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Ramón Esteve is an architect, interior designer and designer. This 54-year-old Valencian has made of his profession an authentic lifestyle. A minimalist philosophy in sustainability and in harmony with the environment that led him to be included by Forbes magazine in the list of the hundred most creative minds in the world in 2018.

Ramón Esteve is one of the greatest exponents of contemporary architecture, recognized worldwide, and a reference for his residences and luxury homes.

Graduated in 1990 from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, he soon founded his own architecture and design studio under the same name. Because Ramón Esteve also designs.

Tables, armchairs and lamps are some of the elements of furniture and lighting that the Spaniard continually presents and that are present in some of his works, as for example in his house in Valencia, of his own creation, and paradigm of his architectural character.

For Esteve the confluence of natural and artificial elements is fundamental to achieve the basic pillars of his work: balance, beauty, essentialism and luminosity. Within the contemporary movement that Ramón represents are projects such as the 'Casa en Monasterios', the 'Casa del Bosque' and the 'Casa Sardinera', all within the Valencia region, displaying the intelligence of its architect with large windows and open spaces that could well be represented within a Mediterranean style with white concrete materials and heat-treated pine wood, essential in his projects, as are the natural textures.

The Valencian's great inspiration came when he first saw John Wright's 'Waterfall House', which led him to want to develop his profession through an organic architecture full of ambivalence. Other names such as Louis Kahn, Sigurd Lewerentz, Peter Zumthor and Jacques Herzog were the guide for Esteve to adopt vernacular architecture through the ages: from Rome and Greece through the Renaissance to the present day.        

In recent years, Ramón Esteve has managed to guide his work, not only in housing but also in public and private works and social architecture, with a certain industrial and art deco air, such as the Sant Rafael Senior Center, the Jaume I Institute, the Sant Josep Library and, of course, the Bombas Gens remodeling project for which he received the Land Rover Born award in Milan.

The La Fe University Hospital and the Biomedical Research Center, the Myrtus Congress Center, the office building on Paseo Ruzafa or the Hotel Espacio Jardín Torremarcos are some of his other works in Valencia.

In his long career, the Spaniard has achieved recognition in the world of architecture and his personal style is the subject of many books and informative articles.

In addition, Esteve continues to expand his professional philosophy through workshops, workshops and conferences on architecture and design. Design that he also develops with avant-garde collections for firms such as Vibia, Inclass, Vondom or Joquer, which visualize their products in their catalogs thanks to the product rendering.

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