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Wolfers, welcome one more day to our Blog!

As you know, our passion for interior design is infinite. Therefore, today we want to introduce you to one of the most powerful references in the world of design and architecture.


She is Patricia Urquiola. 

Born in Oviedo in 1961, she moved to Madrid to study architecture, although it was at the Polytechnic University of Milan, where she graduated with the legend of architecture, Archille Castiglioni. She worked as an assistant to Castiglioni himself and Eugenio Bettinelli in Milan and Paris. 

In the 1990s, the Spanish designer became product manager of the new office of one of the most exclusive Italian furniture design firms, DePadova. She worked with the great Vico Magistretti for Lissoni Associati, where she was design director.

But it was not until 2001 that Urquiola decided to open her own studio in Milan, where she currently resides. Although she herself declares that it was strange to put her name on it, the studio grew like wildfire and the commissions multiplied.

An industry that was crying out for inventive designs and Patricia's brilliant style. Fjord by Moroso was her first chair. It perfectly reflected her essence: she was looking for a functional and, at the same time, surprising result. Since then, she has developed more than 200 projects, including furniture, interiors, products and textile design, for the most important Italian and international firms.

Throughout her career, Patricia Urquiola has been awarded several prizes. She received the Gold Medal of Fine Arts by the Spanish Government or the Cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic, awarded by King Juan Carlos I. In addition, the German magazines "Home" and "Häuser" named her "Designer of the Decade" and "Designer of the Year" by the magazines Wallpaper, Ad Spain or Elle Decor International. 

The designer from Oviedo has become a world reference in design and interior design. For this reason, many of her works and collections are exhibited in different exhibitions and museums around the world, such as MoMA in New York, the Design Museum in Zurich or the Triennale Museum in Milan.

She is the most famous designer in the world and without a doubt, everything she creates becomes a success. Her design has always been characterized by being expressive and sensual, which has given a twist to the way of understanding the meaning of sitting, lighting, working or traveling. Urquiola has always reflected in her production the intense character and the great capacity for work that she possesses. 

As mentioned before, during his career he has worked with many brands and has created countless design pieces related to furniture and lighting. 

In 2015 she took the helm at Cassina, as artistic director, although she likes to define herself more as an empathetic interlocutor who is in charge of the firm's products or showrooms, but also of the headquarters. 

Among its production, one of the most inspiring pieces is the Gender armchair. Two independent forms that come together in one with a combination of textures, materials and colors. 

Other designs he has created for Cassina are the Bowy or Beam sofa, the Black Wing chairs or the Hamaya display cabinet. 

In 2012 he presented the Nub collection created for Andreu World at the Salon de Mueble, a line of chairs, armchairs and lounge chairs with a contemporary, sophisticated and careful design. They are probably familiar to you, as their geometric rod backrests are very characteristic.

The Spanish designer creates her collection with more personality, color and life for the prestigious Glas Italia. Under the signature "Shimmer" gives shape to a set of glass furniture with a particular chromatic gradient finish, since depending on the incidence of light and the point of view varies its color. 

But Patricia Urquiola can't resist anything. Nor does she neglect outdoor furniture. She created the Maia collection for the famous brand Kettal. Chairs, armchairs, loungers, coffee tables and even swings that convey lightness, elegance and the comfort of a living room moved outdoors. 

Continuing in the field of outdoor furniture, he designs Crinoline. This collection of polyethylene and natural fiber with different heights and shapes is reminiscent of 19th century dresses.

Urquiola also created bathroom pieces for Agape, a marble collection with a great aesthetic and material richness, or Laufen, which is characterized by the elegance and innovation of its thinness and lightness.

Finally, we didn't want to forget Urquiola's textile collection of rugs, cushions and poufs known as "Bandas y Mangas" for Gandía Blasco. Extraordinary pieces that adapt to personality and mood.

And you may be wondering if Patricia Urquiola, having graduated as an architect, dedicated herself only to product design. Well, she doesn't. Another of her specialties are architectural projects, including luxury hotels, such as the Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona, Oasia in Singapore, the Room Mate Giulia or the Four Seasons Spa in Milan. 

His design has also had a strong presence in showrooms and boutiques of major brands such as Panerai, Santoni, Hawort Moroso, Ferrari or BMW. 

In addition, during his career, he has left his mark in restaurants all over the world: Switzerland, Zurich, Milan, Ibiza and his father's homeland, Bilbao.

Patricia Urquiola's effort and constant work have made her the number 1 in design. 

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