Virtual Reality in Architecture

virtual reality in architecture

What should you know about virtual reality in architecture? Virtual reality in architecture is a tool that today is indispensable for the development of any construction project. It is no secret that new technologies and innovation bring many benefits. In this article we will detail which are the most important [...]

What is coliving, is it here to stay or is it just a fad?


What is Coliving? Coliving is a trending concept in real estate, where several people share a common living space, such as a house or a building, while having private rooms. The idea behind coliving is to create communities of people who can share resources and support each other. This trend [...]

Everything you need to know about chukum


Architecture and design of the material chukum Maybe you do not know much the word Chukum, and is that it is a great unknown to many, but surely you've seen it in many architectural projects, especially modern rustic and you've fallen in love. Well, today we are going to discover what is this material that creates a [...]

Here are the latest trends in restaurant decoration 2022

It is clear that a decision such as going out for lunch or dinner today has many factors behind it. Because, in 2021, what is it that makes us choose a particular restaurant over any other? The quality of the menu and its price are determining factors, but also the ambience [...]


best second hand furniture stores in barcelona

RANKING OF THE BEST SECOND-HAND FURNITURE SHOPS IN BARCELONA Perhaps in these times we are too accustomed to use new things every day, to throw away what is broken or that no longer serves us without thinking that there are enough solutions and tools to give a new life to the things we have [...]


best architecture movies

RANKING OF THE BEST ARCHITECTURE MOVIES Did you know that within the seventh art there is a category of architecture? Actually, architecture is present in all films, but only some of them manage to transmit and evoke the essence of the art itself. Some feature films are biographical and depict the lives of the world's best architects in the form of [...]


best architects in the world

Ranking of the 6 best architects in the world by lobo studio. If you are looking for the best architects in the world, this is the right article for you. We have made an exhaustive analysis of their works and the impact they have had on society. Let's get started! FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT (1867 -1959) Although he never admitted that his work was [...]

kitchen trends 2021

kitchen trends 2021

Latest kitchen trends 2021 More and more kitchens are becoming a sociable space where to make life and where gastronomy and company converge. Kitchens are no longer what they used to be and now the trend is to go for simplicity, beauty and functionality. We are looking for large spaces that allow [...]

bathroom trends 2021

bathroom trends 2021

LATEST TRENDS BATHROOMS 2021 Surely after spending so much time at home during 2020 you feel like doing even a small reform that will give a new life to your home. And maybe you are thinking about improving the bathroom, transforming it finally into that spacious and warm bathroom you always dreamed of. For [...]

The 20 best free architecture books online

best books architecture

List of the 20 best free architecture books online Architecture, like so many other disciplines of the arts, is a concept in which many branches converge. Although perhaps until a few centuries ago it was not a science studied too much, it was already present in the classical world. Architecture is responsible for the fact that [...]