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Ranking of the 10 best decoration stores in Barcelona

It can not be missing in any home, in any of our renders and in any space. We are talking about decoration. It is a fundamental requirement to fill it with life, personality and character.

It is true that it is one of the final steps to finish an environment, but if we want it to be of quality we can not stop paying attention to any detail.

If we acquire a house or a place for our business, the first thing we will find is an empty space or in other cases full of furniture that needs to be renovated and fill them with furniture and decoration in a coherent way. And that is what we do at Lobo Studio with our clients' projects.

For us, the decoration is an essential part to transmit emotions and to make everyone who visualizes our renderings fall in love.

So today we want to bring you closer to the world of decoration through our ranking of the best decoration stores Barcleona.

If you are a fan of this area we know you will love it, you will want to visit them all. So don't wait any longer and discover them.


best decoration stores barcelona
Kitchen Rendering By Lobo Studio




IG: @pilmabcn

The first decoration store we are going into is Pilma. It began its trajectory in the world of interior design and decoration in the 1930s with a small cabinetmaking workshop in Barcelona.

Over time, Pilma grew until 1974, when it opened its first physical store on Valencia Street, where we find exclusive design and decoration furniture. This family business has four stores in Barcelona, one in the Salamanca neighborhood in Madrid and another in Puerto Banus, Malaga.

Under its own brand PLM Design, the firm produces and markets a wide range of products that are characterized by their minimalist and functional style as well as the quality and simplicity of their materials and finishes. Sisters Ricard and Pau López are currently at the helm of Pilma, which has become a national benchmark in decoration.

It stands out for its presence in different international fairs as an exhibitor, which has allowed them to reach several agreements with several prestigious companies to represent and distribute them. One of its most relevant products is the production and commercialization of the mascot of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, Cobi, for which Pilma received two exclusive licenses from the Committee. In addition, the furniture and decoration firm offers luxury travel items under the Pilma Travel brand, which can also be purchased in an online store.




IG: @habitat_es

We continue our tour of Barcelona and this time we stop at Habitat. The firm originated in the United Kingdom with Terence Conran in 1964, when this young designer created furniture with striking lines and colors. After several years of trajectory and expansion since 1973, Barcelona was chosen as the first Spanish city with a Habitat store.

Today it is also present in Madrid, Valencia, Marbella and Bilbao and, of course, in a multitude of European and international cities. If there is one thing that characterizes Habitat's style, it is undoubtedly modernity.

Their design furniture and the wide range of decoration they offer flees from the classic era and gives way to design, trends and innovation. During their experience, they have been able to adapt to the preferences and needs of their customers without leaving aside the fundamental idea of their pieces, which must be useful, beautiful and accessible.

When you go into each of its stores, you can spend hours and hours, because Habitat stores are a source of inspiration both for individuals, who renovate or decorate their homes, and for professionals, who turn to this brand for their projects. Spacious stores with lots of light in which we will find different compositions, from kitchens, bedrooms or living rooms to offices or gardens.

Habitat has no space that can resist. Closets, shelves, sofas, chairs, tables and any decorative element, such as lamps, mirrors or candles, which are renewed every season and show us the new trends. If you are a lover of contemporary, elegant design at unbeatable value for money, you cannot miss a visit to one of the Habitat stores.




IG: @rochebobois

It is the turn of Roche Bobois, a French furniture and home decoration firm. It was born in 1950 from the union between two families of the furniture trade, the Roche and Chouchan, who decided to put together their Scandinavian style designs and launch their collections. During its long trajectory, Roche-Bobois carries out its own productions in different styles, such as traditional French furniture or ethnic furniture, and expands its sales network throughout the world, thus consolidating itself in more than 50 countries and with a total of 255 stores. Its entire product catalog is manufactured exclusively in Europe, as it has a great respect for the environment and the resources it uses.

Roche Bobois collaborates with leading designers and brands around the world, such as Ora Ito or Jean Paul Gaultier. In its product range, we can find two very different collections: Les Contemporains, which is characterized by its modern design, exclusive materials and current trends and, on the other hand, Les Noiuveaux Classiques, which, as its name suggests, refers to more classic style furniture with fine wood, leather and original and handcrafted fabrics.

In any of its stores we can find armchairs, tables, sofas, chairs, beds or other accessories with a high level of customization, since Roche Bobois allows you to choose the finishes, materials and fabrics of all its furniture. So, you know, in Roche Bobois stores you are sure to find the perfect piece of furniture or decorative item for you.




IG: @cottage.litllehouse

This time we change completely to go to the Eixample district of Barcelona, specifically to Rosselló street near Paseo de Gracia. We find ourselves in Cottage Little House, a small and charming furniture store of romantic design, with Victorian inspiration and French character. This Barcelona store is spread over three floors where you can lose yourself in a warm atmosphere and discover peculiar and stylish decoration proposals. Don't make the mistake of thinking that Cottage Little House is an antique shop. It is much more. If you go through every corner of the store you will find unique and exclusive products with an exclusive character, that is why many people already trust this brand for the decoration of their home or business.

Cottage Little House is visited by individuals but also by designers and architects who want to give personality and style to their projects. In the store they offer advice service for all their customers, and thus find the decorative items that best fit your design. Sofas, bedside tables, headboards, armchairs, tables, mirrors, carpets and even outdoor accessories, a wide range of products that encompass different styles, from the most classic to a more industrial style.

We could not fail to mention the lighting, as Cottage Litlle House has a wide variety of luminaires, all kinds of colors, models and designs of an exquisite original and adapt to any space. If you are one of those who bet on your own decorative style or simply want to find that distinctive decorative object with character for your home, you can not miss this store in the heart of Barcelona.




IG: @dekopalace

A paradise for lovers of decoration and wooden furniture. This is how we define Deko Palace. This decoration store in Barcelona is located on Avenida Diagonal and has more than 2,000 square meters, so you can already get an idea of why we say that it is a paradise. You can spend hours and hours between furniture, decoration for any room of the home, exteriors and gardens. Although if you can't go to their store, they also have an online store.

This former cinema in Barcelona is today a decoration store with an important reference in the city, especially for its wide range of products and above all, for its affordable prices. They offer handcrafted furniture, which is manufactured in their own carpentry workshop.

The furniture is made of 100% natural pine and of national origin with a raw finish. And that is why in Deko Palace each item is totally different and unique, thanks to its handmade process. Shelves, tables, mirrors, bathroom, kitchen or living room decoration, outdoor furniture... an infinity of products that are collected in its catalog with more than 30,000 references. Industrial and Scandinavian design furniture and decoration with a lot of character and style. Are you still thinking about it? For now we invite you to take a look at their online store. 

One of our winning choices in our ranking of the best decoration stores in Barcelona.




IG: @mardecavabcn

This time we present Mar de Cava, the store of the designer Mar Gómez Espriu. It is an eclectic space for interior design and decoration, located in an emblematic modernist building in the Eixample district of Barcelona, specifically in carrer València, 293. Inside you will find decorative items and designer furniture that stand out for their striking and creative character. Handcrafted pieces that bring to any space, whether commercial or residential, an original touch and personality, through its colors, shapes and finishes.

Going to Mar de Cava is a gift for lovers of design and interior design, not only for its range of items, but for the good personalized treatment that each customer receives. In addition, this decoration store in Barcelona has an area for events and showrooms and it is not for less, because the space deserves it.

If you are looking for innovation and creativity, you cannot miss Mar de Cava. Houseware, furniture, textiles, children's decor, lighting and even a section for special gifts, which highlights pieces by artists and designers. We have no doubt that visiting the Mar de Cava store is a guaranteed way to fall in love.




IG: @catalinahouse

In 2016 the interior design and decoration store Catalina House was installed in Barcelona, specifically in the center of the Galvany neighborhood. The reality is that going to this store is to feel calm and breathe harmony. Catalina House has an unmistakable stamp. A Mediterranean, simple and traditional style that is not only seen in their interior design projects but also in their stores.

They offer furniture and decoration for all rooms of the home, from the kitchen and living room, to bathrooms and bedrooms or exteriors. What we like most about their designs is that they show the importance of details, the sensitivity for unique pieces that have been restored or recovered and the functionality of each product.

Although her style is clearly defined, we are sure that any of her pieces will captivate. We love to see the combination of natural, timeless and noble materials together with the colors and finishes. Nothing can transport you more to the Mediterranean than the decorative sets of Catalina House, which are thought and cared to detail. Tables, chairs, armchairs, mirrors, coat racks, lighting ... and so we could go on to an infinity of decorative elements. Wood, wicker, linen, cotton, stone or ceramic, just by naming these materials transmit tranquility and give our home warmth and a unique touch.




IG: @lamaisonbarcelona

We arrived at 266 Balmes Street in Barcelona to make a stop at La Maison. Although this emblematic Barcelona store is known for its dedication to textiles and wallpaper since 1955, today it also offers a wide range of furniture and home decor. La Maison is a family business that for more than 40 years has been characterized by the extraordinary quality of its products and its collaboration with exclusive brands. With the passage of time, this decoration company knew how to renew the store without losing its essence.

La Maison is currently promoting a healthy home, in which natural rest is a priority, or in other words, a commitment to health. And how do they achieve this? By furnishing homes with 100% natural products: wooden tables, natural fiber lamps, armchairs with natural upholstery and glass and ceramic decoration. There are already many individuals and professionals who trust La Maison to carry out their renovation or interior design projects. Because if there is something we value in these times is comfort, functionality and efficiency in our home. And thanks to this company it can become a reality, ecological, quality and exclusive spaces with a warm and natural chromatic range.




IG: @calma_house

We do not leave aside the natural style and this time we visit a young but rapidly growing brand. We are talking about Calma House, a home decoration and textile company, specialized in cushions. It is a project that emerged from the creators of the important brand Textura. On this occasion, Calma House was born with the aim of making itself known in the textile world through products made of natural fabrics and at an affordable price. And as its name says, Calma House is calm, comfort and design.

They offer a wide range of textiles, in which the protagonist on this occasion is the cushion. An infinity of colors, textures, sizes and finishes that give a touch of distinction to every space, not only indoors but also outdoors. Natural cotton, linen or silk are some of the exclusive and beautiful fabrics with which Calma House cushions are made to fill our homes with life and calm.

Undoubtedly they could not fail to be present in our ranking of the best decoration stores in Barcelona.




IG: @cotonetbois_store

Finally, we have come to Sant Cugat, although it is on the outskirts of Barcelona, we did not want to stop introducing Coton et Bois. An interior design and decoration company founded by the decorated Asun Antó and which also has a second store in Madrid. Both stores are characterized by a warm and timeless style where every detail is taken care of to the millimeter, the same as their interior design projects, which we already presented in an old post about the best interior design studios.

On this occasion we could not fail to mention Coton et Bois as it has become a benchmark for decorating spaces with a lot of personality with a neutral base and natural materials, such as wood or linen.

In their stores we can find different areas where the main rooms of a house are represented and that serve as a source of inspiration for individuals and professionals. Periodically they bring novelties and proposals with the trends of the moment. A wide range of furniture, textiles and accessories of which we can only warn you that you will want to take it all.

So much for our ranking of the best decoration stores in Barcelona.

I hope you enjoyed the article and if you need free advice to decorate your home we will be happy to help you.

See you next time!


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