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If you want to sell your real estate portfolio or improve your ads, this post will be of interest to you.

Undoubtedly, the advertising you do for your properties must be professional and of high quality, but above all it must attract the attention of buyers.

You should know that more than 75% of customers buy their future home through the Internet. Therefore, it is essential that you choose the best real estate portals to publish your ads.

These platforms provide the visibility you need, both for your product and for your business. A real estate portal is a showcase that attracts customers to your website and allows you to sell quickly and at a good price.

best real estate portals

Therefore, to know how to choose among the best real estate portals you must know how to value the different functions and services they offer. You must take into account:

  • Geolocation: search option through location filters: provinces, streets or neighborhoods. 
  • Photographs: every real estate portal must comply with an essential rule: show quality images and floor plans of the properties. Some of them even offer virtual tours and 3D videos.  
  • Description: when advertising a property it is very important to make a detailed and complete review with useful information about the property.
  • Filters: Many real estate portals allow us to catalog the properties by their characteristics. That is to say, we filter our search through the number of rooms or bathrooms, price or surface, among others. 

Below is a list of the 5 best real estate portals and an analysis of each one:


One of the best known portals after the success of the Internet was Fotocasa. It has a large catalog of photographs of the properties advertised, which has made them so popular. You can browse their website with ease and you can search with a variety of filters. Both real estate agencies and private owners can show their ads, offering different possibilities for each of them. In addition, this platform also allows you to advertise on and Milanuncios at no additional cost.


Idealista is the most important and visited real estate portal in Spain. It emerged in 2000 as the first paid portal. It is characterized by its innovative value, with which it has revolutionized the process of selling and renting homes in our country. One of the most attractive services is the advisory platform, which helps sellers and buyers through a real estate expert.


This real estate portal is present in Catalonia, where it generates many searches in this area and offers many tools. Currently, it has 1000 professionals who advertise their properties. It includes segmented advertising and banners that help to highlight the properties. 


Although today we can find all types of properties, was born as the only real estate portal that exclusively advertised apartments. In this way, searches were much more precise, especially in cities. After a decade of experience, this portal has its own software to manage your property and give it visibility through advertising.  


Yaencontré is a real estate portal with a very intuitive website and with a wide variety of options to advertise your property, both on the home page, in results or details. One of its most outstanding features is the option to send information via email about a property to interested users, thus helping to filter potential customers.

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