelona
Contact us: 607 96 09 06

If you have come this far, we assure you that it will be worth your while to finish reading this article with all the services offered by Nar Grupo.

It is the real estate agency par excellence oriented to clients of Chinese origin, who already live in the city or who are thinking of moving. Nar Grupo is not a traditional real estate company but is specialized in investments in hotels, farms, warehouses, large properties... They also work with countless developers who entrust them with their new developments and expose their Asian buyers.

However, of course, they also deal with private clients to whom they offer their experience and dedication in the sector with the firm promise to sell each property in just two months.

And here is our ranking of the best real estate agencies in Barcelona. I hope you liked it. If you want to know the best real estate sevilla a few weeks ago we published an article about it in our blog.


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